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December 2018
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The many new and ongoing projects which are described in this newsletter,  give you an overview of what we are doing and what you can expect from us. 
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Change of address

  As of October 1, 2018 we have moved to Wageningen, the agricultural capital of the world!
  Our new address is:
  Agro Business Park 22
  6708 PW Wageningen
  The Netherlands
  All our other contact details have remained the same.
Training-of-Trainer project successfully started at CoE Baramati, India
In June HollandDoor received funding from the Dutch government for the organization of a three-year program for the Center of Excellence (CoE) for vegetable production in Baramati, India. This project just started and has the following components:
  • Training of Trainer: two core trainer teams – one team on greenhouse cultivation and one team on value chain management – receive extensive training, after which they will train various farmers groups. In October a 3-day kick-off session was organized and in November the first 5-day intensive training took place.
  • Initiation of a “Maharashtra Horti Knowledge and Innovation Platform”. Boardroom officials from the public and private sectors will jointly discuss and prioritize needed horti-sector innovations. In October the first successful meeting of the MHKIP took place.
  • PMC Innovations: research and development of new Product-Market-Combinations with the assistance of students of Indian and Dutch knowledge institutiones. Read more...
AgroTie, a new center of horticultural expertise in Bangalore, India
After a long period of preparation, the construction of an innovative practical training and service center for the horticultural sector in Bangalore, India, is on its way.
This training and service center, called AgroTie, is a private sector initiative, with the clear mission to strengthen the economical perspective of farmers and rural communities in Karnataka. AgroTie will offer inspiration, innovation and ecological and financial improvements for these rural communities by, amongst others, disseminating knowledge, practical skills and advice.
HollandDoor recently started to train the newly recruited staff of AgroTie. The staff of the company AgroStar also participates in this program. Nuffic, AgroTie and AgroStar fund the program.
Several aspects of greenhouse cultivation will be covered during this multiple-week training course. Read more...
Training the staff of Colombian companies and the University
At the Utadeo Agricultural University near Bogota, Colombia, a demonstration project called "Horticentro Colombia-Holanda” using Dutch greenhouse technology was started in 2018. Several companies are involved in this project.
Besides the delivery of technology, the project also includes a training of the staff of the University and the Colombian companies that are partners in the project. HollandDoor was invited to train these people for a week. The focus was on plant nutrition, but during the training and the field visits other aspects of growing with Dutch technology were also discussed with the attendees of the training. Read more...
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Spanish delegation informed about new energy
At the end of September, a delegation from the Spanish cooperative Coren visited the Netherlands. HollandDoor organized a 2 day study tour on the subject New Energy. Companies and suppliers were visited with biogas, solar energy, energy and heat recovery, heat pumps and energy storage technology, all applicable in pigs and poultry farms.
The delegation was very impressed by the innovativeness and knowledge about the energy theme of the companies we visited. Read more....
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Hydroponic Agriculture and Employment Development Project, Jordan
In July 2018 HollandDoor held the third ToT (train the trainer) training for the HAED project in Jordan. The training focussed on various aspects of growing, including propagation, recording plant growth, managing the crop and practical work for better plant maintenance.
During the same visit, all project partners gathered for the project progress meeting. We concluded that HAED is really on its way with small greenhouse and hydroponic growing in projects for communities in Jordan in which Syrian refugees are involved. We also visited the construction of the new multispan greenhouse of the first farmers who participated in the project. They will start their production later this year. Read more...
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South Korean growers receive intensive tour and training program
Aeres received a large group of South Korean strawberry and tomato growers as well as dairy farmers for a tailor-made tour and training program. Agriprogress was sub-contracted by Aeres to organize the horticultural part of the program and requested HollandDoor to develop a tailor-made study tour and training program for the strawberry and tomato farmers.
HollandDoor facilitated the program with three plenary tailor-made training sessions in the mornings in which cultivation theory and skills were refreshed and upgraded. In the afternoon, several locations were visited. In combination with the 3-day plenary program, a 1-day parallel program was also organized for the strawberry and tomato farmers to bring more focus on the specific crops and background of the involved farmers.
HollandDoor received very positive feedback from the trainees about the program organized for them. Read more...

Chinese tree nursery tour 2018
For the fourth year in succession we organized a business tour for Chinese tree nursery companies. 
This year the tour led 19 tree nursery entrepreneurs to a range of tree nursery regions in The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. As several members (5) of the delegation had participated in the tours of past years, it was good to see that their interest shifted from pure craftsmanship to questions regarding passion, entrepreneurship, human resource management and personal development. This shows that the Chinese tree nursery sector is going through a rapid phase of professionalization.
HollandDoor has through the past years developed itself into a trusted partner for the members of the 4 Chinese delegations. On this we hope to build in the coming years. We are now also developing a plan to start with a tree nursery training program in China in 2018/19. Read more...

Greenbridge and HollandDoor intensify co-operation to organize tailor-made tours for Japanese clients
Greenbridge International, supports Japanese companies and individuals who want to do business with Europe, especially the Netherlands. HollandDoor and Greenbridge work together where delegations interested in Dutch horticulture are concerned.
Greenbridge has received an increasing amount of interest from Japan to study Dutch greenhouse horticulture as a base for optimizing greenhouse cultivation back home in Japan. Not only existing farmers and suppliers, but also companies that are not yet active in horticulture are currently studying the feasibility of investments in horticulture in Japan.
During the summer and autumn of 2018, Greenbridge and HollandDoor jointly organized multiple visits for incoming delegations which were mainly interested in strawberry and tomato production. Read more...

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