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November 2022
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The world is moving fast and while many countries undergo constant change, we are glad to continue presenting you news about our projects, study travels and matchmaking initiatives to and from the Netherlands.
This newsletter contains information about our Horti and Dairy projects in India. 
Also we’re excited to tell you more about our new project in the Palestinian Territories, which focuses on the value chain of olives. And then there’s the one-month study travel to the Netherlands by a group of Korean students. 
We hope to welcome you to the Netherlands soon or meet up with you in your own country!  
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List arrow   Climate-proof and circular dairy farming in India
List arrow   Indian greenhouse farming - which regios to focus?
List arrow   Korean students visit Dutch greenhouse horticulture for a month
List arrow   Succesful demos of CowSignals® training in three Indian states
List arrow   Lur Berri cooperative from France studies Dutch agri-cooperatives
Registration open for practical training "Greenhouse Vegetable Cultivation"
HollandDoor is initiating a practical greenhouse vegetable cultivation training titled “The Eye of the Grower”. It targets on those who want to expand their theoretical and practical cultivation knowledge and want to get a better understanding of the principles of optimizing greenhouse vegetable production.
This training is scheduled from March 26th – April 2st 2023, which equals with the start of production season in the Netherlands. For more information and registration click here.
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Innovating the value chain of Palestinian olives
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HollandDoor launched the inception phase of a new multi-year project in the olive oil sector in the Palestinian Territories. HollandDoor is leading a consortium of Palestinian and Dutch partners in this value chain development project in the Northern Governorates of the West Bank in the Palestinian Territories. Inception missions took place in July and October 2022 and included deep analyses of current value chain practices and recommendations for improvement.
The implementation phase is scheduled to start in early 2023 and will continue until 2026. During that phase, the project intends to add value in the olive sector by achieving higher profitability for farmers, millers and the marketing company Mount of Green Olives (MGO). The project offers training, consultations and investments in new technologies to reduce gaps in production and productivity, raise the quality of the olive oil, reduce losses and strengthen key stakeholders cooperation. 
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Climate-proof and circular dairy farming in India
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In the “Climate-proof and circular dairy farming in India” project, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences (VHL) joined forces with HollandDoor to investigate how Dutch organizations and companies can meet the request for demand for sustainable development in India’s dairy sector. They also investigated how Dutch knowledge on the energy transition can be exported and how new knowledge can be developed jointly with regional Indian partners. In addition, a new partnership for follow-up research and business development was proposed in October 2022.
VHL collected and analyzed information on how dairy value chains in the Baramati/Pune region are progressing towards circularity and climate resilience. The recommendation for the Baramati/Pune regio is to use the dairy cow management approach of CowSignals®. The introduction of data recording and dairy farm management tools are also an option but only if supported by the training of farmers. The recently opened Centre of Excellence in Dairy in Baramati can play an important role in this.
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Indian greenhouse farming – which regios to focus?
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On request of the Agricultural Department of the Dutch Embassy in New Delhi, HollandDoor developed an infographic focusing on greenhouse horticultural development trends in the various regions of India.
The team that worked on the survey, primarily Mr. Amit Patil, started by conducting a desk study to make comparisons, links and recalculations based on various data sources, such as the graphs published in the infographic, which were validated by in-depth interviews with various stakeholders in India.
This sector survey presents interesting findings for companies and institutes in India, the Netherlands and other countries to define strategies. Government agencies can use the survey to develop and implement programs and policies that can help to further expand protected cultivation in India.
For the full announcement and download of the infographic, click here
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Korean students visit Dutch greenhouse horticulture
for a month
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Chonnam National University (CNU) from South Korea asked HollandDoor to organize a 1-month tailor-made training event from mid-September to mid-October in the Netherlands for a group of 19 horticultural students, most of whom are planning to graduate soon. 
An intensive demand-driven program was designed and implemented by Mr. Gyu Hyeon Park of CNU and Mr. Niek Botden of HollandDoor. Where possible, the program was adapted to students’ changing preferences as the training progressed. During the 20 training days, the group attended 21 lectures and went on 27 field trips to various greenhouse companies (vegetables, herbs and floriculture), fruit & tree cultivation companies and various suppliers, research and education centers.
The students gave high scores for the training content and facilitation and returned home loaded with new knowledge and experiences, which will undoubtedly inspire them during their professional careers.
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Succesful demos of CowSignals® training in three Indian states
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Last month, after two years of online training, HollandDoor started giving on-site (live) CowSignals® training sessions in India. Several dairy organizations and companies were visited in three states: Punjab, Maharashtra and Karnataka.
Together with our dairy partners, we organized training activities and workshops on feeding, health, housing, reproduction, and milking for extension workers and board members. The dairy organizations and companies were impressed with the possibilities CowSignals® offered for improving health and reproduction on dairy farms. The most popular subjects were the longevity of dairy cows, the improvement of farm management and the sustainability of the dairy sector. There is also interest in special courses for local “Desi” cattle, such as Gir and Sahiwal breeds and even for workshops on buffalos.
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Lur Berri cooperative from France studies Dutch
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Sovat Agri Pass asked HollandDoor to organize a four-day study tour program in September for the Lur Berri Cooperative Group from the Bordeaux region of France.
The 10-person Lur Berri delegation consisted of young farmers and growers as well as members of the board of this large agri-cooperative. The study tour was part of a comprehensive internal management training program and involved potential future cooperative managers and directors.
The objective of the tour was to transfer knowledge and inspire the delegation with lessons learned in Dutch cooperatives and innovative farms in the dairy, arable farming and horticulture sectors – activities that Lur Berri is also involved in.
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