How Healthy Is Your Gut Flora?
(R) Sacromycees Boulardii is a good bacteria that helps push 
out undesirable Candida Albicans, and Helps Strengthen
Your Immune System.
By Using the Recipe in this Alert
You can Make Your Own Delicious Health Drink Rich in
Natural Probiotics which will help you have healthy gut flora.(See the table below showing numerous health conditions you can improve dramatically by doing this!)

By Also Drinking Sulfur water You can Oxygenate your gut,
Killing the pathogenic bacteria (such as Candida) while helping the good bacteria such
as Sacromycees Boulardii, Lactobacillus and others THRIVE, aided by making the health drink discussed below!!
Excerpts from Dr. Bruce Fife’s COCONUT WATER for health and healing
Lacto-Fermented Coconut water - a fizzy, slightly sweet and tangy beverage teeming with all the growth hormones, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from coconut water and teeming with healthful lactic acid producing probiotics.
Starter Culture - the initial batch you make will be the starter culture enough to make 2 or more quarts of lacto-fermented coconut water. You can continue using this by saving ½ cup (120 mL) of your initial batch to inoculate the next batch. Can re-use up to 6 – 7 times until you have to start over and make another initial batch.
475 mL (1 pint) distilled or filtered water
Fresh ginger w/ skin, approximately 1” long, thinly sliced
475 mL (1 pint) glass jar such as a Mason jar
8 tsp. white sugar
Cheese cloth or any cotton cloth
950 mL (1 quart) glass jar
 Fi1. Fill a 1 pint jar with distilled or filtered water. Do not use chlorinated water as chlorine will kill bacteria.
P 2. Place the thinly sliced fresh ginger with the skin into the water with 2 tsp. of white sugar. Stir. The skin contains lactic acid producing bacteria that will help develop the culture.
 C 3 .Cover the jar with the cheese cloth to prevent bugs and dust from entering the jar. Store in a dark location such as a cupboard.
 A  4. Allow the ginger-sugar water to ferment for 7 days. During those 7 days, stir in 1 tsp. of white sugar to feed the culture. During this time, the beverage will become bubbly and have a pleasant odor. If you notice some mold or funky colored growth, scoop it out and continue. As long as the mold is on the surface it’s okay, just remove and continue.
      5. After 7 days, take ½ cup (120 mL) and place in a 1 quart (950 mL) jar. Optional - add ¼ cup (60 mL) sugar (or other sweetener like coconut sugar, maple sugar, brown sugar, rice syrup) to help further feed the lactic-acid bacteria and give it a head start over the other alcohol producing yeasts. Fill the rest of the jar with fresh young coconut water.
6.  6.Cover tightly with a lid, resulting in more fizz because of trapped carbon dioxide gas produced during fermentation.
    7. Store the jar in a dark place and allow it to ferment for 2-5 days. If room temperature reaches 21º C or 70º F, the beverage may be ready in 2 days. If you want it more tart, then continue fermenting up to 5 days. Once you have the desired taste, store in the refrigerator. The cold will dramatically slow down the fermentation process.

          ** Reserve about ½ cup (120 mL) of the previous batch to serve as your starter culture.
1     If you aren’t going to keep making this for some time, you can keep your starter culture in the refrigerator for several weeks and sometimes up to months. Just remember to feed the bacteria with 1 Tablespoon of sugar added weekly. Otherwise, just make a new starter culture and repeat the above procedure.

8.     Drink and enjoy!
B  By also drinking sulfur water twice a day, you will be able to get the oxygen into your cells that will kill the pathogenic bacteria such as candida that you don't want in your gut as you repopulate it with good bacteria from this homemade probiotic tonic!
    By drinking sulfur water twice a day you can also address all the health issues discussed in this previous alert!  (We can drive Big Pharma totally out of business, and you will be able to get off damn near every Rx drug you can name if you jump to this previous alert, learn from it, while also making the probiotic tonic discussed above!!
(   (I can't emphasize the value of the info in this alert enough! The biggest missing piece in my own personal health jigsaw puzzle was to heal and seal my leaky gut by taking probiotics, by making homemade probiotics,and by making dietary changes to eliminate sugar and fast acting carbs. Its important to realize that the sugar in the recipe above is digested by the good bacteria  in the tonic you're making so it does not enter your body when you drink this health tonic!
    If you want to go beyond the info provided here, please read Gut and Psychology Syndrome Syndrome by Natascha Campbell McBride, MD Her book changed my life! Candida (which is fed by sugar and fast acting carbs) is an opportunistic yeast that will take over your small intestine to create a very damaging chemical factory in your gut that you MUST get under control if you want to enjoy good health and steer clear of doctors and hospitals!!
    You must kill your candida by starving it of sugar, by making dietary changes, and by repopulating your gut with the good bacteria you can manufacture by drinking the health tonic discussed above and by using probiotic supplements.
    Candida rips microscopic holes in the walls of your small intestine, allowing undigested food particles, some of which are neurotoxic, to escape into your blood and brain! This can cause a SLEW of serious health problems shown in the chart above, and more!!
    I eliminated my depression and brain fog by utilizing this information! Dr. McBride cured her son of autism by utilizing it and she figured out a cure for a slew of different serious health conditions in the process! So by all means read her book!!
    And drink sulfur water to pump the oxygen into your cells that you'll need along with probiotics to kill off the pathogenic bacteria that you're trying to replace with good, healthy gut flora!!