I am listening to Joni's Album "Song to a Seagull" (1968) as I Write This Hoping We Can All Help Her!!!
IAHF List: Good Friday to ya'll! I'm sayin' some special prayers throughout this one and I hope you folks will join me in 'em!
Please join me in support of iconic 60s singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell whose ethereal lyrics and unique musical style have been comforting the hearts and minds of many for generations now. If Joni can get Morgellons disease, ANY OF US CAN!! We must protect ourselves!! We must do MORE to alert others around us!

It breaks my heart that this amazing woman now suffers the torment of the damned to the N.W.O.s evil efforts to biologically microchip us all via the monstrous man made disease called "Morgellons" that was created in a bioweapons lab using nanotechnology, and is now being sprayed by aircraft down on all of us...CNN announced here that Mitchell was hospitalized, but naturally they didn't say WHY!!
Mitchell publicly discusses her views on Morgellons in an interview with the LA Times in which she was very open and frank, saying many controversial things that she is now being wrongly attacked for! (You ou can get to that LA Times article from this interesting truth tellin' blog!!)

I hope that you will all join me in submitting comments that tell the truth about Morgellons to the NY Times which just published this very misleading article in which mo-ronic idiots posting in the comments section are attempting to brainwash people into viewing Morgellons the way the criminal Centers for Disease Control does (as a so called "psychiatric illness" with no physical cause........ (Yeah, RIGHT!! Talk about a coverup!!!)

If anyone knows how I can get the following two comments that I submited to the NY Times following this NY Times article: "What is Morgellons? Singer Joni Mitchell's Disputed Diagnosis", directly to Mitchell please let me know! (The NY Times is hopelessly controlled by Big Pharma (through advertising revenue) and by the CIA which influences all mainstream Newspapers, Magazines, and other Media to block the truth from coming out on damn near everything...

Below are the two comments I submitted, and I encourage all of you on the IAHF list to submit your own to the NY Times Times (and other publications currently smearing her over this) and to share them with me in case they aren't published and someone might know of a way that we can get them directly to Joni herself!!
Following my comments I have a lot of information to help all of you protect yourselves and your loved ones so that NONE of you EVER get this horrible disease yourselves!

We have to counter all the smears against Joni that have just been published globally in articles like this, this, this, this, this,  all of which attempt to brainwash people into believing that Morgellons is a psychiatric illness and that sufferers are "delusional".(All of the mainstream news articles listed above are incredibly offensive, but the worst of the lot is the LAST one (by CBS news).
Take a look at them all to see how the elite are trying to silence Mitchell, it really is interesting how worried this all makes them that they'd attack her simultaneously through so MANY news outlets! (First they violently attack you, THEN people see THROUGH the SPIN, THEN, you WIN!!)
The ludicrous assertions presented above are total spin intended to over up the truth. (We do know what causes Morgellons provide tons of info on this below) It is a  BALD FACED LIE that there "is no cure" (see below!!)
Folks, we are not powerless to protect ourselves from being sickened and biologically microchipped via Morgellons, the man made illness created in a bioweapons lab via nanotechnology-- we CAN and MUST fight back against N.W.O. genocide schemes of every sort!!! Morgellons is part of UN Agenda 21, just as chemtrails obviously are!
THE NY TIMES PUBLISHED THE COMMENT OF MINE IN BLUE BELOW 2 HRS AGO: Please go to the article, scroll down to it, and "recommend" it so it will get more visibility!! When it does, I will be attacked by NSA trolls monitoring the article, and by other miscreants such as allopathic shrinks and their mindless sycophants!
Please help me counteract these fools by posting your own strong comments! When I made this comment, I was curious to see if EITHER of my comments would be posted.... well I guessed they MIGHT have a better chance of posting THIS one than the one BELOW it which they DIDN'T post..... so please join me in trying to post it, lets see if they post it, or something paraphrasing it if it comes from someone else! Here is the comment they DID post:

John Hammell

Point Roberts WA 2 hours ago
Given the fact that the Vegas Nerve interconnects the BRAIN with every organ system in the human body, especially the GUT, and given the fact that more serotonin (the "feel good" neurotransmitter) is manufactured in the small intestine than in the brain, perhaps we should be a bit hesitant to even subscribe to the view that there is any such THING as "mental" illness. There are numerous very real causes of Morgellons disease as Stacy from Denver says above and I thank her for this link http://www.thecehf.org/morgellons-disease-research.html Joni Mitchell deserves better treatment than I'm seeing from many of the commenters here who are far too quick to make unfounded assumptions. I take anything the CDC says with a serious grain of salt. They are caught in far too many conflicts of interest to be taken seriously when it comes to this illness.

HERE IS THE COMMENT THEY DIDN'T POST!!! (Not hard to see why, it provides the CURE!!)

Here is a comment by someone else that I Appreciate

(please email me the ones you submit!):


EARTH 23 hours ago
Well played Government,well played. How about it being caused by You spraying us daily with Poisons and germs that is hidden in what you call "weather modification".Depopulation more like it.EVIL, that is what You are. and One day GOD will have You all stand before him and all the sufferers from this so You can be held accountable. And I hope when that time comes, You feel the pain and anguish of each person of whom You stole precious time from.And You spend an Eternity suffering fom Your man made illnesses that You have inflicted upon us.
I just submitted this one in response to Tricia's which probably won't be accepeted for publication for obvious reasons! It provides "too much" useful info that helps us!!
"Well said, Tricia!! Couldn't have said it better myself! Morgellons is clearly a part of UN Agenda 21, the 40 chapter blueprint for population control. There is a bipartisan movement in the USA against UN Agenda- see these three sites! HERE, HERE, and HERE!    and   Its not hard to figure out that Morgellons is an electrical entity that was created using nanotechnology for the purpose of culling the human herd, and for other nefarious purposes, however we are not powerless to protect ourselves via detoxification! There are numerous non toxic natural methods of addressing it via such detoxifying substances as organic sulfur which is a mineral that MUST exit the body, and which has 16 electrons in its outer shell so it is IDEAL for forming chemical compounds with heavy metals and chelating them from the body, as well as pulsed electromagnetic fields!! I have been writing, publicly about preventing Morgellons via detoxifcation for a long time and you can see my archived e-alerts here
 I first began to realize the dangers of Morgellons disease when I became aware that a document that the Rockefellers don't want us to see had been LEAKED to the front page of the NASA website just prior to 911 that was YANKED less than an hour after being posted!
This document, titled ""Future Strategic Issues/ Future Warfare [ Circa 2025 ]" was generated by NASA's lead scientist Dennis M. Bushnell, and you see the whole NASA slideshow HERE!  And  here!!  you can see what I wrote about this nearly 2 years ago!
(See the entire NASA slide show HERE!!
Especially take a very close look at slide # 43 which reads as follows:
A mechanical analog to Bio, Micron sized mechanized "dust" which is distributed as an aerosol and inhaled into the lungs. Dust mechanically bores into lung tissue and executes various "Patholotical Missions."A wholly  "New" class of Weaponry which is legal.
On slide 9 they've announced that humans have "gotten in the way" of evolution, which they clearly feel must give way to cyborgs and robots, artificial intelligence.
On slide 13 they show what they consider to be the "ages of man" and the direction they're trying to "tweak" things via their clear efforts to exterminate us (!!) (See the Georgia Guidestones where they tell us this in an incredibly arrogant way, carving their message to the world into solid granite!)
On slide 45 they announce their intention to use beam weapons (scalar waves such as HAARP) against us. (We are now officially "the enemy" of these evil ruling elite Plutocrats who are very openly seeking to exterminate us via chemtrails, and beam weapons, all of which are discussed in this NASA slide show.) They announce their intentions of using specific electromagnetic pulsed frequencies to control our minds and bodies to jam our immune systems to weaken, kill and enslave us. "Smart Meters" are clearly part of this extermination campaign.
On Slide 66 they chillingly announce the "Increasingly critical human limitations and downsides" clearly showing that we must "give way" to the intelligent robots which will develop the ability to reproduce themselves.
On slide 99 they presage 911 by chillingly announcing that we would observe "the capture, torture, and killing of Americans in living color on prime time TV...."
1. If you have full blown Morgellons where you have the colored fibers coming out of your skin and the horrible itching skin lesions the way Joni Mitchell does, if you are suffering from man made insects crawling around under your skin, laying eggs inside your body, if you are suffering from horrible itching and severe depression the way Joni is.... get in touch with Michael Chapala who has CURED HIMSELF of Morgellons via a 10,000 Watt Pulsar, strategically placed Magnets, and other methods discussed on his very useful website!
2. Please join me in calling Chapala's brilliant discoveries with the
Charles E. Holman Morgellon's Disease Foundation  (Contact the Foundation via the web form on their site as I have! Maybe if enough of us ask them to, they will give Michael Chapala a call! The more publicity Michael gets, the better we can protect him (and also myself) from the jackals.
I learned about this good Foundation which is HONESTLY examining Joni's illness and which provides numerous valuable peer reviewed articles about Morgellons that do NOT toe the CDC party line via a comment provided in the NY Times article discussed above! (Naturally two denigrating comments followed the GOOD comment, as the NY Times is dominated by Pharmaceutical Advertisers, so will always ATTEMPT to appear fair, while subtly spinning things in a consistently evil way.)
3. Revisit this previous alert of mine which has a TON of valuable information to help you DETOXIFY your bowels, your liver/gallbladder, your kidneys, and your blood!! By thorougly cleansing all of your organs of elimination, you can not only protect yourself from MORGELLONS, but also from ANY DISEASE!!
4. I just ordered 50 more 25 Kilo Drums of the world's BEST Organic Sulfur because I am reaching out to several alternative medical trade associations to enlist their aid in setting up more wholesale accounts with their practitioners, people like biological dentists who remove mercury, naturopaths, orthomolecular M.D.s, Chiropractors, Bodyworkers, and others....
If you are interested in helping me detoxify everyone around you so they won't be biologically chipped by the man made, electrical, Morgellons microorganism, if you think you'd be a good wholesaler, if you can make an investment in 50 or more pounds and have the ability to move it via a website, public speaking, radio shows, or some other means that you are prepared to discuss with me please contact me with your phone number and best time to call at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Toll Free North America (Pacific time, please don't wake me up!) or via 1-360-945-0352 H&W, or via jham@iahf.com
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