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Issue #154
May 2018
Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so find a comfy spot to spend a few quiet moments with us before heading out to any gatherings you might have planned. We've got some fun stuff in store for you this month including the introduction of a brand new zipper style (w/a nifty discount!).
So Happy Mother's Day to all our mothers out there and if you are fortunate to still have your mother in your life, don't forget to give her a call or spend some time with her if she's nearby!
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"Eye Candy" from March
The bags you see below are my favorites among those that customers have shared either on our FaceBook business page, our Instagram feed or on our brand new Group page on FaceBook. So thanks to ALL who posted their pictures last month! They were ALL great but the ones below were my favorites!
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic)
Agnes Smith's Go-Go Compact
I'm totally into the bright yellow interior on this adorable little bag!
Pat Leask's  Everyday Attache
This color scheme has plenty of drama! It's beautifully photographed too!
Cheryl Klink's Quattro
Cheryl made this bag for her sister who chose coated cotton for the exterior & even though it must've complicated the make, the result is gorgeous!
Julie Hoyt's Everyday Attache
This bag of Julie's has everything I love... organization AND it's purple!
Donna Lamont's Go-Go Compact
Donna said the silky brocade she chose for this exterior was difficult to work with but payed off BIG in the end!
Jeanne Harrington's HipBag Hybrid
Jeanne made this cutie for her soon-to-be daughter-in-law to take on her honeymoon!
Judy Stuart's Go-Go Compact
I love Judy's eclectic mix of fabrics and the yellow mesh pocket on the inside is such a really FUN surprise!
Debbie Hataley's Go-Go Compact
Debbie used the same fabric for her bag as we featured on the cover for this pattern and did an exceptional job doing so! Excellent fussy-cutting too!
Celia Anne Oliver's Bellagio Bag
Celia is definitely proving herself to be the "Queen of the Bellagio"!
And finally, here's Cheryl Garst's Guardian Bag. Cheryl showed some bravery combining these three fabrics but it payed off BIGTIME for her!
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic)
NEW from StudioKat Designs! A New Zipper Style!

Our new zipperstyle for Spring is here,
so let's CELEBRATE with a SALE!

Starting today & thru midnight Saturday night (5/19/18) you can get an AMAZING 25% off the retail price of our brand new black zips with gold teeth & a fun beaded pull!
Available in the following sizes- Click HERE to start saving!
10" closed bottom
20" closed bottom
and 22" purse-style
FYI- There's no need for a coupon code. The price you see in the dropdown box has already been marked down for you!
Cat Picture of the Month-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Trending on our Website this Month-
And guess what? We've started a brand new edition of "Purse Pattern Chronicles". If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes during a run-up to a new bag pattern, then you'll really enjoy what has turned out to be our most popular Blog series! (This time you'll find these post labeled with the prefix, PPC17.)
And just in case you missed any of our posts this past month, you can easily catch up to the rest us because they're ALL listed below!
TWO for your Viewing Pleasure-
Cats are so darned funny!
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
So what if one of the planets was as close to us as the moon is?
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Quote of the Month-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
The "Tech" Desk-
is Your Phone getting bogged down with tooo many apps?
Tip: delete all the apps from your phone, or if that’s too scary, move them all to a screen away from your home screen. Bring them back only as you truly need them. After a few weeks, delete the rest and feel the weight lift.
As Funny As Real Life-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Here's a real interesting article I think you might like about one woman's crusade to find and return the "firecats" from this past winter's severe fires in Northern California! 
Click HERE to read it!
Increase Your Vocabulary- Fabriholic
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Classified Ads
Cuddle Clones makes soft, adorable, customized stuffed-animal versions of pets! All you need do is submit a few pictures, & they'll send you your very own Cuddle Clone of your beloved pet!
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If you use the discount code (STUDIOKAT), or click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.
Here's Pippin hangin'out with
our two Cuddle Clones!
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