David Rockefeller Created the Club of Rome in 1968 For Population Control Purposes
In 2015 The Club of Rome Openly Endorses Jorge Bergoglio ("Pope" Francis) Because
He is Totally On Board With Their Aerosol Program To Exterminate Millions of People
Under the Guise of the UN's "Treaty on Climate Change"
Both the Vatican & UN Engaged in Scientific Fraud at their Conferences on Climate Change
People World Wide, Especially Catholics Must Awaken to the Reality of This Satanic Malthusian Scam
IAHF List: I strongly urge all of you to go to this incredible youtube lecture/slide show presented by German biologist Harald Kautz Vella who has ripped the lid off the Vatican/UN/Club of Rome's evil efforts to cull the human herd by spraying us with weaponized parasites that include this patented form of the parasite calembola that was tweaked via nanotechnology in the bioweapons lab at Stanford University. 
(Please go HERE to watch Harold's lecture)
A few days ago I had a call from a customer who has mites crawling under her skin, and draining her energy, laying eggs inside her body, and many misinformed shrinks tried telling her has "delusional parisitosis", but no intelligent person watching biologist Vella's erudite lecture and slide show here could possibly agree with such an insulting misdiagnosis.
(Iconic 60s folk singer Joni Mitchell is on her death bed in a hospital in LA also suffering from this man made scourge, and she has also been insulted in the media which has had the nerve to call her "Delusional" but I and many others who know the truth stuck up for her in comments following this NY Times article.
Yesterday I shipped the largest volume of packages I've ever shipping in the history of Sulfur for Health, both for the world's finest sulfur and for my other detox products, and they were sent all over the world! Some were orders placed by the Biological Dentists and Naturopaths who came to my lecture at the Annual Conference of the International Academy of Biological Dentists and Naturopaths who I just spoke before in Nashville, TN
(Soon IABDM  will have completed a three month study being conducted by Dr. Dawn Ewing, DDS, ND their Executive Director to evaluate how well my sulfur chelates toxic mercury and I will post the results on my website as soon as they come in!  (Watch Dr.Ewings discussion here about the tooth/ body connection- the teeth are all interconnected with specific internal organs via the acupuncture points and merideans.)
We're anticipating a great outcome for the study they're doing due to my sulfur not being contaminated with silicon dioxide which keeps it from growing crystals necessary for opening up cell membranes allowing oxygen to flood into the cells, pushing toxins out! )
The guys at the Point Roberts Post Office were astonished by the volume of sales and rest assured, they're clued in, they've been using my sulfur themselves for a few YEARS now along with my OTHER detox products!
Word is really getting out that we're all undergoing a massive biological attack via multiple vectors: GE Food, mercury from amalgam fillings, carcinogenic food additives, pharmaceutical prescription drugs, OTC drugs, fluoridated water, glyphosate which is in 164 foods and which is robbing us of sulfur and ESPECIALLY from billions of tons of toxic heavy metals, ethylene dibromide, molds, vircuses, and ESPECIALLY the weaponized parasites such as Calembola that were tweaked in a bioweapons lab at Stanford University and which are being covertly sprayed on all of us via geoengineering/ solar radiation management, aka "chemtrails."
See this well documented article which discusses the 164 foods known to contain sulfur robbing glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup pesticide.) I posted two very good comments at the end of the article which I urge you to read because they provide an in depth commentary on the fact that there really is only one disease: cellular malfunction. In my comment I called MIT Researcher Stepanie Seneff, PhD to task for misinforming the public when she claims you "can't get all the sulfur you need from food alone."
(That may have once been true back before chemtrails, and before our soil was horribly demineralized, (When Dr. Weston A. Price was still alive and the only fertilizer farmer's used was MANURE (which puts sulfur into the soil)  but not any more!!) I emailed Dr. Seneff challenging her to refute what I said in my comments and she is unable to respond.
I will call her put publicly on this following her upcoming lecture on sulfur at the Weston A. Price Conference coming up next month in Anaheim CA where I will have a booth. I value her scientific research, she has done a lot to document the healing power of sulfur, but this one part of it she has wrong and she will need to publicly correct herself, especially in the face of biologist Vella's incredible lecture and slide show which documents the massive biological attack we've all come under via weaponized parasites.
Huge numbers of people who can see the writing on the wall, and who realize that chemtrailing is going to increase exponentially come December after the UN Treaty on Climate Change is shoved down our throats have started proactively placing 10 and 20 lb orders with me, and I keep adding new wholesalers all the time. I just had to call my supplier to re-stock.
I just got some new wholesalers as a result of a lecture I gave last weekend in Nashville TN before a group of Biological Dentists and Naturopaths at the International Academy of Biological Dentists and Medicine Annual Conference. IABDM is conducting a three month study to evaluate how well my sulfur chelates mercury and removes it from the body, and soon I expect to have the results in from that. When I get them, I will get many new wholesale accounts from the ranks of IABDM members who are a really solid group of outside the box thinkers who totally grasp all of this stuff I'm reporting on.
Sadly, this evil, satanic scam is being foisted off on the people of the world by non other than Jorge Bergoglio, aka "Pope" Francis, the man shown above shaking hands with Obama at the Vatican's Conference on Climate Change where the Pope engaged in rampant censorship as he would not allow any hard hitting contrarian questions to be asked (much less allow the Heartland Institute to present their "contrary" data which indicates that our planet has ACTUALLY been in a 17 year COOLING trend (!)
When my Catholic friend Marc Morano, (communications Director for The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow) attempted to merely ask a question about so called "Climate Change" to Ban Ki Moon, (the Secretary General of the UN) one of the Swiss Guards (the cops of the Vatican) whispered in his ear: "Sir, if you ask your question, you will be REMOVED from the Conference!!"
An UNconventional Shade of Grey  which must be completed prior to the UN Climate Change Treaty being shoved down the throats of the people of the world at the end of December as "Pope" Bergoglio's highly dubious "Christmas Present" to the soon to be exterminated people of the world.
He has a detailed plan for collecting and processing chemtrail samples to use as hard forensic evidence in a court of law, and he needs our urgent help! He needs about $100,000. to rent this jet, and to do all the editting necessary to complete this film, and I am working very hard to help him because I have NO ILLUSIONS as to what will be in store for ALL OF US if we fail to stop this UN Climate Change Treaty! If we fail to stop this scam, we will see the rapid acceleration of UN Agenda 21, and the destruction of all national sovereignty as the elite push us kicking and screaming into their Global Totalitarian State.
George Orwell tried hard to warn us with his insiders novel "1984" in which the people experienced the iron boot of human tyranny stomping in their faces foreever.
Are you paying attention?
If we fail to stop the Club of Rome/ Vatican/ UN Satanic Genocide camaign to spray our biosphere with billions of tons of toxic heavy metals, toxic chemicals like ethylene dibromide, and weaponized parasites, we will soon be witnessing the deaths of mlllions of people as the elite make their move to turn us all into non reproducing androids via nanotechnology.
                            Consider this quote from the "Club of Rome" :
                              "The common enemy of humanity is man.
                    In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
                  with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
              water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
         dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
              changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
                             The real enemy then, is humanity itself
                                               - Club of Rome,
                                    premier environmental think-tank,
                                   consultants to the United Nations

I realize how crazy this sounds, but there is just no getting around the information in this lecture/slide show by biologist Harald Kautz Vella who might not have long to live because already he is being targetted with microwave irradiation in retaliation for his efforts to educate all of us.
In other words, Vella is in a process of being satanically assassinated just as my friend Rauni Kilde MD was for her courageous efforts to warn us all of the elite's efforts to develop microchip technology which they have now really perfected as they can chip us biologically via what we're BREATHING!!! (In the aforementioned link I tell you how to do the red wine spit test by which you will see for yourself that you have been inhaling numerous weaponized parasites, they're in all of our bodies now,and the only question is this:
Will they be able to execute their patholicial missions inside our brains and bodies, or NOT?
Are YOU doing what YOU need to COUNTER THEM inside your brain, body, and blood, or NOT?
If you are drinking sulfur water twice a day, I'd say that provides you with maybe 70% protection, and the other 30% you can get if you use my OTHER detox products in conjunction with it, and if you have full blown Morgellons you need to do even more!
If you have full blown Morgellons, please email me at jham@iahf.com and I will upload a database of different things that my singer friend Paula Gallo has been using to address her own Morgellons.
Paula uses my sulfur,  and other products but she also does a slew of highly specialized other things that go beyond the scope of this article. She has been educating me a lot regarding the broad topic of detoxification because she's become an expert in managing her own disease. Please watch Paula perform her song "Small Girl in a Mighty World" which is about Morgellons. It is a testimony to her immense strength and courage that she can still perform at all despite having this life threatening man made disease and we can all learn a lot from her.
So has Michael Chapala of Matamoros Mexico who has been using very powerful electromagnetic fields to kill these weaponized parasites. You can learn a lot from his website.
At this time of year (fall cold season) I use a lot of Echinacea Plus because it really stimulates Macrophage and Killer T cell activity (it combines echinacea and garlic for a potent one- two punch against cold germs, but it also helps protect against weaponized parasites being sprayed in chemtrails.
I also take EXTRA sulfur in the fall and winter to MAXIMIZE oxygen absorption through my skin and to be SURE I maintain that optimum ph of 7.35-7.4 necessary to counteract the nanobots which are trying to create an ACIDIC body condition favorable to CANCER, MORGELLONS and other degenerative diseases. Sulfur helps us have strong enterocyte cells in our small intestine so that we don't have leaky gut syndrome, so we can properly absorb the nutrients from the food we eat and the supplements we take. Glyphosate destroys enterocyte cells by robbing them of sulfur, it is a huge cause of autism.
Every change of seasons I do 1/4 of herbalist Richard Schulz's program to detox all organs of elimination just to keep my Porshe like body finely tuned and able to destroy all biowar attempts to make me sick
.I strongly recommend ALL of you AT LEAST DO herbalist Richard Schulz's BOWEL DETOX. (When I did it my energy level shot up by 70%, and I went from needing 8-10 hrs sleep per night to only needing 4-5 hrs sleep!!) I could not BELIEVE the impacted feces that exited my body upon doing Schulz' Bowel Detox, it is MUCH more effective than the colonics I was wasting money on, you get FAR more BANG for your BUCK!
To do Schultze 5 Day Bowel Detox you will need to get these products:
1. Super Food Plus (jar containing the world's best Super Foods all ground up into a powder) you will be making smoothies with this combined with garlic, ginger and organic fruit all blended in a high speed blender such as a Vitamix.
2. Intestinal Formula #1  (Contains cascarra sagrada and senna and other herbs which trigger peristolsis of the colon to help you squeeze out that deeply impacted feces that is putrifying in your colon making you brain fogged, depressed, and lethargic!!
3. Intestinal Formula #2 (Contains Bentonite Clay and other agents that work synergistically like MAGNETS to pull toxins out of your stool allowing them to be excreted and removed from your body, blood and brain!
When I did this Bowel Detox I rid my body of parasites, and also decades worth of toxic crap that was trapped inside the impacted feces that were putrifying inside my colon, acidifying my body, putting me at risk of possibly getting full blown Morgellons disease or cancer or other diseases.
What came out of me was residue from toxic Rx and OTC drugs I hadn't consumed in DECADES, also residue from toxic boatbuilding chemicals I had once been exposed to when I used to be a boatbuilder: methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, fiberglass resin and hardener, all kinds of epoxies, and toxic wood dust from running teak and other resinous boat building woods through a thickness planer.
You will need to read this FREE BOOK "The 5 Day Bowel Detox" in order to understand this BOWEL DETOX and you will utilize this Quickstart Guide (I'll give you a FREE laminated copy of it when you buy the products listed above, all of which are described in detail HERE!
(Email me a list of what you want to order to me at jham@iahf.com so I can provide a shipping estimate as I have been learning a lot recently about what I can pack together to economize on shipping.)
I intend to live well over 100 and in excellent health! Theres no reason why all of us on the IAHF list  shouldn't be able to do this as long as we are mindful of what is being arrayed against us....... (Please SHOW this lecture and slide show of the weaponized parasites by biologist Harald Kautz Vella to everyone within your sphere of influence! Explain to them that the Pope is an evil genocidal killer and show them this alert, it proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt!!
Please urge support for Murphy's film "An UN conventional Shade of Grey" It is our last hope to monkeywrench and expose these evil genocidal killers, this, along with thousands of people quitting the Catholic Church en masse while demanding to be excommunicated in protest against Pope "Francis" obvious gross apostacy! Unless he is stopped, he and the others in David Rockefeller's Club of Rome are poised to become the biggest, most ruthless genocidal killers in human history, far exceeding Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot combined by spraying all of us with billions of tons of weaponized parasites, toxic heavy metals and toxic chemicals as if we were so many cockroaches being sprayed with a giant cosmic can of RAID!!!!
Catholics on the IAHF list, please don't be offended by anything I am saying about Bergoglio (Pope Francis) I am Catholic myself and am trying to come to grips with how to leave this church. I can't honor my Lord and not expose what I know about this Pope, and I'm not alone amongst Catholics in trying to expose him. Please take a close look at this article "Team Bergoglio" from a Catholic website which exposes not only Bergoglio, but also all 7 cardinals who put this satanist into power.
I will soon be creating a youtube video that ties all of this together and which totally exposes the Pope and the Vatican. Fr. Malachi Martin tried to warn us what would happen if a Jesuit were ever elected Pope and he was right! Fr. Martin quit the Jesuit order after witnessing satanic ceremonies inside the Vatican during his many years of working there as an advisor to three different Popes.
He spent the whole rest of his life trying to warn us all, he was a true follower of Christ, a very good man! It is never easy to bring out these hard truths, but we must all try, especially now!
Please buy extra sulfur for barter purposes when the shit hits the fan because thats coming, our would be masters are gearing up for global economic collapse now and many are moving to parts of the world that aren't being sprayed, such as South Africa and Southern Argentina where many have state of the art survival villas with Tesla technology for energy generation, people in place growing organic food, etc.
If you are living in or near a large city and are able to relocate to a more rural location that is easier to defend and where you can grow food, this book might be helpful to you: Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places
I used this book as part of my decision making many years ago to move here. If anyone would like to move here, let me know and I'd be glad to help you.
I have a lot more survival experience than the average person.I once lived for two years in a cabin on an island off the northern coast of Maine without electricity or running water, and lived 80% off the land. I have delivered yachts up and down the eastern seaboard, and have survived hurricanes at sea in small boats.If I had to chose just one book out of my library to recommend to someone who has never lived in the country before it would be the Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery.
Please show this information to everyone within your sphere of influence! Remember to delete the unsub link that accompanies each email I send to this list prior to forwarding it otherwise someone might click on it which would unsub you! Anyone can see my archived e-alerts including this one on the web here.
And they can sign up here by scrolling down to the sign up menu where they add their email address, click "enter" and the autoresponder sends a link that they must click on to complete the subscription process.
Anyone who refers one or more friend who buys from me should let me know so I can enter your name in a special drawing! (I will need your name and contact details, plus the names of anyone who you refer to me who orders anything.
Every month, from now on, at the end of the month I will hold a drawing and some lucky person will win 10 lbs of FREE sulfur!
Plus all products needed to do the 5 Day Bowel Detox!
(Intestinal Formula #1 and #2, Super Food Plus...
Remember- Just because you're not paranoid doesn't meant they're not out to get you!
This brilliant slide show/lecture by biologist Harald Kautz Vella showing specific weaponized parasites and how they execute evil patholigical missions inside your body proves it!