IAHF List: On wednesday I'll be flying to Tokyo, where I'll change planes for Manila. I'll be returning November 3rd, but have a trusted friend handling sulfur shipping while I'm away. In my last alert, I called your attention to the fact that anytime anyone flies, they're being exposed to dangerous levels of Fukushima radiation thats up in the jet stream, around all planes, but you can protect yourself from radiation using sulfur which has numerous published studies proving it protects us from radiation.
Two alerts ago, I called your attention to the fact that sometime in November, TEPCO will attempt to do something incredibly dangerous when they attempt to extract the bent, mangled, brittle fuel rods from the damaged reactor at Fukushima. This must be done with ultra precision, with 100% accuracy, and its never been attempted before. If just one fuel rod snaps off, it could cause a huge explosion that could lead to a nuclear holocaust which could force all workers to leave the site, and could render the whole northern hemisphere unlivable. Do you have enough sulfur to protect yourself and your family if this happens???
Rothschild Rues Difficulty Of Activating “Global Governance Agenda” At Copenhagen
Please go to the link above and watch Baron David David De Mayer Rothschild, the youngest child of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, of the British wing of the arch criminal Rothschild banking family, as he notes with regret that it is difficult to implement a world government, but that the climate change summit in Copenhagen is a venue to attempt it.

Rothschild made the comments in a recent interview with Bloomberg news, noting that there is too much fragmentation at the summit and too many different agendas being pushed.

“It’s past the point of talking. We know historically that the global governance sort of agenda to these issues is very hard to… with all the best intentions it’s very hard to actually activate.” Rothschild noted.
Now see THIS Article

Geoengineering? South Dakota ranchers storm leaves up to 100,000 cattle dead

Take note of how the Rothschilds are actively involving themselves in all aspects of weather modification and control as well as "weather forecasting" (spin) They have to make us think snowstorms, such as this freak storm that killed all these cattle in South Dakota, or the huge (geoengineered) flood that decimated Colorado is "normal", but these killer weather events are being geoengineered for population control and societal control purposes.
To fully grasp the danger you and your family are in from chemtrails every time you draw a breath, please read this NASA document that was leaked to the NASA website for a short time in July 2001 before it was removed. As you can see from it, the ruling elite are intentionally doing a lot of things to cull the human herd so they, and their progeny can have this whole planet for themselves. They openly discuss their intention to kill us with chemtrails... Their goal is to kill us all, and dumb us down. Their goal is to alter our DNA via chemtrail spraying nanofibers, mycoplasma, dessicated red blood cells, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and toxic heavy metals.....
I'm not sure how much more I can do to warn you, but if you're not drinking sulfur water twice a day and taking other measures to detox that you can learn about in this article, you're playing right into the hands of scumbags like Baron David De Meyer Rothschild, and his Bankster father, Evelyn Rothschild. These pieces of human detritus seek to force us into a global totalitarian state. They seek to kill and injure as many of us as we can, but we CAN fight back! We're NOT POWERLESS to protect ourselves!!!
Friends- I'll be away until November 3, but will check phone mssgs from the road, and Craig will be here shipping sulfur. So if you have any questions, you can either email me at jham@iahf.com or leave a message at 1-800-333-2553 and I'll get back to you ASAP. Please keep in mind that I'll be many timezones away, on the other side of the world, but I promise to get back to you, its easier by email than by phone from the distance I'll be.
I am looking to relocate offshore. Soon, I think North America could be either totally contaminated with Fukushima radiation, or under martial law from Obama's evil efforts to destroy the Country as a tool of the Banksters, people like Baron David De Meyer Rothschild and other scoundrels of his ilk, but if you stock up on sulfur, it will be worth its weight in gold when TSHTF, because thats when you can expect the chemtrailing to get much worse as they really go into serious extermination mode right after martial law is declared!
Oh yeah, if you're ordering from outside the USA, you can calculate your shipping cost by going here. Find your country from the drop down list, and use "$40." as the value to enter into the box.
If you want 1-4 lbs you need to calcuate the cost for a padded international mail flat rate envelope.
If you want 10 lbs you need to calculate the cost for a medium sized box. I'll ship 10 lbs for $320. with free shipping within the USA, but if you're outside the USA you need to calculate your shipping cost.
If you qualify for a 20 lb order ($22/lb) (if you're an alternative practitioner, own a health food store, or if you are in a large group that will reorder (you must talk with me by phone if the latter is the case) you can order 20 lbs for $440. plus shipping. Questions? jham@iahf.com or 1-800-333-2553.
If you live outside the USA, please use the IAHF paypal link to pay for your order once you calculate shipping. This link has been repaired so you can now pay via either paypal or via credit card.
Remember- a time will come when Sulfur for Health might not exist any more. When I move offshore, and I am planning on moving ASAP, I am not sure if I'll keep it going. I recommend you stock up now, and alert your friends and family to do the same!