Media Release
Tuesday June 5th 2018
Advocates say yesterday's US Supreme Court decision upholding a baker's refusal to decorate a wedding cake for a same-sex couple has little bearing on the Australian religious freedom debate.
Just.equal spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said,
"The US decision was based on the narrow ground that the Colorado tribunal that originally found the baker had discriminated was biased against him."
"The Supreme Court failed to address the key question of whether religious freedom should trump the principle of anti-discrimination."
"Indeed, the Supreme Court made strong statements in favour of LGBTI equality and dignity."
"There is nothing in this decision which should bring joy to that tiny minority of Australians who want the right to treat LGBTI people differently."
Malcolm Turnbull's office is sitting on a report about religious freedom from a panel chaired by Philip Ruddock.
Mr Croome called on the Prime Minister to release the report.
"The Ruddock report has a direct bearing on the lives and rights of LGBTI Australians and we should be able to see what has been recommended."
A recent YouGov / Galaxy poll found an overwhelming majority of Australians oppose discrimination against LGBTI people in the name of religion.
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