Wanna go on living in your Maya-world? ...

In India Maya means illusion. The "Mayan Master" questions the way he perceives the world that surrounds him and he has adapted as the only truth, because of how they told him since his education and formation. He begins with a little craziness, like an artist, to play with it. He becomes a "joker" of reality. ... Read more
... I remain with heart-timely greetings, Pascal K'in

Frequency 2013 - spiritual journey in Mexico
Who is first?
Last 3 seats available with 10% reduction!
Benefit: Acelerates your spiritual development, because being in these temples is like meditating several months. I help you to feel at home in a broader reality that is more than the "maya-reality" of illusion. You will get earthy everyday-tools that will you make strong, self-secure and happy in life. So you can again be that creator of your destiny and your projects...
Book now with 10% reduction the ultimate Mayatrip with Shamans, Ceremonies, Ritual Bathes in Cenotes, Pyramid-Meditations.  
Foto: Ritual in Palenque, Mexico
Tour A: 30.12.2012 -5.1.2013
Tour B: 5.1.2013-13.1.2013                            More info (and with Pdf to download and forward to your friends, thank you for your support!)

If you are a coordinator and want us to visit your city or centre, you can still contact us.
We are preparing our next Tours to Europe:
probably Dec. 2012 and Spring 2013
Meanwhile many thanks again to all the participants and coordinators of wonderfull Spring-tour 2012. Here to surf and enjoy some links to fotos and videos you might not have seen yet.
Wisdom by participants videos: Babcice Shamanic Heartbeat
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For our Czech and Slovak friends:
Praha Katedrála / Prague Cathedral: video English / Cesky
Events 2012:
We changed the English Event-Calendar. You have now listed all the Retreat-dates of 2012 for
Malinalco so you can better plan and book your flight now! 
The next retreat is from 24-26 August 2012:

"The Mayan-Warrior knows, when is the right moment for recollection and waiting, and when for Action."

It will be a pleasure to help you planing your journey, no problem!

Babcice, Shamanic Heartbeat 2012
I don't like to say "testimonials" anymore, what people share in or after the workshops is real participants' wisdom.
Distance does not matter:
Online-Sessions per skype or phone: Coaching, Mastercontact, Healing.
only few days more for 50%!!!!!!!

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