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July 2019
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Recently we organized study tours and training programs in the Netherlands for various groups. The general objective is to increase awareness, acceptance and understanding of Dutch agribusiness and give inspiration for achieving strategic goals in the participant's own agricultural sector development. In this newsletter, several of these excursions and programs are described. 
In addition training programs in the home countries of participants have been organized. To better understand our clients and to know what difficulties they are facing, we regularly visit different countries and congresses. With the knowledge we gain, we can design even more effective training programs and study tours. For example, in March the Global Feed and Food Congress and the international livestock exhibition in Bangkok was visited. These events provide an opportunity to enlarge our network and to find out the newest information on different topics. 
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In this newsletter
Vietnamese farmers focus on climate smart horticulture
A group of six farmers from southern Vietnam visited the Netherlands and conducted a full-week study tour on the theme ‘climate smart horticulture’. Business Support Application Service Co., Ltd (BSAS) in Ho Chi Minh City organized the study tour, aiming to promote international trade and partnerships through exposure to Dutch knowledge and technology.
The farmers are active in rice and vegetables production in the southern, tropical part of Vietnam and some of them adhere to organic production standards. All of them were eager to have exposure to high-tech and low-/middle-tech horticulture technology in protected cultivation and to cooperative marketing and distribution systems. The study tour included visits to flower auction Flora Holland, World Horti Center, various greenhouses and farms in the Westland region and in the south, Fresh Park Venlo and organic farms in Flevoland. Read more.....
Czech group of farmers learn about Green Circles
In June a group of 23 farmers from the Association of Private Farming of the Czech Republic visited the Green Heart in the Netherlands. The farmers wanted to learn more about the “Green Circle” project. This project takes nature as the starting point and realises programs dealing with energy, water, mobility, the earth’s resources and the environment. 

The group visited a dairy farm whose farmer is actively involved in underwater drainage and controlling water levels. During this visit, Teus Verhoeff from PPP Agro informed the visitors about the origin of the peat meadow area and how underwater drainage is applied in the fields in this area. Afterwards the peat meadow innovation center (VIC) in Zegveld was visited. After an introduction, parts of various projects focussing on grazing, wet crops, herb-rich grass and peat, fertilization and mineralization, could be seen outside. Read more....
HollandDoor at the Global Feed and Food Congress and VIV Asian in Bangkok
In March, Ad Merks from HollandDoor visited the Global Feed and Food Congress (GFFC) in Bangkok, organized by the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF). The theme was “The future of Feed & Food – are we ready?” which refers to the global challenge of providing safe, affordable and sustainable animal protein sources for nine billion people by 2050. It was held in combination with the international livestock exhibition VIV Asia.
During the networking sessions, HollandDoor provided information about its activities related to Dutch agribusiness. Visitors of these networking sessions were staff from feed companies, producing animal feed and feed additives for the Asian market and also staff from several universities in Thailand and Vietnam.

Thanks to this congress, this year HollandDoor will follow-up on livestock-related topics with some feed companies and universities in these two countries. The focus will then be on MBA-level trainings on farm management and using marketing plans for the export of feed products. But there is also interest in the Dutch system of dealing with manure and processing it into fertilizers.
Study tour CREA Santa Isabel, Argentina
In June 2019 a group of ten Argentinean agribusiness companies, known as CREA Santa Isabel, toured throughout the Netherlands. This CREA group is part of a national organization called AACREA, which stimulates cooperation to expand and share technological advances in agriculture and livestock production and businesses.
HollandDoor prepared a 6-day visiting program to introduce the group to important topics like regenerative and precision farming, climate-smart agriculture, water management, cattle genetics, feed and feed additives development. They were also among the first visitors of the floating dairy farm in Rotterdam harbor!
The CREA delegation returned with lots of new energy and ideas to take back to Argentina. They have learned that you don’t have to wait for the government or other organizations to take action. Read more...
Plant breeders' rights course visits Dutch flower auction
Every year, the Centre for Development Innovation of Wageningen UR (CDI-WUR) organizes the course “Plant Breeders’ Rights for Food Security and Economic Development. To illustrate the global flower trade, its trends and developments regarding flower variety development and trade, a study tour to FloraHolland Flower auction was organized.
The entire group of about 40 trainees was amazed and inspired by the flower auction. Detailed information was given about the organisation and trends in the often long and international flower value chains in which many stakeholders are involved. 
Bangladesh Ministry of Agriculture continues to study Dutch horticulture
In 2018, HollandDoor organized three study tours for the Ministry of Agriculture of Bangladesh on different themes which resulted in new study tours in spring 2019. 
 In April, a two-day study tour was organized around the theme “Improved irrigation and water management technology”. The group visited several farms and looked at soil cultivation and various hydroponic cultivation systems as well as soilless systems. Attention was also paid to crop cultivation in saline soils, which is an increasing problem in Bangladesh’s river deltas.
In May another two-day tour was organized around the theme “IPM, impact of climate change and possibilities of floating agriculture”. During this tour, state-of-the-art biological and chemical-based crop protection techniques were shown in full organic as well as more conventional production systems. Read more...
Value chain exposure visit of tomato stakeholders from India
In the week of May 27, various stakeholders of the tomato supply chain in the Narayangaon region in Maharastrha, India visited the Netherlands. The purpose of their visit was to learn about all essential aspects after harvesting their produce.
HollandDoor organized a value chain tour, focusing on many aspects that could lead to improvements in the tomato supply chain in the Narayangaon region. 
Although many of these aspects are trained, mentioned, discussed and therefore known in India, it was clear that seeing is really believing. After a whole week of workshops and visits to farmers, seed companies, auctions and trading companies, the group ended up with a list of more than 60 potential improvements, and they defined their priorities and first action points. 
Third training for staff of AgroTie and AgroStar
In the week of May 10, staff members of AgroTie and AgroStar, Bangalore, India, followed their third week of a four-week tailored training program. This time the Netherlands was visited. The team attended workshops and trainings and various visits were made to companies to see in practice what was already learned in theory. Topics were: 
  • integrated pest management, fertigation and irrigation
  • marketing methods, added value, packaging, role of information, linkages between farmers and market players
  • cooperation between growers and how to organize a private knowledge organization which acts in the interest of the growers
  • inclusion of women
It’s not the knowledge that gives the advantage, but what you do with this knowledge. Based on that motto, a whole morning was used to convert all the visits, trainings and impressions into tailored personal actions in India.
In the next training session in India, we will focus on the progress of these actions. Read more...
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