Weaponized parasites are being sprayed on us and are boring deep into our lung tissue, performing various "pathological missions"
They're Hijacking our Natural Biology- Turning it Synthetic- Turning us into Non Reproducing Cyborgs
We Must Detoxify Sufficiently to Stop This!! Too Many People are Complacently Ignoring This Warning! The Nanocommunications array shown on the right will assemble inside your body unless you prevent it! We are not powerless to stop this from happening to us!
IAHF List: Please take a moment to listen to and watch Disturbed's brilliant remake of Simon & Garfunkles classic song
"The Sound of Silence" (music that I grew up with in the '70s .
As I listen to it, I find myself pondering the sad far too pervasive denial most of you are in regarding the need to detoxify ourselves in the face of the massive biological assault we've all come under in the form of Geoegingeering/ Solar Radiation Management, Genetically Engineered Foods, Forced Vaccinations, Toxic Prescription and OTC drugs, etc.
There has been far too much silence in our society regarding th documented reality of the immense danger every one of us is in due to breathing in weaponized parasites such as calembola and others that have been designed in a CIA Bioweapons lab at Stanford University for the purpose of boring deep into our lung tissue to perform various "patholigical missions" intended to enslave and destroy humanity by turning us all into non reproducing cyborgs- total mind controlled slaves who the Banksters are trying very hard to FORCE into bondage....
In a desperate effort to do damage control due to the large numbers of people who are waking up, the Carnegie Foundation is now calling for Global Governance to "Regulate Geoengineering"  There are multiple cons going on here:
1) We're not supposed to realize that geoengineering has ALREADY been going on since the 90s,
2) We're supposed to believe that "geoengineering can protect us from global warming" when it is actually CAUSING it!
3) We're not supposed to see any of the REAL reasons for geoegineering that are brought out in my archived newsletters and in such films as "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" and "Chemtrails- The Secret War"
4) We're not supposed to realize that the REAL reason for the spraying is UN Agenda 21, its to kill and injure large numbers of us for population control and societal control purposes, and its to hijack our natural biology to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs who can be easily controlled on the ruling elite's long desired Global Plantation as they seek to totally enslave us!
Why are so many of you willing to RISK getting full blown Morgellons disease by not lifting a finger to properly detoxify yourselves?
Drinking sulfur water twice a day is a good first step, but its only a BEGINNING! You can protect yourselves from the toxic heavy metals we're all breathing in which are causing a huge increase in early onset Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive problems and also cancer, but by itself sulfur can't protect you enough from the weaponized parasites that are burrowing deep into your lung tissue executing various pathological missions discussed in depth in Dr. Carnicom's paper
"A Working Hypothesis on Morgellons Disease: Neural, Thyroid, Liver, Oxygen, and Iron Disruption".
Learn about and SEE these weaponized parasites in these videos made by a woman in Florida who suffers from Morgellons and who is risking her life to educate and warn us! I have had conversations with her!
You would not be so complacent if you had to talk every day with the sort of people who call me, homeless, living in their cars, maxing out credit cards in a desperate effort to survive due to suffering the torment of the damned form open oozing itching skin lesions that won't heal and the constant horrible feeling of nanobots crawling around under their skin, and sometimes even turning into flies that fly out of their pores and into the air around them.
1. Sulfur is a mineral that must exit the body. Since it has 16 unpaired electrons in its outer shell it will bind with and chelate all the toxic heavy metals that we're breathing in from chemtrails so you don't get Alzheimer's, suffer from cognitive problems, or get cancer. Women love it because its great for the hair, skin, and nails.
Endurance athletes love it because it neutralizes lactic acid which causes us to go into oxygen debt, so it keeps marathon runners from "hitting the wall."
Read my article Organic Sulfur: The Missing Link to Regenerating Cellular Health, Boosting Immunity and Reducing Pain and inflammation to learn all about how sulfur helps you maintain optimal health!
Drink sulfur water twice a day! It opens up cell membranes, helping an optimal amount of oxygen to flood into the cells, pushing toxins out and binding with and removing toxic heavy metals that we're breathing in from the chemtrails. I recommend buying in bulk to save money- get free shipping when you buy 10 lbs, best deal is on 20 lbs
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DETOX YOUR ORGANS OF ELIMINATION- STARTING WITH YOUR BOWEL- TO JETTISON YOUR LONG HELD MUCOID PLAQUE WHICH PUTRIFIES INSIDE YOUR BOWEL, WRECKING YOUR Ph Balance, Acidifying your Body, Creating an Internal Condition RIPE for EVERY KIND OF DEGENERATIVE DISEASE (Including Full Blown Morgellons Disease, Cancer, Etc!) Unlesss & Until you Jettison your Mucoid Plaque, you won't get OPTIMAL ABSORPTION of the nutrients from the food you eat or the supplements you take!
1) Get one or more bottles of Intestinal Formula #1
2) Get one or more bottles of Intestinal Formula #2
3) Get one or more bottles of Super Food Plus
To blast loose your mucoid plaque by using these products you will need to read "The 5 Day Bowel Detox" (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!) and
You will need to read "The Quickstart Guide". (I'll send you a laminated quick start guide when you buy the three products listed above necessary to do this detox!
From the Quickstart Guide you will see the list of specific fruits, garlic, ginger, and olive oil that you'll combine with the Super Food Plus needed to make the smoothies recommended for this detox, and you'll need a high speed blender!
I have done this detox, it was WELL WORTH THE EFFORT and I can guide anyone through it!
This summer, to really protect from the chemtrails, I would also recommend you make the investment in your health to also detox your liver/gallbladder, kidneys and blood..... but FIRST THINGS FIRST!!
To START OUT, you MUST first clean your bowel by taking the steps outlined above!
Also, I've been getting reports from customers all over the country about increased chemtrailing! The ruling elite seek to hijack our natural biology and turn it synthetic as discussed in this previous alert!
So, drink sulfur,  take Magnascent iodine to boost your thyroid function (97% of people in North America are iodine deficient and have improperly functioning thyroid glands. Since its cold season and you can boost your macrophage cells and killer T cells to massively boost your immunity, also take Echinacea Plus!
By methodically detoxifying all of your organs of elimination you will properly protect yourself from all the toxins we're breathing in from the chemtrails, including the weaponized parasites!