Media Statement
Tuesday February 28th 2023
Just.Equal Australia has called on LGBTIQA+ people, organisations and allies across the nation to make submissions endorsing LGBTIQA+ inclusion in the 2026 Census.
A consultation on the 2026 Census was announced today by Finance Minister, Andrew Leigh and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Just.Equal spokesperson, Sally Goldner, said,

"The information gathered from counting LGBTIQA+ people in the Census will be invaluable in framing social, health and education policy as well as providing services."

"It also sends the message that we are treated with equality and respect as an important part of the broader Australian community."

“It is not acceptable that nearly ten years after achieving federal anti-discrimination protections for LGBTIQ+ people, the Census is still highly discriminatory against us.”

"We urge all LGBTIQA+ people, organisations and our allies to make submissions asking the Government to count us in."

“Australia has fallen behind other comparable countries in terms of LGBTIQA+ policy development. Including us in the Census is an important way to turn this around,”

This week Just.Equal Australia launched a partnership with the Body Shop that will see the latter gather signatures on Just.Equal Australia's petition to count LGBTIQA+ people in the 2026 Census. 

Just.Equal's 2022 pre-election survey found that inclusion in the Census was the top priority from a list of possible federal government policy initiatives. In the lead up to the 2022 election, the Labor Party gave a clear commitment to include LGBTIQA+ people in the Census.
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For more information contact Sally Goldner on 0407 946 242.