Weather is Being Used as a Weapon Against The People of the World, Chemtrails are Poisoning Our Air, Water, and Soil, We Are Not Defenseless!! Please Help IAHF/Sulfur for Health to Alert More People By Writing Articles To Local Papers The Way Jane Barden Did
IAHF List: Please see this well written article "Aerial Spraying Has Harmful Health Effects" by Jane Barden, of Sackett's Harbor, NY. It was published in the Watertown Daily Times in upstate NY, and I learned about it here on the aircrap website.
Guessing that she might have received some flak from idiots in comments following it, and that she might need some online backup, I went to the article and found that I was correct. If you read the comments that follow the article, you'll see two comments of mine that back her up because some predictably moronic insults were hurled in her direction for having the courage to stick her neck out.
I got her number from directory assistance, and left a message to thank her for her efforts and to let her know I'd backed her up online.
Jane Barden is a hero to me, and I hope she is to you too! We need more Jane Barden's across America and the world to echo her efforts by submitting similar articles to their local papers the same way she did, and any time one gets published, we need to repost it someplace the way this one was at aircrap to encourage more people to follow suit!
When I ponder the photos of the devestation in Moore Oklahoma like the one above as that woman and her kids search through the wreckage of what used to be their home, I can't help but wonder how many of the victims even realize that the Tornados in Oklahoma were DELIBERATELY ENGINEERED FOR MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION! All the evidence is there that when this monster slammed into Briarwood Elementary School at 210 MPH that it was INTENSIFIED by HAARP and CHEMTRAILS.
Meteorologist Scott Stevens documented here that chemtrails and HAARP and CHEMTRAILS were used to intensify the Oklahoma Tornados, please join me in calling this to the attention of the City of Moore.
On May 20th, 24 people were killed in Oklahoma, and more than 250 were injured. Homes, schools and businesses were destroyed and thousands of lives were disrupted. Just now I saw on the news that more killer tornados are being forecast for hard hit Oklahoma and Arksansa....
Please join me in my efforts to alert the City of Moore to the fact that they were attacked by using this webform on their website.  They can be called at 1-405-793-5000  Here is the website for " The Moore American" (Newspaper).

Friends, if you weren't on the IAHF list, and weren't getting this information about the danger that we're all in from chemtrails and the fact that we can protect ourselves from all the toxic heavy metals, dessicated red blood cells, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and mycoplasma being sprayed on us by chemtrails by detoxing ourselves with sulfur, what would you do?
My guess is that you probably don't have anyone like Jane Barden living near you getting articles like this one published in your local newspaper, do you?
What if thousands of us committed similar random acts of kindness by submitting similar articles to our local papers? Won't you please join me in thanking Jane by posting a comment following her online article to back her up the way I did?
She was scathingly attacked by a pack of morons til I jumped in to back her up. Please add to my comments, and please consider taking the article below that I've written, tweak if if you want, or write your own, and submit it to your OWN local paper! I will give a free pound of sulfur to anyone who gets an article published!
Do you have allergies? Need to lose weight? Suffer from pain caused by inflammation/arthritis?
Want to strengthen your immune system to protect yourself from all the toxins being sprayed on us by chemtrails? Are you and athlete who wants to stay out of oxygen debt by flooding your cells with oxygen? Do you need more energy and want to stop drinking coffee?
See this previous alert for a host of health reasons to stock up on sulfur as we head into summer!We are NOT defenseless against these genocidal New World Order murderers!
Please copy the following press release and send it to your local paper. Feel free to tweak it or write your own, but if you make changes, please remove my name and use your own name. We have to emulate Jane Barden's efforts....please let me know if you forward this to your local paper, or if you send your own article... I will send a free pound of sulfur to anyone who gets either this or their own article published....
by John Hammell 1-800-333-2553
For immediate release...... May 30,2013
What do the citizens of Moore, Oklahoma where 24 people were killed and more than 250 were injured have in common with the victims of Hurricane Sandy which slammed into the metro NYC area and killed at least 285 people in seven countries last October?

According to meteorologist Scott Stevens, who has documented his assertions via an in depth online analysis of satellite weather and other data, both the tornado and the hurricane were intentionally steered and intensified via aerial chemtrail spraying ("geoengineering") and by microwaves emanating from an array of antennas in Alasksa called "HAARP". You can see Steven's analysis here:   and

How many more Americans must die from weaponized weather, or from the billions of pounds of aerosolized toxic heavy metals, dessicated red blood cells, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and other deadly toxins being sprayed on us via so called "Geoengineering" before the voters finally rise up in outraged indignation against a corrupt government which attempts to deny the reality of these threats?

Citing the information in the well researched documentary film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"  and the patents for weather modification shown on the website, activist John Hammell, President of International Advocates for Health Freedom and Sulfur for Health urges more people to reach out to elected officials, the EPA, Forest Service, and other governmental bodies to demand accounability!

As the first person in the world to ever blow the whistle on the UN's genocidal efforts to ban consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range via their Codex Alimentarius Commission, Hammell was in the documentary film "We Become Silent- the Last Days of Health Freedom" which was narrated by Dame Judi Dench, who donated her time to do the narration in the interests of safeguarding the public from UN instigated genocide.

Warning that UN Agenda 21, a 40 Chapter blueprint for population control is the 10,000 pound guerilla driving geoengineering, Hammell urges more people world wide to awaken to these threats to the public health especially in the USA where a growing bipartisan coalition has been derailing the genocide agenda as a growing number of Cities and Counties remove themselves from membership in ICLEI, the UN NGO organization that is driving this nefarious plan.

Hammell urges more people to join forces with International Advocates for Health Freedom  to thwart these dangerous plans, and to safeguard their health, and those of family members, by ingesting organic sulfur, a mineral that cannot be stored in the body, and which chelates all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us by chemtrails to safely remove them from the body.

Hammell warns that unless more people start drinking sulfur water, the death toll from Cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Morgellons disease, Asthma, Allergies, and other life threatening illnesses will only continue to escalate.

Hammell urges people from all sides of the political spectrum to enter the battle against Chemtrails by examining the information at websites such as and others.  He also urges more newspapers to emulate the Watertown Daily Times by publishing more articles such as "Aerial Spraying Has Toxic Health Effects"