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HollandDoor Newsletter
September 2014
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Last months we have organized several study trips and training programs for international agro-professionals. Programs with durations of one day to several weeks. Some of these programs are highlighted in this newsletter, besides some general information. For all our activities, please see our website
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In this newsletter
HollandDoor supports Kafrelsheik University of Egypt to develop substrate cultivation training courses
KafrelSheik University in Egypt, which has 25,000 students, has occupied a prominent place in the Egyptian agriculture and horticulture sector for many decades.
This year HollandDoor Coöperatie U.A. and the university launched a collaboration to develop knowledge, skills and practical facilities in the field of substrate cultivation.
With a programme geared specifically towards Egyptian conditions, lecturers are receiving training for several weeks spread throughout the year, mainly in Egypt. Read more...

'Summercourses' for 2 agro university teacher groups from China
HollandDoor facilitated during past summer 2 trainings for staff and teachers of Henan Agricultural University (HAU) and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (IMAU), both from China. The trainings were requested by Stichting Agricultural Exchange Union of China-Europe (Foundation EUC). 
For most of the trainees it was the first time to stay in The Netherlands, Europe or even outside China. Quite an experience!! 
For both groups tailor-made trainings were developed with subjects such as Agriculture & Economic Development in The Netherlands, Agro global supply chain management, Food safety and traceability systems, Marketing of perishables & cooperative models and Teaching strategies.
Click here for more info about these trainings for HAU and IMAU.
Some more study trips for groups from Suriname, Colombia and Japan
During last couple of months, various short tailor-made study trips were organized for groups coming from all over the globe.

Greenhouse vegetable production becomes more popular in Suriname. Equalance Suriname wants to support local entrepreneurial farmers to produce vegetables for the local market by using greenhouse technology. Currently a feasibility study is conducted and they came to The Netherlands to learn about Dutch horticulture. Read more... 
Propagar Plantas and Agricola El Cactus from Colombia, mainly propagator and producer of carnation cut flowers, were very interested to see the similarities and differences between the Colombian and Dutch horticulture. Read more..
IMEC Netherlands develops for example, advanced gas sensors, such as ethylene sensors. HollandDoor Served IMEC Netherlands with their guests from Japan with a tailor-made program to learn about Dutch horticulture and usage of proces- and gasmonitoring in special. Read more...
Geerten van der Lugt en Ruud Pothoven enforce team HollandDoor
There have been two more new faces at HollandDoor since the summer! To help meet the growing interest in tailor-made training courses and study trips from both the Netherlands and abroad, HollandDoor welcomed two new members to its team this summer. Geerten van der Lugt and Ruud Pothoven have strengthened the current team which, 18 months after HollandDoor Cooperative U.A. was established, now consists of seven members. Read more...

HollandDoor is a leading independent specialist in training courses, study trips and business matchmaking for the global agricultural sector. Enquiries from businesses both at home and abroad are translated into tailor-made programmes, after which these are implemented by making a link to relevant Dutch businesses and organisations.
 New HollandDoor Facebook page: keep informed about our activities!
Are you interested to follow our (international) groups? How they experienced our services, how they experienced their visit to the Netherlands, not only business wise, but how they experienced the typical Dutch culture? Or, how we operate during our trainings and programs at location of our clients?
HollandDoor has a result-oriented approach and we are only satisfied when we create a joint success. But the personal relations make our job so valuable, and we show, also that part, at our Facebook page. Like us, and follow your colleagues, our programs and events!
 Extra News
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