East Coast Pilot News 19th September 2017
  Dear Subscriber
  All too soon, another summer has passed by and Autumn has made itself known. During that time, another 50 or so people have signed up for these occasional newsletters - welcome to you all.             Remarkably, once again there are few updates and news items to tell you about, in fact I don't remember such a quiet year on the East Coast for 'changes' since ECP was first published in 2005. No doubt we will be inundated next year instead.
News Items
   Latest items currently on our News page include the failure of the warning light at the Medway entrance (promised for replacement despite its long outage), Havengore Bridge problems yet again, works at Queenborough, a buoy missing over the Raysand, and a dangerous wreck in Lowestoft.
   We try to limit items in the News section to those that may actually affect navigation on the East Coast, but may not necessarily trigger a change to ECP itself.
Book Updates
   Latest updates on the website cover a change of contact number at Faversham, some extra advice about Colchester, and the latest schedule of test closures of the Thames Barrier.
  The website short-cut to recent updates, remember, is via the Summary by Date page, from where you can quickly reach each individual update or download the details of the latest batch.
Out and About
  Garth has ventured across the North Sea this year and more recently has finally got his own boat back in action after a long refit. I have seen little of the East Coast, our main cruise being to foreign parts, down the French Channel coast. My trip seemed to involve a lot of hanging about waiting for suitable weather to make the long hitch to the next port of refuge - it was mostly good fun but we found ourselves missing the creeks and rivers back home at times.
   With winter evenings approaching, it would be useful to remind you that we are always willing to visit your club to give a talk about ECP and what we get up to. If that would float your boat for one of your club nights, do get in touch, either via the website or by replying to this email.
 Kind regards,
 Dick Holness
 Co-author and webmaster
 East Coast Pilot. 
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Header photo taken by Dick Holness - entering the Deben, Felixstowe Ferry in sight.
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