IAHF List: How stupid does George Soros think we are? He REALLY doesn't think we can't see through his pathetic efforts to try to trigger off martial law via the Trayvon Martin case? (Streuth!)
Let not the sands of time get in yer lunch, pour yerself a good ol' frosty glass of Arrogant Bastard mate, and listen to these words of wisdom from IAHF, for in this special mid summer alert, I'm going to turn you on to nutrient dense secrets of the Jedi warrior, stuff I'm sure the smarmy genocidal Bilderberg Rockefu_ _er pondscum REALLY don't want you to know about hot sex, longevity, allergy prevention,weight loss, and especially, doing away with insomnia and really putting a SMILE on your face so you can properly enjoy the summer!
Hell, I should go peddle this info around the porn belt in the San Fernando Valley of California, I could probably make a fortune and retire young,alive, and offshore where I'm tryin' to go--- but it would be lost on those viagra besotted morons, plus, those evil satanic whores don't deserve it. Much like our would would be overseers inside the beltway, they're not worthy!
Nope! I decided that if I was gonna reveal my most classified anti genocide information, it would only be to my loyal health freedom fans on the IAHF list, so consider this to be a special mid summer gift, something to put a spring in your step, regardless of age, because Rome wasn't burnt in a day (and D.C. won't be either...!)
Look, we live in strange times: we've got NASA trying to exterminate the human race so robots and cyborgs will inherit the earth, we've got Monsanto workin' with 'em involved with chemtrails, we've got weather control, climate control, and a whole passle of low life mega scum wanting to chip us all, and herd us into concentration camps via martial law that they're desperate to try to trigger off via the Trayvon Martin case , but we're too smart to fall for any of this feces, and we're also way too smart to let 'em kill our joy, wreck our mojo, or our immune systems.....so, lets all work together to derail their martial law plans which I predict will fail if enough of us work together to rip the lid off their scam.
Look, I realize that not everyone on the IAHF list can afford to buy even just one pound of organic sulfur for $45. to protect themselves from chemtrail extermination, much less 10 lbs for $320, and I realize not everyone is a practitioner or person in a position to place a wholesale order of 20 lbs or more.... so this alert is for ALL of you because ALL of you CAN AFFORD to make Bone Broth!
(If you are an alternative practitioner, health food store, gym owner, or can assemble a large group of friends to make a group order of 20 pounds periodically, contact me at jham@iahf.com or call me at 1-800-333-2553 Pacific and we can discuss wholesale pricing...
In fact, none of us can truly afford NOT to make bone broth, considering how damn good it is for us, and how EASY it is to make a huge stainless steel pot full of this magical elixer of life which remineralizes our teeth and bones and helps us sleep like babies to be so damn full of energy that you'll only need about 4 hours sleep once you start drinking a cup right before going to sleep, and a cup with your breakfast!
Hell, if I could get all the 90 year olds on the IAHF list makin' bone broth, I'd really have the Rockef_ _ _kers runnin' scared, because I bet some of 'em would throw down their crutches, they'd run to the nearest liquer store to buy a buncha Arrogant Bastard Ale, and they'd start gettin' arrested cruisin' college campuses on search and destroy missions lookin' for coeds to slake their thirst! (Yes, its THAT good,  bone broth is Rocket Fuel for the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit!)
So..... What IS This Rocket Fuel, and How Do I Make It? How Will It Help Me?
Do you suffer from clogged sinuses every spring and summer? Are you trying to lose weight, to get rid of that spare tire? Has your libido gone south? Do you feel wicked depressed and despondent any time you hear the freakin' news? Well I've got several answers...... sulfur is one, but not all of yuo can afford it, and even if you can, it can't do everything bone broth can anyway, you really should be using BOTH in the face of the massive assault your immune system is under via chemtrails... Just go to the link above, all will be revealed about bone broth...
Bone broth is rich in the amino acids proline and glycine which are very good for the connective tissue. They're also very calming, and will help you get the best night's sleep you've ever had, and in this stress filled world, thats a lot!
It may take 12 or more hours to make a big pot of this soup, but its well worth the minor effort, and when you wake up the next morning your whole house will have the most wonderfully uplifting aroma! You can freeze ziplock bags or mason jars of the broth, and whip 'em out of your freezer as needed as stock to make an amazing variety of soups.
This is truly a medicinal food, very good for the immune system, and you can use it to heal and seal your leaky gut so you will be able to beat your allergies, and absorb all the nutrients from your food. That in turn will help you finally stop binge eating, that combined with how rested you'll get from how much it helps you sleep. It also lowers blood sugar levels which is tremendous if you suffer from bad hypoglycemia the way I do.
Hypoglycemia can cause mood swings which can really mess up your life, but bone broth will help you be very steady, stable, calm and grounded if you just make a pot once a week. A lot of people who are diagnosed "manic depressive" actually aren't, they're just hypoglycemic, they're overproducing insulin which causes precipitous drops in blood sugar which causes chronic fatigue, and a vicious circle of overeating carbs which causes obesity and diabetes.
We could go a long way towards reversing the horrible trend towards obesity and diabetes which threatens to overwhelm our overburdened health care system if more people would just make bone broth, and use sulfur. The bone broth calms people, it heals and seals leaky guts so a person can absorb all the nutrients from their food (especially all the wonderful minerals from this nutrient dense broth from which your body can manufacture its own amino acids, any amino your body may need it can then manufacture) and the sulfur helps oxidize fat cells, providing you also work out, but sulfur helps you work out longer and harder by keeping you out of oxygen debt.
All pain = some cell's cry for oxygen. Increasingly, I am getting large sulfur orders from marathoners, triathletes, cyclists, and other endurance athletes as the word spreads amongst the fitness community of the benefit of drinking sulfur twice a day.
More and more women are dialing back the clock, seeing fine lines and wrinkles, even scars disappear as they take sulfur for 6 months or more. I encourage my customers to take a flash digital photo of their face before starting on sulfur, save it to the hard drive of their computer, than take another photo 6 months later to compare...
With sulfur- you can SEE the improvement in your cellular health as reflected through the skin of your face. You will start being carded in pubs again like my girlfriend who is 41, but looks like she's in her 20s, her hair is incredibly long and silky... its a flattering feeling to have that happen.
When I ponder the efforts the Bilderberg Group are making via chemtrails to weaken our immune systems, it makes me feel good any time I share information like this with people.
Please help me awaken sleeping people who are not aware of the danger we're all in. This effort to weaken our immune systems via chemtrails is quite extensive, and well planned, even NASA is a part of it. What they are trying to do is shocking. Most people won't believe it, but NASA's pdf file doesn't lie.
They made the mistake in 1999 of posting this pdf file on their website, publicly, and some astute person grabbed it to keep it in cyberspace, so now the cat is out of the bag....
We're onto them. They literally intend to exterminate most of the human race in favor of cyborgs and robots which are cheaper for them to operate....
The ruling elite want this planet for themselves, and their progeny, and they really consider all of us to be "useless eaters."
In 1996 I was the first person in the world to blow the whistle on Codex via an article published in Life Extension Magazine. I pushed for Congressional oversight with everything I had for 5 years, only to witness the hearing I pushed for be whitewashed on March 20, 2001, a day I'll never forget.
I've had attempts made on my life due to this, and realize there are people in high places who want me, and all of us dead...
But we have some great equalizers....
We have bone broth, which they'll never be able to take away, and we have sulfur which they'll also never be able to take away because Mr. Michelin, the tire manufacturer has a patent for vulcanizing rubber and sulfur is part of the patent, so it has a WTO number which usually makes it easy to cross borders, although a handful of times I have run afoul of a corrupt border guard who either doesn't know the law, or doesn't CARE about the law since they figure its "in their mouth."
That happened just three times so far with shipments I've made outside the USA, once to Norway, once to Switzerland, and once to Canada, but on other shipments to those countries they've gotten through withhout a hitch.
I will be going away for a few weeks, but will be doing my shipping from the road. If you would like to place a large order of 10 lbs ($320 free shipping), or (20 or more) if you qualify for a wholesale account, it would be easier for me if you placed your order before I leave on August 2. Small orders I can handle from the road, but the larger orders would be easier for me now, so if you want to place one for 10 pounds or more before I leave, now is your chance!
(Get some extra to give away to family and friends this summer as you travel!)
I hope you have a great rest of your summer, and be sure to try making some bone broth! You'll be very glad you did! I make a new pot every week, to two weeks. I get my soup bones from a local ranch where I buy grass fed beef, but you can get them from US Wellness meats if you don't have a local source. I am a chapter leader in the Weston A. Price Foundation, and encourage you to join! We educate people about nutrient dense foods. Its a great way to derail UN Agenda 21, and WAPF supports my efforts, they published this article of minehttp://www.westonaprice.org/farm-a-ranch/agenda-21 about the threat, and their publicist even published this more in depth article of mine on her blog about Agenda 21 and chemtrails.
If you want to turn bone broth into detox soup by adding cruciferous veges and seaweed to it the way I do, please see this alert I sent out a few months ago... (If you buy any seaweed from Larch Hanson in Maine, tell him I said hello... I really like his bladderwrack, and the kelp is good too. Theres no Fukushima radiation problem with east coast seaweed, and you can make tremendous "detox soup" if you add it to bone broth!!
Have a great rest of your summer, and please forward this valuable information! Anyone can sign on to the FREE IAHF email distribution list here!