Hello Friends,
We're super excited to serve up dozens of education programs, supporting artists and schools throughout New York City's 5 Boroughs!

Our #GivingTuesday Campaign enables it all and we're so grateful to our Board who is offering matching support along with some really fun perks. Then on December 1st, we open registration for 10,000 dancers to shine in the 2023 Parade and Festival happening next May.

Stay tuned - Lots of dance & culture is coming your way!

Greg Miller
Executive Director
Dance Parade New York
(267) 350-9213

Our Charitable Work to ENGAGE COMMUNITY

For more info, watch our overview video or download a brochure. To get a program going in your school, contact Carlye@danceparade.org

Since 2008, Dance Parade's Community Engagement Programs have brought unique dance opportunities to schools and community centers throughout New York City.

Each May students join Dance Parade and perform on stage at DanceFest in the exciting conclusion of their programs.

Join the Generosity Movement - This year's #GivingTuesday is November 29th!

This year Dance Parade is createing two dozen education programs in schools through out New York City.

Our Board of Directors along with Facebook are tripling ever dollar donated in a 3:1 match to ensure that over 1500 students receive quality dance education and creates memories to last a lifetime.
Check out our campaign and the perks offered to our supporters!

Relive Dance Parade: 2022's biggest Dance Event!
10,000 Dancers Showcased 102 Styles of Dance
Photography by Scott Lynch for Gothamist

P.U.S.H. Kids (Hip-Hop, Street Jazz)
Moksha Arts (Indian Classical Dance)
KaisokahA Caribbean Carnival
Director of the NYC Office of Nightlife Ariel Palitz on the Vinyl Nights Float

Kids Breaking League tribute to Gabriel Kutik
House Coalition
Bolivian San Simon Carporales Dancers

P.S. 056 Lewis H. Latimer School Dancers - A Community Engagement Program
USA Irish Alliance (Irish Step)
Flex Dance Program (Flex'n)

Glassdolls and ToySoldiers (Majorette/Modern dance)

Dancer Dreamzzz (Mambo/Salsa)
Batalá New York (Afro-Brazilian Percussion and Dance)

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