East Coast Pilot News 19th April 2017
  Dear Subscriber
  Here's our first email ECP newsletter of 2017. It's been a long time since we last got in touch; somehow time has flown by, taken up with long fitting-out lists and winter jobs at home.
   A special welcome to you if you are one of the many who have recently signed up for these irregular emails. The object of these is to provide a 'heads-up' to recent additions to our website in the way of News Items and ECP book updates. So here goes...
News Items
   The item likely to be of major interest to the majority is the launch of the 2017 Imray chartlets of the Deben and Ore entrances. These are now available on our Downloads page.    Each chartlet has a prefix page with detailed advice on the current state of the entrance, and you will read that the Deben entrance channel is in a very shallow state - it is entirely possible that any storms this summer could change the entrance sufficient for the buoyed channel to be moved further north-east. Watch this space!
   A new diagram of the area around Stone Point is also available on our Downloads page, and on the News page we mention a Government petition demanding better marking of lobster pots which you may be interested in - we have certainly signed it.
   There are also short items there on obstructions at the Crouch entrance and in the Kentish Flats Windfarm, the re-opening of the lock at Heybridge Basin, more lifting capacity at Fambridge on the Crouch, and a missing buoy on Lake Lothing at Lowestoft.
Book Updates
   Updates in recent months have been scarce - a small buoyage detail change on the Crouch, the increased lifting ability at Fambridge, and changed contact details at Lowestoft. We have also as usual included a link to the latest schedule of test closures of the Thames Barrier, essential information if you are passing that way.
   If you notice any detail changes yourself, either when away from your home berth or even in your own harbour or marina, do let us know as it helps us to keep 'East Coast Pilot' the most up-to-date pilot book available. 
Out and About
   My own boat is back in the water after tackling a long list of jobs during the winter (well, tackling some of them, there seem to be a lot left) and Garth has almost completed the major refit of his boat. We've both been giving talks on ECP at various clubs on the East Coast during the winter and will be happy to continue these on request from Autumn onwards.
   Cruising plans for me begin with a cruise up the Thames to St. Kats with our club for a few days of sightseeing in May, then probably 'going foreign' in early summer.
   Whatever your plans, keep an eye on the ECP website, and we hope your sailing season gets off to a good start.
 Kind regards,
 Dick Holness
 Co-author and webmaster
 East Coast Pilot. 
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Header photo taken by Dick Holness - a peaceful anchorage
in Pyefleet Creek, off the Colne.
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