Hello, it’s been a while. We’ve missed you. 

We hear you asking ‘where have you been?'. There’s still a distorted view of the music industry so maybe you’ve been picturing us swanning around at celebrity parties, on exclusive island resorts, sailing the world on Bryan Ferry’s ferry, road tripping around the Isle of Wight with Jack White or training feral crows with Sheryl Crow... 

After years and years of writing and touring, striving for something ever evolving we needed to take a pause. For a while we shifted our attentions elsewhere, waiting for the unfathomable desire to sing to entice us back in. The music was always going to pull us back in the end.

We’ve been scribbling and tearing up lyrics, writing and shelving melodies, chopping and changing choruses. We’ve de-tuned guitars, restrung basses, messed around with drum loops, played until our fingers bled in the studio. STUDIO!? More on that to come… 

Over the next few months we’ll be easing back into our lives of celebrity and like true music superstars we'll keep you updated via this newsletter and regular posts on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. Instagram is our current favourite and we sometimes forget to post on the others, so that’s the place to follow if you have it. Our profile is @smokefairies

Finally, as we’re starting on this new path of reinvention, we don’t need old smoke fairies merchandise hanging around. It’s creating bad energy and it needs to reach its destiny, in the arms of you and your loved ones. We need space for new merch (NEW MERCH?!) so please, head over to our shop:

Take a look at the rarities we have left or we might have to burn it all in a ceremonial bonfire.

See you soon, 
Smoke Fairies xx