Victor Labad Bringing Relief Supplies to Bohol Earthquake Refugees Sent Us These Photos Yesterday, Sulfur for Health is Sending Him Cash Which He is Converting to Bottled Water, Tarps, Food Supplies for Those Most in Need- Photos Above show Victor with refugees, and by an earthquake generated crack in the road next to his motorcycle, Two more huge typhoons are heading for Japan as I type this where a 5000% increase in radiation from the crippled Fukushima plant already resulted from Typoon Wipha a weeka go, how much MORE radiation will result from these LATEST two typhoons? Do you have enough sulfur to protect yourself and your family for the next several months? Craig is back in my office shipping sulfur in my absence. I am in the Philippines now. Please help yourself, and help us help the victims of the Bohol Earthquake here!!
IAHF List: Greetings from the Philippines where the death toll from the Bohol Earthquake now stands at 198 with hundreds of people injured and thousands now homeless, living in tent cities where they are literally starving/dehydrating to death.

Tess and I were scheduled to fly to Bohol tomorrow from Manila, but Cebu Pacific airlines finally decided to refund our money from the air tickets and we decidedp the best way to immediately help was to get that money, and the 50% I paid ($275) towards our planned stay at a resort there to our friend Victor, shown in the photos above, because he is travelling the perimeter road, working directly with the Governor, to get relief supplies to those most in need- people who have lost family members, and to people who have lost everything in this horrible disaster.

I put Victor in touch with Jon Woods, the American owner of Kaylaa beach resort in Bohol where Tess and I had been planning on staying, and he has not only given him the $275. from my down payment, but he is also allowing Victor to borrow the resort's van to transport relief supplies all over Bohol.
So far very few of you have placed orders since the alert I sent out yesterday, but I urge you to because I am donating 50% to this relief effort and this is a chance for you to help Sulfur for Health to directly save lives. Please try to imagine what the family shown above is going through. This woman's husband was killed in the earthquake and their home was destroyed. She and her children are now living under a tarp out in the searing heat and monsoon rains, praying for help.

I can get money to Victor via Jon Woods, the owner of Kaylaa beach resort where we were going to stay because he has a paypal account. I have already just sent 50% of the few sulfur orders that came in yesterday. I have emailed Vitamin Angels at pleading with them to ship some supplements to Victor in Bohol to assist with the relief effort, so far, no response. 
Please help by forwarding this alert to them, and please call them in my behalf after forwarding this to them- maybe if enough of us do that they will come through with some help because they could really save lives if they shipped some vitamin C, B vitamins, etc into the disaster zone via Victor or via Jon Woods as Kaylaa. Many of these people are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, please try to put yourself in their shoes and please join Tess and I in praying for them.


Two more typhoons are now bearing down on Japan Given that there was just a 5000% increase in radiation from the crippled Fukushima reactor following Typhoon Wipha which caused my flight to Tokyo to be cancelled a week ago, it is unknown what impact these latest typhoons could have on the amount of radiation being released from Fukushima, but all of you in North America are downwind of that radiation.

I am scheduled to fly back to Vancouver BC November 4th, but might stay here in the Philippines depending on how Japan is impacted by these latest typhoons, and even if I do return, I intend to ingest DOUBLE the amount of sulfur I have already been ingesting due to the hugely increased level of radiation the world is now being subject to due to the idiocy of TEPCO which should be burying the crippled reactor the way the Russians buried the crippled Chernobyl reactor which they entombed in concrete.

All of you would be wise to stock up on sulfur, see yesterday's alert about the 5000% increase in radiation following Typhoon Wipha. I will donate 50% of sales for the coming week to the Bohol Earthquake relief effort, so you won't just be helping yourself and your family by ordering sulfur, you will be helping people like the family shown with my friend Victor in the photograph above that he sent me yesterday from Bohol.

If you don't need any sulfur, but would like to earmark a donation directly for the Bohol earthquake relief effort, please use this IAHF paypal link to send a donation that will be relayed to Victor who will instantly convert it to bottled water, tarps, and emergency food for people like this family shown with him above. As you sit safely in your home in North America, or wherever in the world you live, please join me in prayer for these people in Visayas Province in the Philippines, it is hard for us to imagine what they are going through right now. It is monsoon season here, and they are living outdoors under the searing tropical sun, and at times drenching rain, in need of food, water, and shelter.

Please help Sulfur for Health to help them.

Kind Regards,
John Hammell in the Philippines