Dear readers of the New Time,
Finally some News from Mexico!
This is an invitation for people with quick decision:
Trip to Aztlan and the 7 Luminarias
July 13-21, 2013 
Connect with the heart and origin of Mexico, from where the Nahua-people started to found Tenochtitlan (today Mexico-City).
Relax and enlighten yourself in the most magic zone of Latin America: the 7 volcanoes "Luminarias" with their legends and higher realities. 
This trip is for those who want to know why the AWAKENING OF HUMANITY HAS ITS HEART IN MEXICO. For those who want to learn from the proto-Mayas, Mother-Earth and the bigger brothers of the other star systems.
Return enriched back to Europe and US, relaxed, in deep peace with yourself!
It will be a deep pleasure to accompany you into this  
mysteries kept secret until now.
With heart-timely greetings, Pascal and Victorina
We visit three pyramids/temples of the ancestors of the Aztecs, magical mountains (Aztlán/Intraterrestrials), old wisdoms keepers ("contacted") and shamans (with the possibility of a individual session) and much more. (Photo: 7 Luminarias resembling the constellation of the Great Bear).
Unfortunately, the trip description is available only in Spanish,
clic here. Please activate an online translator or write me, I'm happy to help you, including to plan your trip: The price of $ 950 includes everything (hotel, entrance fees, bus every 8 days, tour guide; without meals and without your Arrival/departure to/from Salamanca).
Meeting point for the journey is the beautiful city of Salamanca, in the state of Guanajuato. You fly over to Mexico City and take the super comfortable bus to Celaya (4 hours), change there to Salamanca (40 min). I recommend that you at least land in Mexico Friday, 12 of July. Or you fly from Mexico City to Guanajuato (International Airport), and from there a taxi to Salamanca (1.5 hs / max. USD $ 50).
Testimony of our last journey to the Mayas:
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