Dear friends of the new hearttime
First of all I thank you for your understanding that we still cannot attend as detailled as it should our English Website and these Hearttime-News in English. However it is my biggest wish to expand our magic, shamanic and high frecuency workshop tours more into English speaking countries. After the unexpected success of the German edition of the book "LATTICE SURFING - the cosmic network, dragonpower and the coming heartime" (in Spanish "Soy la Red") we only are waiting for the right English Publisher (and right now for a English traducer for some presentation chapters) to also be more present in English speaking countries. So please be patient and if you have any ideas, suggestions or connections for us, don't hesitate to write us. We would be very thankful for your help and maybe sooner as we all thought we will offer some healing circles, ceremonies and mysticoaching in your country!
Meanwhile I can only invite you to come to "magic Mexico", on a pilgrimage that will change your life as you simply cannot imagine now: Join us on "The Medicine-Path to the Mother Goddess" following the path of the sacred palces of the ancient Olmecs... from 21 nov to 6 dic 2014...
I hope to know you soon in person, with a rainbow hug and a big bow, Pascal K'in
Who were the Olmecs?
The Olmecs chose the fertile region in the southeast of Mexico, between the states of Veracruz and Tabasco, a country that is also called "Olman". On this trip we'll heal our collective unconscious through sacred ceremonies unravelling their secrets, which are not yet in the textbooks: of a peaceful civilization, led by priest-kings and their superior knowledge, probably navigators of the oceans, skull deformers as a symbol of beauty and intelligence. Read more:

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Europe Tour ended successfully     
... sharing with you 3 Photo-Galleries from Mont St. Odile, the Cropcircle from Ammersee near Munich and the whole Charity-Tour throuhg Europe. The whole net profit of the tour entered into the cashbox of the new charity association Tiempo del Corazón / Heart-Time (only the first page is hold in English, info and donation here).
The best experience of this year was without any doubt the day I could spend in this cropcircle... thank you universe!

Spiritual Journeys   
21.11.-6.12.14 The Medicine-Path to the Mother Goddess - wholy places of the Olmecs (ceremony with Grandmother Julieta of the famous indigenous council of Grandmothers) only 5 seats left - reserve already today!
(26.)30.12.14-4.1.15 Journey into the Galactic Maya-Conciousness (Don Lauro, ceremonies, Palenque...)
Online Sessions
"Distance does not matter"!
Regressions, Master contacts, Maya-Healing.
We work using Skype Video-Conferencing.
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