IAHF List: I really enjoyed being a guest on Clay Douglas "Free American" Revolution radio show on Monday. Clay is a marvelously entertaining outlaw biker, Vietnam Veteran, and constitutionalist who pulls no punches in his discussion of current events. He is a published author who has written many great books exposing the NWO.
I've never had more freedom of speech on a radio show than I did on this one because the whole show is supported solely by advertising on Clay's website so no one can censor him or his guests, and theres no commercial interruptions during the two hour show that mess up your train of thought! 
We touched on numerous anti NWO topics including chemtrails, UN Agenda 21, Codex, alternative medicine, false flag events such as the Boston Marathon Bombing, and others. This was a true Libertarian show with no topic off limits! 
The audio was a little rough at the beginning and there were a few technical glitches, but as the show went on it got smoother. You can hear the audio file here.  You can view the youtube showing Clay as he interviewed me here. I hope to do this show again soon because it was fun! Clay expressed an interest in wholesaling my sulfur, so I sent him a free pound. (more on how you can become a wholesaler below if you're interested!)

* One caveat about using this wireless APP, I plan on using it, albeit sparingly, but I will network via the website. This article Chemtrails, Wireless & You explains why I won't use it more than sparingly. I try to make very seldom use of my cell phone (as little as possible) due to the huge dangers of microwaves...
Senators and Congressmen have families too, and we need to awaken them to the danger we're all in from the massive biological assault we're all under! Please help me awaken them, and give your Senator and Congressmen some free sulfur, the antidote!
If it makes YOU feel good to send photos of chemtrails from your cell phone to your corporately controlled whore elected officials in conjunction with venting your spleen in the direction of the smarmy bastards, go for it!! The APP is FREE!!
Although I love the thought of our Congress whores being swamped with emailed chemtrail photos from this app along with demands they stop the chemtrails, I think it makes far more sense to get armed and start taking target practice than to get this APP, because its clear to me that the Boston Marathon Bombing was just another False Flag staged event intended to strip us of our civil liberties and to get us accustomed to gigantic man hunts and a massive military/ police presence on the streets of America.
I realize some of you might think I'm stark raving nuts to say this, but don't take my word for it, I think Ken Adachi of the website "Educate Yourself" is onto something, please go to the link above with an open mind and review the photos and commentary by professional EMTs before you conclude that I'm "one piece short of a loaf." Theres fire engine red so called "blood" on the street, and a slew of other indicators that the "bombing" was staged with "injured" actors, and that patsies got chased... Make no mistake- the Boston Marathon Bombing was just as elaborate a scam as 911 was, and both were intended to manufacture consent for the stripping of our civil liberties....
Ex marine, and Iraqui war vet Adam Kokesh, host of "Adam v the Man" radio show is organizing an armed march on Washington for July 4th. I sure hope the Feds don't use agent provacateurs (a la Boston Marathon bombing) to sabotage his march and trigger nationwide martial law from it, but I really admire his courage! Please see this interview Alex Jones just did with him here. 
See Adam responding to a critic regarding the planned July 4th armed March on Washington here in his latest broadcast. 
Adam is hoping the DC police will stand down and honor their oaths. I hope they do too because the Supreme Court has already ruled that DC's gunlaws are unconstitutional. Adam emphasizes that all armed marchers will carry rifles and shotguns on a sling over their backs. They won't have their hands on a trigger. Please join me in praying for these brave patriots.
Adam hopes a large contingent of unarmed people will bring up the rear of his march to show solidarity, but he might have so many armed people that there won't be room for them. Please forward this alert to spread the word that this peaceful revolution against the communist Obamination and his NWO string pullers is in the works....
It makes a lot of sense to stock up on Sulfur now, because I am going to move offshore at some point and when I do, you won't be able to get this stuff anymore unless I can find someone to take over my sulfur business.
Although I think that will happen, something could always go wrong and I might have to shut it down.... Best advice I can give all of you now is to invest in 10 lbs in order to get 2 lbs free, and get free shipping by sending $320. via the IAHF paypal link which is what I use for offshore orders and wholesale orders. We could be just weeks away from national martial law....
Remember- sulfur makes all women more beautiful, and all men smarter and more leacherous! Women love it because its great for the hair, skin and nails! Men love it because of all the energy it gives us by opening up cell membranes allowing massive quantities of oxygen to flood into the cells! Endurance athletes of both sexes swear by it because it helps prevent lactic acid buildup so you stay out of oxygen debt for better athletic performances!
Allergy sufferers swear by it, and so do people with arthritis, depression, Alzheimer's and cancer! No mineral has a bigger positive impact on our health than sulfur, and if we could get enough people taking it, we could END WAR on planet earth because it helps us stay so calm and grounded by neutralizing acid caused by stress thats dumped into the small intestine!
It will jack your libido into the stratosphere, helping us to overcome the lowering of sperm counts being caused by chemtrails, microwaves, and estrogen causing plastics in our environment. In my last alert I said some very controversial things about the Gay Agenda which is now targetting our schools and even the Boy Scouts of America for indoctrination/population control purposes.
(Parenthetically, I should mention that I once worked on a congressional campaign for a guy in LA named Mark Robbins. Mark was an openly gay candidate running against Henry Waxman, who is a total pharma whore. Mark would have made a good congressman because he was a fiscal conservative and libertarian, so I never held his sexual preferance against him. I have absolutely nothing against gay individuals as long as they keep their agenda out of our schools, and out of the scouts. NAMBLA would love to work their pedophile agenda via some scoutmasters but it wouldn't help our kids any.
This Agenda is very much a part of UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control. Obviously, the more gay people, the fewer babies will be born. 8 politically correct people (more people than I've ever lost at one time) unsubbed from the IAHF list because I dared to take on this topic which Clay and I also discussed on his radio show. (See the you tube of our show here, showing Clay on the air with me.)
Even Doug Baldwin, my computer guy who was able to modem into my computer remotely to solve problems got so angry that he issued an ultimatum, demanding a public retraction for sending out my "politically incorrect" message in my last alert because he is gay. I tried to reason with Doug, telling him I don't hate him (or anyone) due to their sexual preference (and I really don't, I wasn't just saying that to him), but I just can't ignore the fact that Albert Pike, (1809-1891) the freemason, was a Gay satanist and globalist, and the freemasons are clearly very much in sync with the UN's eugenics plans as expressed via UN Agenda 21
I just can't ignore the fact that the UN has an alter to satan directly inside their HQ that was paid for by the Rockefeller family, and by the Lucifer Trust, which changed their name to the "Lucis" trust in an effort to disguise their intentions....
I told all of you how I was recently TRESPASSED by the Whatcom County Sheriff's Department from Trinity Lutheran Church, an apostate 501 c-3 Marxist Social Club chock full of Obamatrons who decided they hated my guts because I insisted on a congregation wide meeting to discuss the fact that they're engaging in rampant idolatry and apostasy since you really aren't welcome in that congregation unless you are willing to worship the Obamination as if he were the second coming, and unless you revere the UN, and support UN Gun Control especially.
Well I told all the pastors in this church that they are satanists because they revere an organization that contains a well documented alter to satan directly inside its HQ in NYC, and they got so angry they held a kangaroo court when I was not present to speak up for myself, and they threw me out!
Naturally this "church" loves the Gay agenda, refuses to examine the UN's involvement with eugenics and they especially ignore the fact that UN Agenda 21 calls all world religions "unsustainable" as they seek to impose GAIA worship on the planet....
I just wrote a kick ass letter to our local paper, the All Point Bulletin, about my very Orwellian experience with this church which I call "The APA Marxist Social Club" and I'm trying to keep the Sheriff's department from smearing me in their police blotter since massive false witness has been born against me by members of this theoretical "church".
(I wasn't surprised to learn, upon my removal, that ELCA, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America's head Bishop, Mark Hanson, was put through the Rockefeller funded "Union theological seminary" as a "Rockefeller fellow". That means he's a communist and a globalist, dedicated to the destruction of the US Constitution and to the sabotage of Christianity via ecumenicalism- via a blending of the world's religions in order to destroy them all so that Gaia worship and the microchipping of the populace will ensue.
I have zero respect for any group that uses "political correctness" as a weapon to stifle freedom of speech. Gays and Obamatrons and Luthies are very quick to use this weapon, clearly displaying no respect for our God given unalienable RIGHT to freedom of speech. So now I don't have a computer tech support guy anymore to solve glitches by modeming in from Florida to help me out. If any of you can help me this way, please let me know because Doug flipped me the bird over this.
If any of you can donate $ to IAHF to help me get offshore and out of harms way, and to help me pay off back property taxes, it would really help a lot because I am on the red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law and I really need to get offshore, I have a safe place offshore, but I need to sell my house which I've been repairing, and I need money for that, please BUY SULFUR  and if you can, please DONATE to IAHF, and if you lack the ability to donate, I really understand, but maybe you can call some friends or family members or co-workers and urge them to join the FREE IAHF email distribution list at this link and let them know that I NEVER cave into any coercive NWO agendas, that I am risking my life for their freedom and deserve wider support!
Please urge friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc to sign on to the FREE IAHF email distribution list here!
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Everyone is deficient in sulfur and its our best protection against heavy metals being sprayed by chemtrails because it has 12 electrons and protons in its outer shell, so theres very few things it won't combine with!
Since its a mineral that cannot be stored in the body, it MUST exit! It doesn't enter the cells, what it does it make them more porous, so oxygen can enter and PUSH OUT the toxic aluminum, barium, strontium, arsenic, etc and forms a SULFATE of all of them, then CHELATES them so we don't get Alzheimers, Cancer, Morgellons etc!! If you qualify for a wholesale account, please email your phone # and good time to talk at jham@iahf.com or call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time
Questions? 1-800-333-2553 H&W unless you want to give me flack for being politically incorrect, because I have no patience for those who have no respect for our first amendment God given unalienable RIGHT to freedom of speech!
If you appreciate my efforts to oppose the Obamatronic commies and buggering UN lovin' eugenicists, and just want to donate, you can via this link where you can also order 10 lbs of sulfur at the discounted price of $32/ lb ($320 for 10 lbs, FREE shipping!) if you just want to donate though, please stipulate that.
I use the IAHF paypal link pal link for international orders and for 10 lb wholesale orders all the time, so don't be put off by the word "donation" on the paypal button, and don't be put off by the disclaimer above the link that paypal forced me to put there- they started acting like tools of the damn government about a year ago.... If you'd rather send a money or a check by snail mail you can to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA, if you are outside the USA and need a shipping quote on sulfur, please email me at jham@iahf.com or go here to this US Postal Service site and figure it out yourself.