Chemtrails at Sunset + HAARP Microwave Antennas = Weather Modification + Genocide.... Person's Hand Shows Morgellons Disease
IAHF List:
To be certain you never have head lesions from Morgellons disease like this guy in the photo below, don't you think it would be damn good idea to buy 10 pounds of sulfur at the discounted rate of $32/ lb so you can also get free shipping and be flushing toxins out of your liver, kidneys,and cells at all times? Morgellons causes chronic pain and makes you feel like you're on fire with chronic burning and itching that is pure hell! You don't want it! 

Do yourself a favor and chelate all the toxic heavy metals and other crap being sprayed on us by chemtrails so you can flush it out of your body so you don't get Alzheimers, cancer, Morgellons, mental illness, Asthma, allergies or other illnesses intended to kill and cripple you so the NWO swine can have this planet to themselves.
You can save $80 off the usual price, plus get free shipping if you buy your 10 lbs for the bargain price of just $320. at this link. Or, you can get 1-4 lbs for $40./ lb at this link where you can also sign up for autoshipping each month if you should elect to do that.
A disabled person who is living on a shoestring budget and who can't afford sulfur emailed me yesterday wishing she could afford to buy sulfur. I told her I'd give her free sulfur for a couple of referrals to family members, and friends. I'll extend this offer to all of you. Have your friends buy from me and use your name if you can't afford to buy sulfur and I'll work with you.

I don't want any of you on the IAHF list getting Morgellons disease like the man with the sores all over his hand in the photo above has, yet this and worse could happen to any of us with all the crap being sprayed on us by chemtrails.
Take a close look at the full list of crap being sprayed on us in the left margin of this site if you aren't already aware. Have a look at all these photos and other information about Morgellons disease and ask yourself if you are doing enough to properly detox and to build and strengten your immune system.... especially ask these questions if you do a lot of cycling and running outdoors because your lungs are filling up with this crap and unless you take steps to protect yourself you could easily get very sick and even die from the toxins you're inhaling.
Wheatgrass, an amazing, easy to grow superfood, can absorb 92 of the known 103 minerals in the soil. Along with drinking sulfur water, drinking just 4 ounces of wheatgrass juice per day yields amazing health benefits, and I encourage all of you to do it along with me, you'll be glad you did!
I learned how to grow wheatgrass and other sprouted seeds via this DVD from Michael Berguzzi who used to run the greenhouse at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach FL, and who now works for the Raw Foods Institute in Simsbury CT.  His website is a valuable resource.
The cool thing about Wheatgrass is that it is the only edible plant that absorbs all 99 trace minerals, so it is incredibly nutrient dense! Drinking wheatgrass juice has helped men father kids into their 90s! It will definitly help anyone to detox chemtrails, see this about all the numerous benefits of drinking wheat grass juice!
I am incorporating Sea 90, the world's best fertiilzer containing all 90 trace minerals contained in ocean water, and the benefit of doing this is that my wheatgrass has a Brix reading of 18-20 which is extremely high! I learned about sea solids (minerals extracted from seawater to be used as fertilizer) by reading two amazing books that I wholeheartedly encourage all of you to read:
1. Sea Energy Agriculture by Maynard Murray MD (the man who pioneered this amazing agricultural breakthrough that could literally transform all of our health if we just used his ideas in our gardening!
2. Fertility from the Ocean Deep by Charles Walters, founder of Acres USA
All the chlorophyll in wheatgrass juice is antibacterial and will help kill the toxic microorganisms being sprayed on us in chemtrails. Drinking it gives you tons of energy along with sulfur! I have found that when I use both, I am able to get three times as much work done!
I am experimenting with hydroponics as well as soil grown veges using Sea 90 as fertilizer because I intend to become totally self sufficient in food production in one year. I urge you to do the same!
If you appreciate this alert, and can help IAHF towards the goal expressed in the previous alert of building a healing clinic, please make your most generous donation via this link!
We will grow and juice wheatgrass in our clinic, and we'll grow all our own vegetables and fruits using Sea 90 for fertilizer and we'll check the Brix levels of our fruits and veges to make sure we have only the highest possible nutrient contents in our soil!
Please watch this documentary film "War on Health" produced by Gary Null. IAHF endorses the entire message of the film, but does NOT endorse all the PEOPLE in the film because we feel that despite their appearance in this film, some of them appear to be gatekeepers and controlled opposition, especially blocking the public from understanding the importance of this Canadian lawsuit which people in the US And Canada must support, or else health freedom all over North America will be destroyed via the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.
In the days ahead IAHF intends to use these issues as a litmus test to once again probe the health freedom movement in an effort to separate the wheat from the chaff in order to see who is and isn't truly defending health freedom. A very good test of a health freedom group is whether or not they'll support this Canadian lawsuit and wheather or not they'll help push for Congressional oversight on the FDA's illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter via which they've already created one harmonized set of food and drug regs for Canada, the US and Mexico as if the CFR's long desire to force us into a North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship were a done deal.

After deleting the unsub link at the bottom of this page, Please forward this alert and encourage more people to sign on to the IAHF list and to buy sulfur at Sulfur for Health!