Media Release
Thursday June 9th 2022
Just.Equal Australia says it is concerned Labor's policy on protecting LGBTQA+ teachers in faith-based schools could allow discrimination through a loophole.
Yesterday, Federal Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus, said Labor will introduce a Religious Discrimination Bill reflecting Labor policy that says the party “will prohibit discrimination against LGBTQA+ students and teachers in faith-based schools.” 
However, Labor policy also says religious schools will still be able to preference people of their faith in staff selection.
Just.Equal Australia spokesperson, Brian Greig, said this caveat sets up a contradiction.
"Labor's policy on teachers in faith-based schools continues to jeopardise the employment of LGBTQA+ staff."
"Our fear is that while Church authorities may not be able to sack existing LGBTQA+ employees, they may still be able to reject new applicants."
“This situation will allow faith schools to rid themselves of all LGBTQA+ staff over time."
"We have written to Mr Dreyfus explaining our concerns, calling on the new Government to ensure all teachers and other staff members in faith-based organisations are hired on the basis of their qualifications, not screened out because of their sexual orientation or gender identity."
Mr Greig said Just.Equal Australia will oppose any Religious Discrimination Bill that infringes on LGBTQA+ human rights.
"We hope Labor will introduce a conventional Religious Discrimination Bill that will prevent discrimination rather than allow more of it, as Scott Morrison's bill did."
"But the fact is Labor voted for the Morrison Bill in February, including provisions that overrode existing LGBTQA+ discrimination protections."
"We will scrutinise every section of Labor's bill to ensure it does not erode hard-won rights."
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For more information contact Brian Greig (WA) 040 777 6961