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November 2021
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The recent COVID-19 period challenged us to make our online trainings as useful and practical as possible, something that will certainly prove its value in the future. However, we also remain of the opinion that it is very valuable to actually meet each other in person and visit innovating companies and organizations on location. Our customers think the same way, as we have already organized study tours and training sessions on location and planned many more.  
You can read more about our training programs and these study tours in this newsletter.
In this newsletter
List arrow   Thinking of planning a study tour in the coming year? 
List arrow   First online, practical dairy training in Sri Lanka is a success 
List arrow   Value chain and agri-business development training in Iraq
List arrow   Improving horticultural production in Jordan
List arrow   Jordanian experts notice the power of collaboration
List arrow   Successful online training on dairy farming in India
Thinking of planning a study tour in the coming year?
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Do you remember the days when you could visit other countries to learn about new developments in agriculture or horticulture? The days before COVID-19 turned our lives upside down?
Well, at HollandDoor we’re ready to share our knowledge, experience, and business network with you again.
We’ve organized the first study tour last October and are planning to organize many more new study tours in the Netherlands from now on. As many of you will be eager to travel abroad again, certainly next year, we expect end of this year and 2022 to be a very busy year for our study tour consultants.
So, if you’re planning to visit the Netherlands next year, we advise you to contact us well in advance so you can book your study tour at your preferred time of the year.
Let’s start connecting the agro-world again! See video.
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First online, practical dairy training in Sri Lanka is a success
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Nearly 120 dairy farmers, farm managers, extension officers and other professionals in the fast-developing dairy sector in Sri Lanka have successfully completed a training course, organized by HollandDoor, in sustainable feed and waste management. 
Every week, the trainers spent several hours online with the participants. The trainees made their own feed plan, learned how to assess their cows and explored the business aspects of farming. A highlight of the course was a practical session, in which participants assessed a Dutch farm and its cows through a video connection. 
Though the online training of practical skills can be challenging at times, this training event has shown that it is certainly possible and effective! The following comment from one of our participants sums it up adequately:
“I was excited to be part of this training program. Though I am not an academic, I tried to keep up with others. It was very interesting and packed with learning activities. I would like to thank AIDA (All Island Dairy Association) and the other institutions for organizing it. And a special thanks to the trainers that made the training informative and interactive. The practical sessions were awesome.”
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Value chain and agri-business development training in Iraq

HollandDoor and ZOA are jointly implementing a Nuffic-funded program called “Enhancing the knowledge and skills of extension workers and farmers in efficient irrigation and climate-smart agriculture in Anbar Governorate – Iraq”. Experts from HollandDoor, ZOA, and Al-Khiamiat Organization for Agricultural Development and Instruction conducted a five-day training program in Ramadi, the provincial capital of Anbar, for staff of the irrigation and agriculture departments. The training covered the following topics: 
  • Pre- and post-harvest handling and product quality
  • Value chain and agri-business development
Throughout the training, participants worked in small groups on their own agri-business cases and value chains for products grown in Anbar. Participants and their colleagues will implement parts of these business plans together with farmers in Anbar in the near future. HollandDoor, ZOA, and Al-Khiamiat experts will provide “hands-on” support to government staff and farmers in Anbar Governorate within the framework of the Nuffic training program in the coming period. These activities will eventually make the horticultural sector in Iraq more competitive and resilient to climate change.
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Improving horticultural production in Jordan

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In the first week of October, HollandDoor trainers were finally able to conduct a training activity on hydroponics, greenhouse management, and integrated pest management in the field in Jordan. This training was a follow-up to theoretical online courses that were held in the 10 months leading up to it.  
A group of experts, selected by the Jordanian Agricultural Engineers Association (JAEA), is following a two-year training program to improve their knowledge and skills, and to become ‘master trainers’ for farmers and other stakeholders.
The training introduced the first two groups to the cultivation aspects of hydroponics and integrated pest management and provided tips on how to convey their usefulness and relevance to Jordanian farmers. 
Another aspect addressed during this training is managing the climate in greenhouses to create ideal conditions for plant health and yield. 
Using modern cultivation techniques, such as NFT systems, aquaponics, and protected structures, goes hand in hand with good cultivation skills but also an understanding of the market demands and the financial feasibility of investments. In the next article you can read that just recently, the Jordan master trainers visited the Netherlands to learn about cultivation practices, collaboration, and value chain management from Dutch growers.
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Jordanian experts notice the power of collaboration
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As part of the two-year Nuffic training program for experts from Jordan, HollandDoor organized a nine-day ‘inspiration’ tour to the Netherlands. Twenty-one experts from the private sector and educational institutes in Jordan visited various stakeholders in the Dutch horticultural sector.
The group made one clear conclusion: the reasons why the Dutch are successful in this horticultural sector is the cooperation that exists between growers themselves, between growers and the educational community and between growers and other stakeholders. This, in combination with their entrepreneurial spirit to innovate and to work market driven. 
Working in these collaborative models offers farmers increased production potential and market access against lower costs and risks. 
But more subjects were addressed during this week: Hydroponic cultivation techniques, food safety, IPM and biological control, marketing & trade, and the importance of partnerships with (vocational) education.
With a list of inspirational ideas, and even more important, with back-home action plans, the experts and the JAEA (Jordanian Agricultural Engineers Association) continue the process to develop effective joint training programs for Jordanian farmers.
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Successful online training on dairy farming in India

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Last year HollandDoor proved that the CowSignals® platform is an effective method for training of Indian dairy professionals online. It enabled us to improve the technical and communication skills of about 60 Indian dairy advisors and extension officers. 
The COVID-19 crisis forced us to move the Knowledge to Knowledge (K2K) program from live to online for all participants/organizations. The Indian participants sent in their own cases and problems from their dairy farms. This helped to generate interest among participants, who were eager to learn about the CowSignals® method.
Another program aim was to improve the participants’ extension and advisory skills. So, we decided to hold face-to-face training sessions with a limited number of participants in the classroom. Though the participants were not used to this (personal) approach, they were positive about the presentations and most of the participants became official CowSignals® Advisor.
Are you interested to become an official CowSignals®Advisor? Please contact our CowSignals® Master trainer Ad Merks. For general information consult www.cowsignals.com.
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