Media Release
Wednesday May 1st 2019
Australian Prime Minister SCOTT MORRISON and federal opposition leader BILL SHORTEN are the target of a new petition urging Australia to take a raft of actions against the Government of Brunei, including expelling their High Commissioner from Australia and working to kick Brunei out the Commonwealth. 
The petition by the just.equal LGBTI+ human rights group targets both the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader on the premise that whoever wins government on May 18 must continue to take action against the South-East Asian nation, which has brought in the death penalty for homosexuality, adultery, blasphemy and apostasy. 
The petition’s demands include the withdrawal of Australia’s High Commissioner to Brunei; the expulsion of Brunei’s High Commissioner to Australia; a ban on Royal Brunei Airlines from Australian airspace; a moratorium on government use of commercial services provided by Brunei’s government; and a declaration that Brunei is in breach of the Commonwealth of Nations Charter and must have its membership of the Commonwealth suspended. 
Just.equal spokesperson and prominent LGBTI+ activist RODNEY CROOME said Australia is in a unique position to influence Brunei and has a responsibility help the victims of Brunei’s draconian new laws. 
“It’s not Australia’s responsibility alone to tackle these repressive new laws but Australia, more than most countries, has power and influence with Brunei,” said Mr Croome.
“Australia and Brunei have close defence, security, education and trade ties. We’re both members of the Commonwealth and we’re both parties to the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, among other treaties and agreements.
“We want to see Australia take a lead and provide an example to governments across Asia and around the world, to send a strong message to Brunei that it must repeal these outrageous new laws,” he said.
The petition is the latest move in a range of protests and activities targeting Brunei. 
On April 13th, a group of move than 100 protestors descended on the Brunei-owned Royal on the Park Hotel in Brisbane chanting ‘Shame, Sultan, Shame!’, following overseas protests targeting the Sultan of Brunei’s hotels in Europe and North America. 
Celebrities including GEORGE CLOONEY, ELLEN DEGENERES, ELTON JOHN, BILLIE JEAN KING and JAMIE LEE CURTIS have spearheaded a #boycottbrunei movement, calling on the public to shun businesses owned by the Sultan of Brunei.
In Britain, the University of Aberdeen and Royal College of General Practitioners have revoked honours given to the Sultan of Brunei, while several other institutions - including the hallowed Kings College, London and University of Oxford - have announced reviews of honours bestowed on the unelected dictator. 
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