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Going forth...

... from where Pawns ended.

No easy answers
In Going Forth as well as Pawns there is no easy answer to any of the main questions of human life after the break down of civilisation. No Hollywood-style action unfolds to save the world, no happy end is looming in a distant horizon. The fate of the protagonists is limited to what their world has to offer. Deprived of technology and civilisation they survive, and make a life worth living.

A read you don't want to miss this year, far away from the mainstream of simple entertainment, yet easy enough to read to be a page-turner.
Our former press release introducing Pawns:
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Clive Semmens's last novel, Pawns, is still new - and has attracted quite a bit of attention among those readers of independently published literature who like to experiment with new authors.   

A dystopian view on a different leg of the trousers of time, Pawns does not only deliver the intriguing story of its main characters. In a surprisingly factual, level-headed style Clive unfolds an apocalyptic scenario of intriguing realism.

The risks of a modern human society that sets its priorities wrong, the results of ecological ignorance and technological naivete are Clive's topic - and his background as a scientist and parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in South East Cambridgeshire shines through.

Going Forth follows the tracks of the survivors and their offspring. The story is set 34 years after the apocalypse of Pawns, an effort few writers undertake - thinking their vision of a different future to the end.
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