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Newsletter October 2020
Dear reader,
In this newsletter we will explain you the different tests available for the Covid-19 virus in our centre and laboratory.
Kim Gray, our nutricionist  will organize a Diabetes Workshop on 22/10/20. You can read more information later on.
Kind regards,
Bernadette Veeger
Diabetes Workshop

The World Health Organisation estimates that over 600 million people now suffer from type 2 diabetes worldwide, and that 1 in 9 adults will develop the disease in their lifetimes. They also suggest that over 40 million more people have blood sugar issues such as pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome, which without lifestyle changes will lead to full diabetes.

However, even though diabetes is a serious condition that can lead to kidney problems, blindness, heart disease and even limb amputation if not well controlled – it actually responds amazingly quickly to positive changes in diet.  Making changes to how you eat can stabilise and reduce blood sugar, take pressure away from the liver and kidneys, and often results in the need for less medication – as well as making you feel better.

If you would like to know more about how to better balance your blood sugar through better nutrition, please join Kim on Thursday 22nd October at 2pm for a type 2 diabetes workshop.

There are 2 tests available to see if you are infected at this moment:

1.Molecular test (PCR test) with a cotton swab in the nose.

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain reaction. In such a test, nasal mucus is taken  and sent to a laboratory. The laboratory checks whether the coronavirus is present in the mucus and the result is known the following day in the evening.
The test only shows whether you have corona when the doctor takes the test. It does not show whether you have had corona before. This test costs 130 euros. Currently, most flight companies ask to present this test before boarding.

2. Antigen test with cotton swab in nose.

This rapid diagnostic test detects the presence of viral proteins (antigens) expressed by the COVID-19 virus in a sample of nasal mucus. The antigen(s) detected are expressed only when the virus is actively replicating; therefore this test is used to identify acute or early infection. The result will be ready in 1 hour and this test costs 40 euros.

A further 2 tests are available to see if you have had the covid infection and what your state of immunity is.

3. Serological test  
This test shows whether there are antibodies for the new corona virus in your blood. For this, blood is taken to measure the amount of IGG and IGM values and is used to see if you have built up resistance to the virus. This test costs 40 euros per immunoglobulinic test.

4. Rapid test
Also for this test, blood is taken and checked whether you are positive for IGG and IGM. This test costs 40 euros and the results will be known the same day. If positive, it is recommended that you take the serological test to see how many antibodies you have. The reliability of this test is high. Be aware that there are many rapid tests on the market that are unreliable.

Latest news
  • Our specialists will be available for appointments on the following dates:
    • Dr. Pedro Chinchurreta, cardiologist: Thursday 22/10/2020 and 12/11/2020
    • Dr. Manio Maravic, neurologist: Thursday 29/10/2020.
    • Dr. Vicente Aneri Más, dermatologist: Friday 23/10/2020 and 13/11/2020.
    • Dr. Victor Aguilar, gastroenterologist: Friday 30/10/2020.
  • Flu Vaccination UPDATE: The Spanish Government let us know that all Flu Vaccinations available will be reserved for the Spanish National Healthsysytem. In case you are registered with the Spanish Healthsystem you can get your flu vaccination in your centro de salud. We will keep you informed when they are available for private clinics.
  • For more information or to make an appointment you can contact us on 952 532 065 or
Centro Mar Y Salud, paseo marítimo 4, El Morche,