Post Typhoon Radiation Levels Sharply Elevated- North Americans in Serious Harm's Way: Protect Your Family & Simultaneously Assist The Victims of The Bohol Earthquake Here in the Philippines- 50% of Sales To Go Towards The Relief Effort, You Can Also Earmark a Donation Strictly To Help The Relief Effort, I'm in Manila Now- Going to Bohol on Friday
IAHF List: In my last alert sent on October 16th, I told you about the typhoon bearing down on Tokyo which was heading straight for Fukushima where the crippled TEPCO nuclear reactor is. I cancelled my flight to avoid having to change planes in Tokyo and booked a direct flight from Vancouver BC to Manila instead. This way I also avoid having to fly back thru Japan where TEPCO is still mindlessly threatening all life on planet earth via their mindless plan to remove the bent, mangled brittle spent fuel rods sometime in November.
I am not eager to return to North America and might not. After reading this new warning from Marc Sircus who warns us of 5000% increase in Post Typhoon Fukushima radiation I might stay here in the Philippines, not wanting to be downwind of Fukushima. Please read his thought provoking dire warning here. agree with his prediction that Fukushima radiation will kill millions world wide, and only those who make the best efforts to safeguard their health by detoxing with sulfur, iodine, and other preventive measures will survive it.
The moment Tess and I get off the plane in Tagbilaran, the Capital of the island of Bohol, we'll be escorted directly to the Governor's office by our friend Victor Labad who is directly involved with the Relief effort. Victor is friends with the Governor who has given him a list of the most impacted families, and he's been donating out of his own meager funds as well as any donations he can get to help them, sometimes going to great lengths to get into areas where roads are impassible around the town of Loon, (pronounced "Lu-anh") where the worst devastation occurred. Some houses disappeared completely collapsing into sinkholes. 300 year old churches made of limestone were left in ruins, the devastation in Bohol and Cebu is unimaginable.
We need donations for the most basic necessities, canned goods, vitamins, clothing, shelter. I contacted the Life Extension Foundation and Vitamin Angels- asking for donations of  vitamins. During monsoon season here theres a lot of standing water and  the risk of Dengue fever from mosquitoes is significant even in the best of times. Contaminated water is also a serious post earthquake threat.
Originally, we'd planned to go to Bohol just for a vacation, but Tess and I are Christians, and I used to be a Lifeguard and a Fireman. As a Naturopath, I can't put myself  in a place like this and turn a blind eye to  the suffering going on. Theres no way I could go to this place and strictly do tourist stuff. We want to pitch in to help as much as possible, so please help us do that!
Our friend Victor was born in Bahol and speaks fluent Visayan and Tagalog as well as excellent English (he  was in Florida  for 25 years and only returned to the Philippines this past year to start a coconut water business. Tess and I have a coconut sugar business, and we might relocate to Bohol, so that was one of our reasons for  wanting to go there originally. Tess was on TV here in Manila today where she was interviewed about her Food Buyer's Club through which she sells nutrient dense foods made from coconut flour and  her  coconut sugar. She will be devoting 10% of her sales towards the Bohol relief effort, and I will donate 50% of sulfur sales from the coming week to the relief effort, as well as 100% of any donations earmarked strictly for the relief effort.
We're asking you to please view the images from Bohol earthquake and try to imagine the suffering these people are enduring. Please read this article by  Marc Sircus  about the 5000% increase in Fukushima radiation in  the aftermath of  the typhoon that caused my flight  to Japan to be cancelled on October 16th. I predict that I will sell out of all 5 55 lb drums of sulfur  I had delivered after leaving on this trip.
Craig Jacks is handling all sulfur shipping while I am away, but right now, I am honestly not sure  if will be flying back in early November. I can run Sulfur for Health remotely if need be. I'll base my decision on whatever happens vis a vis radiation levels between now and then, I really don't want to be downwind of this vastly increased Fukushima radiation, but if I were, I sure as hell would NOT want to run  out of sulfur and I would definitely want to increase my dose to a tablespoon 3 x per day to protect from radiation. You can see the evidence from Pub  Med from this previous alert that sulfur will protect you from radiation. From this previous alert you can see that any time we fly in a plane, the radiation levels at high altitudes are off the charts!! I drank staggering quantities of sulfur during the whole nonstop flight from Vancouver BC to Manila and wasn't jetlagged at all upon arrival despite 15 hours in the air!
First thing I did upon arrival (after showering and  having breakfast) was to go to a meeting of the Philippine Oncology Assn where they also had goons from the Philippine FDA. The title of their forum was "Dietary Supplements Investigating the Claims" As you might imagine, these Nazi swine weren't too happy with what I had to say when I went up to the microphone to expose their outrageous lies! (This meeting was part of a huge pharmaceutical conference with a slew of drug company booths held in a lavish Hotel here in Manila.) The Lord works in mysterious ways!  Somehow we managed to elude the goons who attempted to follow us out of the Hotel...
So, Tess and I will be going to Bohol on Friday and we'll be there for 5 days. We will donate 100% of any donations earmarked for the earthquake relief effort,and 50% of all sulfur sales to the relief effort, so  please help us help these suffering people because next time it might be YOU in this predicament! Please pray for our safety, we're heading into a very dangerous disaster area where anything could happen to us.
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