IAHF List: In this alert I have two info pieces:
1. My reply to Bob Dyer's spin piece on Chemtrails,
2. An Update on my personal detoxification program (a followup to my last alert.)
I just got off the phone with Bob Dyer, a journalist from the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper who published this spin piece which debunks chemtrails. One of you forwarded it to me. I'm not on Facebook, so was not able to post a public reply, but I wanted you to see what I sent him privately.
(Facebook is a CIA creation used for information gathering, so I won't use it. When DARPA's "Total Information Awareness" program was shot down by an outraged public, Facebook was the CIA's "plan B". The CIA uses it to gather information on people and to compile dossiers.
The "TIA" program's logo was the occult All seeing Eye of Horus Surveilling the Planet. People complained, and Facebook was popularized as the replacement.... I urge you not to use Facebook. By doing so you are assisting the N.W.O in enslaving us all. All of that information is being stored in the N.S.A. Fusion Centers
I urge all of you to join me in educating Dyer. His private email address is at the end of his article. Be polite! He was friendly to me when I called. Sometimes it is possible to educate a journalist and to turn them around. Most journalists are simply too busy to look into complex issues like this, and they're psychologically conditioned to toeing the line set by their editor because they could get fired if they cross it.
Most mainstream papers are very heavily controlled, but once and a while we can break through and reach these people. All of our lives are at stake, so it is worth it to try to reach out to an influential person like this. Please join me in the effort!
Bob- I just read your article and am very disappointed by the lack of research that went into it. I hope my information here will help you understand this issue far better than you do. Your article was forwarded to me by Amy Boren, who is on my double opt in email distribution list of thousands of people world wide.
To understand Geoengineering you need to do far more research than this. You need to spend some time reading the information at www.geoengineeringwatch.com You need to read the patents pertaining to weather modification for example. You can see those patents here http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/an-extensive-list-of-patents/
Our weather is now very heavily controlled. When you can control the weather, you can make money on futures options. Monsanto has a vested interest in controlling the weather. They have a type of genetically engineered seed that will germinate despite the changes in ph caused by all the aluminum oxide being sprayed on us. You can see the patent for this seed here http://farmwars.info/?p=2927
To understand geoengineering, you also need to understand UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control. This Malthusian scam has generated a bipartisan backlash that is growing as more and more people become aware of it. For a better understanding of all of this see my in depth article here http://hartkeisonline.com/2012/12/04/chemtrails-conspiracy-educate-yourself/
Also see Slide #43 on Microdust Weaponry from Dennis M. Bushnell's slideshow titled "Future Stratetic Issues- Future Warfare Circa 2025". Bushness is NASA's Chief Scientist. This slideshow was initially posted on NASA's website by accident, and was removed almost immediately, but before it was removed, it was captured and preserved in cyberspace. Someone probably leaked it. It discusses a transhumanist agenda, an effort to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs.
Don't laugh. Read this information https://ymlp.com/zgyffU
Chemtrails (Geoengineering) is a major scam, and you have really drunk the coolaid if you can't distinguish chemtrails, which remain in the sky for hours not dissipating, with ordinary contrails (vapor trails). The geoengineers claim in their conferences that they're "protecting us" from global warming by spraying aluminum oxide particles which they say reflect the sun's rays back into space, however they are actually causing the very thing they claim to be protecting us from.
The heavy metal particles they're spraying are trapping the sun's heat close to the surface of the earth actually causing global warming, but they're not just spraying aluminum oxide. They're also spraying barium, strontium, arsenic, mycoplasma, ethylene dibromide, nanofibers and a host of other crap on  us.
Far too many mainstream journalists are towing the line and not looking into any of this, and you, unfortunately, are one of them. You are not doing your job. It is far easier to just sweep this under the rug, but that is not helping us at all. Please take the time to examine the information at www.geoengineeringwatch.org and pull your head out of the sand. All of us have been set up like bowling pins. Geoengineering is happening for several reasons:
1. Weather Modification- the weather is publicly traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, when you can control the weather, you can make $ on futures options on commodities like corn and soybeans.
2. Population Control- take the time to educate yourself about UN Agenda 21. An effort is underway to cull the human herd.
3. Military reasons- take the time to learn about Scalar technology. All of this is discussed in depth at www.geoengineeringwatch.org, but you won't understand any of what I'm saying if you just dismiss it out of hand. Do your homework.
We are not powerless to protect ourselves from the heavy metals being sprayed on us. Sulfur contains 16 electrons in it's outer shell. There are very few things it won't combine with. It combines with all the heavy metals being sprayed on us and chelates them from the body. Sulfur is a mineral that cannot be stored, it must exit the body. I drink sulfur water twice a day to protect myself from all the heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails.
John Hammell, President, International Advocates for Health Freedom/ Sulfur for Health
www.iahf.com  www.sulfurforhealth.com  1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific Time
The Association for International Cancer Research (AICR) says that if current trends continue, the number of people developing cancer is set to rise at an "alarming" rate. The World Health Organization predicts that cases of cancer will increase by up to 50% worldwide by 2020.
Cancer is the second leading cause of death, exceeded only by heart disease. Among children ages one to fourteen, cancer is now the leading cause of death by disease. At current rates, invasive cancer will be diagnosed in half of all men and in one in three women in their lifetime.
More than 1.3 million new cases of invasive cancer were estimated by be diagnosed in 2006 meaning that approximately 1,500 Americans will die of the disease every day.
We have no way of knowing how much of this is being caused by the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us by chemtrails, but I drink my sulfur water twice a day religiously because I know it pulls these heavy metals out of me. I urge you to do the same!
After reading the statistics above, which I read on p.85 of Dr. Mark Sircus book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, I decided to look into more ways to detoxify myself, and more ways to heal. I started nebulizing magnesium chloride to increase the ATP production in my mitochondria to get more energy and to alleviate allergies. This works! I encourage more people to do this! Magnesium and sulfur are the two most important minerals in the body and we're all deficient in them! They also work well synergistically!
In my last alert, I told you I was doing herbalist Richard Schulze's "Incurables" program. This program of herbal detoxification takes about a month, and begins with two weeks of bowel cleansing, followed by a liver/ballbladder cleanse, followed by a kidney cleanse, followed by a blood cleanse. Castor oil packs are used during it to draw out toxins. Hot and cold showers are used to stimulate improved circulation.
So far, I am a week into it, and highly recommend it because all of us have been undergoing a massive biological assault our whole lives and it just makes sense to do anything we can to detoxify ourselves!
When I was a kid, I used to drink gallons of pasteurized milk and ate tons of cheese (not realizing I am allergic to cassein), I also used to eat tons of wheat products: "triscuit" crackers, "wheat thins", and wheat bread (not realizing I am allergic to gluten). I used to drink a lot of soda and eat a lot of sugar (not realizing I am hypoglycemic.)
I suffered horribly from allergies, depression, brain fog, and was often constipated due to these poor food choices, and had no idea of what I was doing to sabotage my health. I couldn't understand why I was always getting colds and flus and bronchitis. My immune system was seriously compromised, and I was sabotaging my health.
We all inherit our parents gut flora, especially our mother's, and I was born behind the 8 ball this way. I got pneumonia as an infant, and was put on antibiotics which destroy the good bacteria in your digestive tract, causing an overproliferation of candida albicans, the bad bacteria which causes a host of health problems.
The past week I've been eating mostly salads and fruit but since I'm hypoglycemic also some sardines. To avoid brain fog from the sugar from the fruit I've been drinking Rooibus tea. At night I take Schulze's "Intestinal Formula #1" which triggers peristolsis, muscular contractions of the intestines to help purge deeply impacted toxic wastes.
Its been working! I've never had more foul smelling feces! I feel a lot of energy from purging myself of deeply impacted toxins that not even colonics can pull out of you (I've had a lot of colonics and this works better!)
By thursday I'll be doing "Intestinal Formula #2" which cleans even deeper! It pulls out heavy metals and drug residues from pharmaceutical drugs!
Then I'll do a liver/ gallbladder cleanse, looking to pull out liver and gall stones! Then a blood cleanse! Twice a day I do a shower routine starting with a minute of the hottest water I can stand, then very cold water for a minute, alternating this way for 15 minutes. This really stimulates circulation. At the very end I'll do an herbal bath intended to cause a fever, then will be wrapped in ice cold sheets. This pulls everything out of you.
All of this will take a month. I am hoping that by doing this I'll get rid of allergies I've had all my life, and I'm hoping to eliminate problems with depression I've also had all my life. Schulze calls this his "Incurables" program, and makes a good case for saying that there is no health problem that can't be cured! I believe it. He has had people excrete cancer tumors, they come right out of you if you do a complete detoxification program!
I have pdf files that explain how to do this whole program, and will upload them for a donation of $50 that you can send here.
Sulfur can help you with allergies, it can help you lose weight by speeding your metabolism, if you are an athlete it will keep you out of oxygen debt, its great for the hair, skin and nails, and it jacks libidos into the stratosphere! Cancer can't live in the presence of oxygen, and sulfur opens up cell membranes allowing radically improved oxygen transport to the cells, which pushes toxins out! It chelates all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us by chemtrails, pulling them out of the body!

I am offering free shipping on sulfur orders of 10 lbs at the discounted price of $32/ lb. I urge you to take advantage of this!