In our effort to keep things as fresh as possible, the songs from Season 2 are being finished literally a few days before we release them. It's great fun for us, since the final versions are as new to us as they are to you. You can even watch a bit of us recording the drum and guitar parts for Flavor Bar HERE - and that was only two weeks ago!
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The Singles - Season 2: Flavor Bar
Flavor Bar, episode #9 from The Singles - Season 2 is available today! And in keeping with the stimulus plan we announced two weeks ago (reposted below for anyone who missed it), you can download Flavor Bar for FREE!
Also, check out our special announcement about The Singles - Season 2 Collector's Edition, and read on for this week's liner notes....
Notes from The Commissioner
About Flavor Bar
Flavor Bar is not exactly, umm, high art (well....), but it is chock full o' ass-rumbling goodness. As for the lyrics, we swear we're not talking about sex. The title Flavor Bar comes from a line in The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror IV. In the song, "Bitte, baby" is of course a reference to the classic film, Blazing Saddles. And when Mayor Mike is talking about his Knob, he means the Intensity knob on our Roland Space Echo (see below). What did you think he meant? Really??? Y'all need to get your minds out of the gutter....

The Music
This is what happens when Beaker brings his Roland Space Echo over to the studio. In fact, I think there's a rule in the Official Musician's Handbook that says "When presented with the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, you must immediately write a dub song." We even went one step beyond for extra credit and used Ohmforce's OhmBoyz, our favorite software filter/delay, on the drum kit (with nods to Stewart Copeland - check out Walking on the Moon). Which leads to the question, can you really ever have enough dub delays? We think not.

cover art: "cover #35" by Tone Deaf
Conrad St. Clair: bass, keys, programming
Mike Stehr: keys, vocal samples, The Knob
Lou Caldarola: drum kit, percussion
Chris Huntington: guitar
Beaker: percussion
Nafeesa Nichols: vocal samples
Only Two More Episodes Left!
The Singles - Season 2 is drawing to a close! There are only two more episodes left after Flavor Bar, so don't miss 'em! Then on August 17, we will release the The Singles - Season 2 Collector's Edition, a CD and booklet containing all the songs, artwork and liner notes along with (at least) one bonus track. The CDs will be for sale exclusively through our web store HERE - MP3s are cool and all that, but to get the full hot aural action of Season 2, you really need to hear the CD versions! The artwork is right purty, too....
The Kicksville Stimulus Plan
In light of the still-struggling economy and its effect on all of you, we've decided to implement our own musical stimulus package. Starting with this week's release, we are instituting a "pay what you want" policy. You can download the tracks for free from our website or HERE, but you do have the option of paying whatever you think they're worth through our secure Paypal link at kicksville.com. We've been pressuring our label to go this route from the beginning of Season 2 - we just want you all to hear the music, and since we're pretty much pinko commie bastards, this seems like the fairest way to go about it.

For those of you who have already bought tracks from Season 2, email us at info@kicksville.com and we'll make it up to you...we promise! For each song you paid for, you can have your pick of any track in our catalog for free, including unreleased stuff if you already have everything else.
More to come....
Next week: Looking Through the Blind Eye