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    Januari 2023
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HollandDoor is celebrating its 10th anniversary!
What started 10 years ago as a start-up founded by three enthusiastic agro-food experts, has now grown into a solid capacity builder, study tour provider and business matchmaker for many agricultural organizations all over the world.
In this newsletter, we look back on those first ten years, but also to the future.
The HollandDoor story started 10 years ago
Ten years ago, it was already well-known that there was a growing demand for affordable, healthy, sustainably grown agricultural products. Many public and private organizations were looking for expertise in the Netherlands that could help them optimize efficiency in sustainable food production and food chains.
Our founders’ background in the Dutch agricultural sector enabled them to launch a cooperative to assist international organizations working in agro-business with (practical) knowledge, expertise, and network building. Starting with experts in horticulture, our team grew over the years, as did our expertise and network in animal husbandry and arable farming. We are happy and proud to announce the addition of a new member to our team and sector in this newsletter: Marian Peters specializes in insects as a source for nutrition in animal feed and human consumption.
Over the years, we have worked on more than 400 projects in more than 45 countries, for public and private clients alike. Our projects were not only carried out by our own team members but also in collaboration with experts and companies in our network. 
We would like to use this newsletter to thank all our partners who put their trust and confidence in us.
On behalf of our team, I wish everyone a prosperous 2023 and look forward to the next 10 years.
Engelie Beenen
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 The HollandDoor team
The HollandDoor team has grown in size and depth since the three founders Niek Botden, Engelie Beenen and Jos Leeters established the cooperative in 2013. Combining and complementing each other's strengths in a versatile team has been our aim from the outset. That’s why we welcomed Geerten van der Lugt and Ruud Pothoven in 2014, Ad Merks in 2016, Lisanne Oskam in 2017, Maarten Heijne in 2019 and, most recently, Marian Peters. They work together within a cooperative structure, based on membership. Learn more about our current members and individual capacities here.
HollandDoor’s team members cover a wide range of expertise in the agro and food domain, and some of us are certified trainers for CowSignals©. In addition, we always partner with different organizations and individuals to provide the best possible expertise for our clients. For example, HollandDoor collaborates frequently with many Dutch educational institutions (from the vocational to the academic level), offering training or train-the-trainer programs. 
The global agro and food sectors are always in transition. That’s why we must constantly change as well. You can expect continuous renewal and growth in our team in the coming years.
 New team member: Marian Peters
Insects are excellent bio-converters, able to quickly and efficiently transform large quantities of organic substrates into biomass rich in proteins, lipids, and chitin as an ingredient for feed and food. Also, the residual stream from rearing insects has great potential for increasing soil fertilization and health.
In 2007, the Netherlands was the first Western country to sell edible insects in supermarkets. Marian Peters pioneered the first project to bring edible insects to Dutch consumers in collaboration with the Laboratory of Entomology at Wageningen University & Research.
Marian obtained her bachelor’s degree in Home Economics at Wageningen University & Research with a  master in Business Creation in Food and Health. She has a background in labor market, rural and agricultural innovation policy, and is experienced in setting up (youth) employment projects. She is internationally experienced in giving training in practical insect rearing.
We extend Marian a warm welcome as a new member of HollandDoor. Her expertise in this new field will broaden and enrich our services.
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  Ten years HollandDoor 
 Clients from all over the world
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 Our future in a changing world
In the beginning of this new year, we want to focus on the continuously developing agro (food) chain and our future role in it. During our ten years of existence, the pressure on ecology and the need for efficient and transparent agro chains has grown to meet the needs of a growing global population. Also our commitment is boosted to advance the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and empower producers and entrepreneurs with the necessary expertise and skills to ensure a sustainable future with good prospects and a fair income for all.
Whereas we initially focused mainly on horticulture, we have grown into a knowledge partner in various sectors, such as arable farming, animal husbandry, poultry, and now also insects. In the coming years, we will continue to rely not only on our flexible and enthusiastic team of dedicated members but also on meaningful partnerships to successfully implement projects using the most appropriate expertise.
Our main services will continue to be capacity building, study tours, and business matchmaking. It is our ambition to expand into more regions, such as Africa and the Americas. Other initiatives in the pipeline are to further professionalize digital knowledge sharing (mostly in combination with activities on location) and to compensate for our own “footprint”.
It is challenging to inspire the younger generation to start a career in the agro-food sector. This is another challenge we hope to address in the coming years.
We invite you to meet us!
  Request for proposal
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