Dental Embezzlement News
Issue #24 -- June 2014
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  • We love to Talk!
  • Prosperident in the Media
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  • A Note from our CEO
We Love to Talk!
Here are some of the places you can hear us speak in the next few months:
Sep 5 Patterson Dental, Biloxi MS
Sep 11
Island Pursuit of Dental Excellence, Nanaimo BC
Sep 19 Santa Monica Oral and Maxillofacial Study Club, Santa Monica CA
Sep 21 New Jersey Health Professionals Development Institute, River Edge NJ
Sept 25 International Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Indianapolis, IN
Oct 5 Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, Anaheim CA
Oct 11 Southern Association of Orthodontists, Nassau Bahamas
Nov 15 Dalhousie University, Halifax NS
Jan 29
topsFest, Atlanta GA

Look for us in 2015 at great places like the AAE, NESO and PDC!
To book a great speaker for your meeting or study club, please send an email here  or call us at 888-398-2327.
Prosperident's Mission
 “We eliminate uncertainty for dentists with embezzlement concerns and maximize financial and emotional recovery for victims.”

Prosperident in the Media
Our most popular article ever -- 

This Month's Offer From Our E-Store
The boss told us to do this -- for the month of June, we are offering 70% off for our "How to Beat Embezzlement in Your Practice"   guide.  This guide is a collection of proven steps and procedures a dentist should take to avoid becoming "one of the embezzlement statistics".  Go to our web store at, select the How to Beat Embezzlement guide for your country, and use Offer Code DAVIDWENTCRAZY.

This document is free to current and former Prosperident investigation clients, who can obtain it by contacting us here.
The Biggest Misconceptions About Embezzlement
There are some things about embezzlement that are frequently misunderstood.  Here is a list from our investigators:
  1. My practice is immune because …
  2. There is no embezzlement in my practice because my daysheet balances every day.
  3. Most embezzlement can be traced to hiring mistakes.
  4. Making it harder to steal will discourage thieves from trying.
  5. If it’s happening, my CPA will spot it in the course of his / her work.
  6. Financial inconsistencies are what give the embezzler away.
  7. Embezzlers predominantly steal cash.  Checks payable to the doctor are safe.

If you have questions on these or other embezzlement matters, please email us here.

Guest Column -- The Allana Smiles Foundation
Editor's note -- I'm going to let CEO David Harris introduce this one.
DH -- I've known Adele Reiche for several years.  Adele is a dental consultant and speaker from California.  She and I have shared a podium on occasion.  I recently heard Adele speak about a wonderful organization known as the Allana Smiles Foundation that assists cancer patients.  Adele reminded me that cancer touches EVERYBODY (in fact, we have at least one investigator who is a cancer survivor), and I was quite moved by what she said, so I pledged Prosperident's assistance.  I'll let Adele tell the story:
What is The Allana Smiles Foundation and why is it so important for Cancer Patients?
As a dentist, I’m sure that you help many people in your community.  I want to bring to your attention one small thing that you can do that can make a huge difference.
Did you know that many cancer patients are forced to wait for potentially life-saving treatment because they can’t afford the “dental clearance” needed before starting treatment?
The mission of the Allana Smiles Foundation is to provide essential dental care and assistance to newly diagnosed cancer patients - patients whose treatment cannot proceed until they have been determined by a dentist to be orally healthy and stable.  For patients receiving cancer treatment, preventing delays caused by infection is critical.  By reducing the risk of developing dangerous infections, dentists play a huge role in pre-treatment preparation. 
Unfortunately, many cancer patients can’t pay for even basic dental treatments and therefore can’t begin to receive cancer treatment. Oncology centers usually have specific protocols to prevent dental flareups during treatment, including the restoration of caries, root canal therapy (if time permits), extraction of hopeless teeth, and dental hygiene care. 

Additionally, for certain cancers, such as head and neck cancers, a patient must have optimal oral health in order to undergo treatment at all. Because cancer treatment normally lowers immune response, patients are prone to developing oral infections or complications.  
At Allana Smiles, we believe that no one should be held back from cancer treatment because of a lack of dental care.  Imagine the anguish of a newly-diagnosed cancer patient realizing that they can’t begin chemotherapy or oncology treatment because they can’t afford the prerequisite dental examination and treatment.

This problem is real - and together we really can make a difference with dentistry and touch the lives of millions of everyday Americans.
So how can you, a Dentist, get involved?
Become an Affiliate Member and bring smiles back from the brink…
The Allana Smiles Foundation invites you to become involved.  In some communities, at least six patients are referred monthly for dental clearance and social workers report that typically four patients are in dire need of financial assistance.
Partnering with The Allana Smiles Foundation prevents these patients from postponing treatment. Modest means should not result in people being deprived of vital cancer treatment. Not while we can come together and help them.  We encourage general and specialist dentists to get involved by becoming Affiliate Members of The Allana Smiles Foundation. 
Our Affiliate Member Dentists:
· Know that cancer can affect anyone. 
· Agree to provide a dental clearance for at least 1 cancer patient per month at no charge, allowing the patient to begin treatment.
· Spread the mission of the Foundation with their colleagues so they can get involved too.
· Are listed by state on the Allana Smiles website ( along with their logo and link to their website.
IT’S TIME TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH DENTISTRY. Can you imagine not being a part of the solution to this national problem?  We all know someone who has been affected by cancer- none of us are alone in the fight.  It is our hope that the Foundation encourages and inspires others, just as Allana herself did.  Please visit our web site at

A Note From Our CEO:
 This month marks the 24th edition of our little newsletter.  Starting just two years ago, with an initial subscriber list of about 2,000 readers, our circulation has grown beyond my wildest expectations so that we now provide embezzlement information to over 50,000 people each month. Whenever I speak or otherwise run into dentists, it is wonderful to receive the generous praise I get for our efforts.

It's also been fantastic to be able to feature guest columns from some of the brightest minds in dentistry.
In celebration of this anniversary, and also in anticipation of Prosperident's 25th anniversary in August of this year, we are doing a couple of things we've never done before.  First, this month's guest column is not about how to improve your practice, but about a charity that we at Prosperident strongly support.  I'd urge you to consider getting involved.
Also, I've told our customer service folks to give you the best offer they ever have on our electronic documents, and you can see what they came up with on the left side of this page.
I'm also excited because we are holding a company-wide meeting at our head office in Halifax, Canada in July.  Our investigators and support staff are really looking forward to the chance to working together on improving our products and teamwork (and hopefully do some sea kayaking while they are here!).
I hope your summer is a great one too.

David Harris, MBA CMA CFE
Chief Executive Officer
Prosperident -- The world's largest dental investigation embezzlement firm