Art Below and City & Guilds of London Art School transform the 2 lifts at Kennington Tube into a public art gallery.
This month London’s commuters will be greeted with an unexpected surprise when they enter the lifts at Kennington Tube Station.  

The 20 x A1 sized panels inside the 2 passenger lifts normally taken up by advertising are now dominated by the works of the 16 MA students at the City & Guilds of London Art School. 

This unique public art display is being held especially to co-inside with the City and Guilds MA Fine Art Show , 9 - 12 September 2010, when the students will show their work in the Georgian surroundings of the school’s historic site on the edge of Cleaver Square just 2 minutes walk from Kennington Station.
Since 2005 We have set about changing the everyday travelling experience, transforming entire platforms and corridors using advertising space to display the works of emerging artistic talent.  This is the first time that we have transformed a lift into an art gallery!
30/08/2010 to 16/09/2010
Avi Lehrer displaying at Bond Street, central line platform 2 eastbound
Maya Tsujimura displaying at Sloane Square, district line platform 2 eastbound
Nao displaying at London Bridge, northern line platform 2 southbound
Dr Margot Krasojevic displaying at Old Street, northern line platform 1 northbound

16/08/2010 to 30/08/2010
Eran Tsafrir displaying at Angel, northern line platform 2 northbound
 Carne Griffiths displaying at Bond Street, central line platform 2 eastbound
Lisa Imas displaying at Sloane Square,  district line platform 2 eastbound 
Phillippo and Phillippo displaying at London Bridge,  northern line platform 2 southbound 
Agnese Sanvito displaying at Old Street,  northern line platform 1 northbound 

2/08/2010 to 16/08/2010
Steve Skinner displaying at Bond Street, Central line platform 2 eastbound                
Andrew Sawyer displaying at London Bridge, Northern line platform 2 southbound
Andrew Rafferty displaying at Old Street, Northern line platform 1 northbound        
Dr Margot Krasojvec displaying at Sloane Square, District line platform 2 eastbound

13/09/2010 to 27/09/2010
Marcel-li Gutierrez displaying at Angel, northern line platform 2 northbound
Silvio Di Carlo
displaying at Bond Street, central line platform 2 eastbound
Sebastiano Migliarini displaying at Sloane Square, district line platform 2 eastbound
Andrew Sawyer displaying at London Bridge, northern line platform 2 southbound
Findac displaying at Old Street, northern line platform 1 northbound
Institute of Polish Culture at South Kensington Station

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The Harvest by Carne Griffiths
Previews 2nd September from 7pm at The Castle Pub, a5 Grosvenor Rise East, Walthamstow, London, E17 9LB
Exhibition 3rd - 12th September
In his first collection of drawings since his departure from the embroidery world, Carne is gathering together the influences from his previous work and developing his unique style of drawing. The Harvest references paintings and drawings by artists such as Da Vinci, Ribera and Verrochio, and explore the freedom of the drawn line.  A planned lightbox installation will reveal the reverse of these drawings and continue themes of secrecy and obsession threaded throughout his work
4 pieces from the series will be exhibited in hand crafted lightboxes in New Orleans from the 23rd-29th October as part of the Arts After Dark exhibition.
Carne is currently seeking representation from a gallery, and is looking to immerse himself fully in his artwork in the coming year.
Schoony, in partnership with Graffik London ( gallery, is proud to present an exclusive exhibition of his Boy Soldier, the wall-panel version of his debut fibreglass statue presented at last year’s Mutate Britain’s “One Foot in the Grove”. A young boy holds a grenade in one hand and the grenade’s pin in the other and reveals a breathtaking detail close to microscopic perfection.
Working in special effects with Hollywood and the UK film industry has allowed Schoony ( the rare opportunity of being behind the scenes of many incredible movies such as Rambo, Clash of the Titans, Saving Private Ryan, and the latest Pixar film.

Deep knowledge of moulding and casting perfect creations of humans out of fibreglass gives him a fantastic springboard from which to launch his newfound career as a Fine Artist.

30 of these Boy Soldiers in pure white have gone out to the best urban artists of the current UK and International art scene. The effect of 30 different versions of the same piece all in the same room will be spectacular. Graffik London and Schoony are delighted to be bringing such a heavy line-up of successful artists together under one roof, a unique occasion to be celebrated.

The show aims to gather those already familiar with Schoony’s work with existing collectors of the other big names such as Goldie, D*Face and Dan Baldwin.

The show will raise money for SHP (“preventing homelessness promoting social inclusion”, a charity for London’s homeless people with close links to the city’s urban art movement.

Boy Soldiers will be a unique artistic event likely be the talk in town for many months to come.

Boy Soldiers will show in 2 Venues email
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