Media Release
Tuesday August 23rd 2022


Just.Equal Australia has expressed concern that the employment and workplace challenges facing LGBTIQA+ people may not be raised at the Federal Government's Jobs and Skills Summit.

The Summit Issues Paper, released on August 17th, covers employment and workplace issues faced by women, First Nations people, people with disability, older Australians, migrants and refugees, and those living in regional and remote areas, but the challenges facing LGBTIQA+ people are not mentioned.

Just.Equal Australia spokesperson, Rodney Croome said,

"It's very disappointing that the Government has so-far overlooked the fact that LGBTIQA+ people face higher levels of employment and workplace discrimination and harassment than other Australians."

"The failure of existing laws to protect us also needs to be on the agenda. This includes the failure of the Fair Work Act to explicitly protect trans, gender diverse and intersex people from discrimination, and the failure of federal and some state laws to protect LGBTIQA+ employees from discrimination by faith-based schools and services."

"We will write to Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, and Treasurer, Jim Chalmers, urging them to ensure the employment and workplace issues facing LGBTIQA+ people are on the agenda and properly considered by the Summit."
Failure to include LGBTIQA+ employment and workplace issues in the Jobs and Skills Summit comes after the Government rejected a proposal to appoint an LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Commissioner.
A Commissioner would oversee LGBTIQA+ employment and workplace discrimination complaints and promote more inclusive workplaces across the nation. 

Mr Croome thanked LGBTIQA+ anti-discrimination advocate, Alastair Lawrie, for highlighting the omission.
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For more information contact Rodney Croome on 0409 010 668.