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Oxfam Peacewalker
saturday 19 May 2018, Westhoek
Do It For Oxfam

Hello ,

Do you already hear the starting line calling ?
Thanks to a festive program, Oxfam Peacewalker can guarantee some magical moments to the 120 teams.

Where are the donations ?
We have heard this question many times in the past months. It is possible to donate in two different ways: via the team page on our internet site or via a standard transfer with a specific communication. In the first case, the donations can be seen immediately; in the second case it takes some time for them to appear as they have to be uploaded manually on the team page. We have to encode many donations with erroneous or incomplete communications and these require manual correction which slows down putting them on line. This Wednesday 19 May the donations will be updated to cover up to 30 April inclusive. From next Monday the donations for the month of May will follow.
Rest assured that every donation will come to us and will appear on the right team page.
If any donations do not appear on line after the dates given above, please let us know and include the IBAN number, the date of the donation, the amount donated and the name of the donator.
As the migration of our databases generated a delay in displaying donations on the team pages, we are extending the fundraising period until 31 May inclusive so that you may collect the required 750€. So  you may take part on 19 May even if you have not already raised 750€. We will simply ask you to sign a promise to pay the required amount.
As a reminder it is possible to make a donation at any time, even after the event is over.
Thank you for your patience and for your trust!
Timetable of the shuttle to 3WP
During Oxfam Peacewalker, you can support your team at the two Checkpoints (CP) ant at the Water Point (WP). Warning : access to 3WP De Lork (Kemmel) is car-barred ! We advise you to take a bike or the Oxfam shuttle. Shuttle is free-of-charge !
Schedule :
Departure : Markt, Messines
: 1:00 pm, 1:20 pm, 1:45 pm, 2:00 pm, 2:20 pm, 2:45 pm, 3:05 pm, 3:25 pm, 2:45 pm, 16:10 pm
Departure : 3WP De Lork : 1:30 pm,1:50 pm, 2:10 pm, 2:30 pm, 2:50 pm, 3:10 pm, 3:30 pm,15:50 pm, 4:10 pm,4:30 pm
To thank the supporters who use the shuttle, we give them 2 vouchers (net worth 3€).
The rental of a bike costs 15€/day. You can draw them at the Peace Village. Please reserve now your bikes here.
The suppporters-biker will receive 2 vouchers (net worth 3€), have free access to snacks and drinks at the CPs and at the WP and will participate at the lottery. The lottery price : a weekend for 4 at the Peace Village.
Celebrate at Markt de Messines (finishing line)
Come and join us at the Markt, the finishing line for Oxfam Peacewalker, where you can enjoy free entertainment and a bar with very reasonably priced drinks for the whole afternoon.
On the program for families and supporters of the walkers: a play from Agora Theater and Laika: Soupalapatate at 13h30 in FR. Aardappelsoep at 15h30 in NL; two concerts: a surprise concert at15h30 and at 16h30 and a concert with Radio Barbã Orkestra at 17h and at 18h.

Put yourself in the place of a refugee

For this 2018 edition, a project led by Oxfam-Solidarity with the refugees in Western Sahara will be honored. In practice, the participants of Oxfam Peacewalker will receive the identity card of a Sahrawi refugee at  the same time as they will obtain their bib. Walkers will get acquainted with their life story during the walk. A way to bring to light this crisis that the media slightly speak.

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For reserving the Friday night meal, the breakfast, a camping pitch, bikes for supporters or communicating us your average speed (only for runners), please register via this link.
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