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May 2021
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Our clients and our team are still dealing with the impact of Covid-19. Last year’s exceptional circumstances had an effect on our services and the way we conduct our courses, but we did everything we could to ensure our programs could continue. In fact, a few team members have recently started traveling abroad again.
We expect travel opportunities to open up later this year. We hope to meet you in person from then, either via our study tours and courses in the Netherlands or via our programs in your own country.
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List arrow   Indonesia: Strengthen students' entrepreneurial skills
List arrow   Benin: Livestock training for schools as part of OKP project
List arrow   Sri Lanka: Sustainable feed and waste management training
List arrow   Egypt: Working on climate-smart agriculture solutions
List arrow   Iraq: Enhancing irrigation and climate-smart agriculture skills 
List arrow   Sri Lanka and India: Improve your dairy business

Indonesia: Strengthen students' entrepreneurial skills
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In our current program in the agrofood sector in Indonesia, we pay close attention to how teachers can stimulate students’ entrepreneurial skills. Series of workshops focus on analyzing developments, recognizing opportunities, developing sound business plans, and marketing and finance. 
The online workshops are conducted by HAS University and VHL teachers, who work alongside Master Trainers from Indonesia to create training programs for teachers.
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Benin: Livestock training for schools as part of OKP project
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Last year, HollandDoor began livestock training sessions for agricultural schools in Benin. The focus in the early months was on dairy farming and milk processing, so we organized online training sessions on CowSignals®, health, and feeding and milking dairy cattle. However, we also worked with a dairy company in Benin to organize in-person training sessions on milk processing. Topics such as health, Mastitis prevention, hygiene and milk quality are important parts of improving dairy farming in Benin.
In the coming months, we will focus on poultry farming, layers and broilers. Citaverde experts are working with four schools and some poultry farms near the schools to prepare these training sessions.
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Sri Lanka: Sustainable feed and waste management training

Last year, HollandDoor started the ‘Sustainable feed & waste management in the dairy sector’ course in Sri Lanka in collaboration with WellantCollege and Wageningen University & Research. We were able to carry out four in-person training sessions early last year.
At the time, there was little experience in Sri Lanka with online training. However we successfully converted the in-person sessions into online courses which were offered to a select group of entrepreneurs and dairy professionals. The participants make their own feed plan and receive an introduction to assessing their farm and cows. 
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Egypt: Working on climate-smart agriculture solutions

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‘Climate-smart agriculture and modern water management’ is a multiyear collaboration project between HollandDoor and Aeres University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR) and educational institutions in Egypt. We were able to conduct two on-site training and capacity-building missions in Egypt in December 2020 and March 2021. In the March 2021 mission, the use of sensor technology to optimize crop cultivation was explained and a practical day in the Rijk Zwaan Egypt field station was organized.
In the coming months, we plan to focus, among others, on (sub-)irrigation and drainage technologies, water reuse and harvesting, and adaptation and mitigation strategies to tackle the impact of droughts, salinization and extreme weather. 
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Iraq: Enhancing irrigation and climate-smart agriculture skills

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From May 24-27, the second edition of the Nuffic-funded course ‘Enhancing knowledge and skills of extension workers and farmers in efficient irrigation and climate-smart agriculture in Anbar Governorate Iraq’ was conducted in Erbil, Iraq.
The first course was held online in March. Several experts gave contributions on the selected topics climate-smart agriculture, precision farming and value chain development. The course in May focused on irrigation, hydroponics and best practices that contribute to sustainable agriculture in Anbar.

Sri Lanka and India: Improve your dairy business
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To strengthen the dairy sector, HollandDoor experts conducted lively online workshops last year in Sri Lanka and India. We used the program 'CowSignals® for health and housing' alongside our own feeding and milking courses. We hope to begin in-person workshops later this year.
‘As a trainer, I know the importance of explaining things in simple but convincing words to farmers. This course explains six basic principles of cow comfort in a very simple, easy-to-understand and convincing way. Many farmers are unaware of the relevance of these factors or they neglect them. I couldn't stop watching the course’s short videos one after the other. The topics are interesting, practical, relevant for day-to-day management and often inexpensive.’
Tarannum Kadarbhai, one of our participants
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