IAHF List: Please watch this: "Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Being Sprayed as an Aerosol Designed to Modify Behavior"
According to this Department of Defense Video, for the past eight years, government scientists have actively engineered viral vaccines designed to alter thoughts and beliefs by infecting the brain and suppressing genetic expression of neurological cells. Dispersal of these vaccines has been tested via high altitude aerosolized sprays, highway vehicles, the water supply and even the food system.

See a leaked report about this Department of Defense mind control experiment HERE.
So we're not only under attack by the nanotechnology tweaked parasites being sprayed on us that cause Morgellons disease, we also have to contend with this effort to mold our minds to turn us into docile, compliant slaves.
Morgellons is intended to turn us into non reproducing androids, its intended to alter our biology to change us from human beings into literal machines, while this other stuff is intended to modify our belief systems and behavior to make us totally compliant with the dictates of Big Brother.
The vaccine is intended to infect our upper respiratory tract and our brain. There is no way for us to know if this is ALREADY being sprayed on us, or not! I prefer to err on the side of caution and assume it IS being sprayed, and do all in my power to DETOX to protect myself!
You need to learn and practice everything you can about good nutrition and detoxification, make it an important part of your life and steer clear of all junk food and GMO food!
1. Learn all you can about nutrient dense, non GMO foods, and how to prepare them. Join your local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation  Read Dr. Price's book Nutrition and Physicial Degeneration (free book at the aforementioned link.)  Learn how to make home made bone broth, I make this every couple weeks and can it in mason jars.
I get all the minerals I need from it, and my body manufactures all the amino acids it needs from those minerals! Its easy to make. Learn how from this previous alert.  These minerals attach to the mineral receptor sites in the brain, BLOCKING the heavy metals being sprayed on us from chemtrails to be able to attach! This will protect you from Alzheimers, Cancer, and other diseases!
2. Another nutrient dense food we teach people to make at the Weston A. Price Foundation is homemade saurkraut. This is a natural probiotic. By making it you will increase the concentration of good bacteria such as lactobacillus and sacromycees boulardii that you need to balance out candida albicans in your small intestine.
By doing this you can heal and seal your leaky gut so that you can properly absorb the nutrients from the food you eat and supplements you use. Candida rips microscopic holes in your gut walls causing undigested food particles, some of which are neurotoxic to escape into your blood and brain. This is the cause of numerous illnesses including brain fog, severe depression, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, autism. Learn more about this from Dr. McBride's book Gut and Psychology Syndrome
It is very easy to make saurkraut, you just need some organic purple cabbage, sea salt, caraway seeds, and either some culture starter or some whey that you strain from organic yogurt using cheese cloth.
Here is a good recipe.
I make a lot of this at once in a big ceramic crock and can it in quart sized mason jars. I have some for every meal, and have bone broth twice a day also. These are powerful medicinal foods that everyone can make in their own kitchen very easily!
3. Drink sulfur water twice a day. This mineral, along with Magnesium, are the two most important minerals in the human body yet almost everyone is deficient in both! Big Pharma deliberately broke the sulfur cycle back in the 40s and 50s in order to make everyone sick!
They did this by going to the USDA and they said "Go to the farmers, tell them they'll get increased crop yields and make more MONEY if they just STOP USING MANURE a fertilizer and START USING synthetic, petroleum based fertilizers instead!
(Manure breaks down putting SULFUR into the soil, and Big Pharma didn't WANT that because they KNOW how crucial sulfur is to good cellular health! They were aware of Otto Warburg's Nobel Prize in Physiology from 1931 where he proved that cancer cells can't live in the presence of oxygen, and that was BAD FOR BUSINESS so they wanted to KEEP us from getting the oxygen we NEED into our cells!
They knew that Sulfur increased the permeability of cell membranes allowing oxygen to flood into the cells pushing the toxins out, so they didn't WANT US to get enough sulfur!
As soon as the farmers fell for this SCAM the rate of degenerative disease of ALL KINDS climbed sharply UPWARDS and Big Pharma was laughing all the way to the bank!
I have helped people get off every single toxic prescription drug you can name just by helping them reestablish the sulfur cycle in their body, which takes a couple of weeks. Its very easy, you just DRINK IT twice a day in filtered warm water.
4. Do a Bowel Detox. When I did one my energy level increased by 70%, and I went from needing 8-10 hrs of sleep a night to only needing 4-5. I couldn't believe what came out of me when I did this detox! It worked much better than the colonics I had tried before it. We take much better care of our cars via regular oil changes than we do of our bodies, then we wonder why our health suffers?
Please take a few minutes to read this free booklet "The 5 Day Bowel Detox" by famed herbalist Richard Schulze. Dr. Schulze stood on the shoulders of giants, learning from the great Utah herbalist John Christopher, and the famouse Naturopath/ Irridiologist Bernard Jensen. He went beyond his teachers to create a company that helps millions of people globally with the knowledge he gleaned from years of successfully treating the sickest of the sick who came to his underground clinic.
After reading "The 5 Day Bowel Detox" 
in order to begin Schulze's Bowel Detox, you will also need his Quick Start Guide because it will tell you what organic fruits you need along with garlic and ginger to do the dietary component that goes with this powerful cleanse.
You will need Intestinal Formula #1 which contains the herbs cascara sagrada and senna (among others) that work synergistically to create powerful contractions of the colon that help to expel deeply impacted waste that has been putrifying in your colon for decades, acidifying your body, creating the condition ripe for every sort of degenerative disease!!
You will also need Intestinal Formula #2 which contains bentonite clay which acts like a magnet to pull toxins out of your colon. 
Product Information:
  • A POWERFUL intestinal vacuum that draws out old fecal matter, toxins, poisons, bacteria, drug residues, mercury and lead
  • A STRONG anti-inflammatory and SOOTHING agent
It’s a drawing and detoxifying formula for the bowel that adheres to and coats the lining of your colon. Then it softens up old, hardened fecal plaque and sludge and then literally pulls it off the lining of your bowel. It neutralizes and removes thousands of toxins, and even heavy metals like mercury and lead. It vacuums and draws out 40 times its weight in old, toxic, infected fecal material. It relieves the symptoms of constipation, such as gas, cramps, indigestion, and nausea that can be caused by a bowel full of filthy waste and sludge. It also soothes the intestinal lining and the colon wall, and promotes a well functioning colon.
Rid your body of POISONS
Assuming that you are already using Intestinal Formula #1 and you are having regular bowel movements, it is now time to “dig in” and get out the accumulation of old, toxic debris that you have been collecting and storing for years. Intestinal Formula #2 is a strong purifier and intestinal vacuum that will draw out the old, hardened fecal matter and mucous off the walls of your colon and out of any diverticula.

This formula is also a wonderful soothing agent for the mucous membrane lining of the entire intestinal tract, but especially in the colon. This makes it an important formula for anyone who has irritable bowel, spastic colon, colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis or any illness that causes hot, burning, irritated or bleeding bowels and diarrhea. This is also an excellent remedy for food poisoning, because it will absorb the harmful bacteria and poisons.
REMOVE excess waste and buildup
Many of our customers are shocked by the amount of waste that they remove using this formula. Most people don’t realize just how much extra fecal waste they are carrying. In fact, one man in Hawaii lost over fifty pounds after one night of sitting on the toilet! Another man from Los Angeles eliminated a five-foot black, tar-like encasement from his colon that he had been carrying around for years (see picture below).

Intestinal Formula #2 will also kill and remove parasites. We had one customer eliminate a 33-foot tapeworm and thousands of customers who have eliminated all types of intestinal parasites. In the clinic, patients would proudly bring in jars filled with them to show Dr. Schulze.
Intestinal Formula #1 and Intestinal Formula #2 make up Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day BOWEL Detox—he suggests that everyone does this colon cleansing program at least twice a year, even more often, if there is a history of any constipation or bowel disease.
You will need SUPER FOOD PLUS, a formula comprised of the World's Best Super Foods all ground up into a powder that you can mix with the organic juices recommended as part of the detox.
To kill funguses and bacteria being sprayed on us I recommend Magnascent Iodine. I use this also for inflammation caused by allergies. I drink a glass of it at night and it clears my sinuses allowing me to breath. It also facilitates optimal thyroid function, something which 96% of people in North America lack due to iodine deficiency! A growing number of you have been buying this and I just got resupplied. You can also use it to rev your thyroid gland to speed your metabolism if you seek to lose weight! With the nanotech weaponized parasites being sprayed on us via chemtrails, I sleep easier knowing I am protecting myself with this arsenal, but theres one last thing to add:
Echinacea Plus
  • STRENGTHENS your immune system to better fight viruses, infections and diseases
  • INCREASES the number of immune cells and immune chemicals in the body and bloodstream
  • The most POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE Echinacea blend available
Echinacea Plus (ECH+) works in two main ways. First, Echinacea has been scientifically proven to measurably increase the number of immune cells in your body, like macrophages, killer T-cells, granulocytes and important immune chemicals that combat infection and disease. Secondly, Echinacea Plus (ECH+) stimulates these immune cells into heightened activity levels. Echinacea also significantly increases phagocytosis, your white blood cells’ ability to destroy harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, virus and fungus. These actions will help you combat infection and disease more effectively and also protect you from future invasion and illness.

Echinacea’s effectiveness is clearly documented in respected medical textbooks such as the Merck Index and the Physician’s Desk Reference for successfully treating and preventing colds, flu and general infections.

> Echinacea Protects You

A “statistically significant decrease in infections” has been observed in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

> Significantly Reduces Symptoms

Echinacea has been proven as a “safe and effective symptom relief” for colds, flu and infections.

> Relieves the Severity of Symptoms

Echinacea has demonstrated a “significant reduction” in all seven symptoms of colds and influenza compared to placebo groups.

> Stops Colds and Flu FAST