IAHF List: Please take a close look at the graphic in the middle, above. It juxtaposes a scene from Mainstreet USA from the 50s, showing the good health of the people at that time, contrasting it with a typical scene from today showing how unhealthy we've become- and notice the chemtrails in the sky above Wal Mart!.
Don't get mad, get EVEN via detoxification!
Back in the 40s and 50s Big Pharma deliberately broke broke the sulfur cycle in order to
radically increase the incidence of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, arthritis, and every other degenerative disease.
Big Pharma was very aware of Otto Warburg's Nobel Prize in Medicine from 1931 in which he discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic, they can't live in the presence of oxygen! They were very aware that the mineral sulfur was entering our soil from manure spread on farmers fields, and that sulfur makes cell membranes more permeable allowing a huge amount of oxygen to flood into the cells, pushing out toxins, and chelating and removing toxic heavy metals.
That was bad for business, it was enabling people to be FAR TOO HEALTHY, and messed with their stock prices driving them down, so they went to the US Department of Agriculture and said "Go to the farmers! Tell them they'll get increased crop yields and make FAR MORE MONEY if they'll just STOP using manure as fertilizer and INSTEAD use petroleum based fertilizers!
The farmers fell for it, only hearing the word "MONEY" and didn't understand that this would make all of us, including THEM far more unhealthy! You can see the RESULT of the DEMINERALIZATION of our soil from the Graph below which shows the DIRECT CONNECTION between the demineralization of the soil and a HUGE RISE in every sort of degenerative disease! This was done DELIBERATELY, and at the SAME time that they demineralized our soil, they also began the mass poisoning of our soil via toxic chemicals such as Monsanto's Roundup herbicide!!
Roundup contains glyphosate which destroys the Shikimate pathway, wrecking our sulfur metabolism, causing autism, cancer and a huge number of other illnesses. Avoid GMO food like the plague, and
take sulfur to detoxify yourself!
Did you ever have cancer, or lose a loved one to it? I lost two uncles to it, my aunt had it but beat it due the use of a variety of alternative medical treatments. I used to work in an alternative cancer hospital where the people we had the best chance to save were those who had never had radiation or chemo because their immune systems were a lot more intact- there was something we could work with. Its a heart breaking thing to watch someone you love not be able to function. I will never forget witnessing my dad's death from emphysema and heart disease as he went from once being a strapping former heavyweight oarsman, a pillar of strength, to someone who couldn't even walk up and down a flight of stairs and who was on oxygen.
Anytime I think about the suffering of my father or uncles or when I reflect on my own from those years when I was locked up in psychiatric hospitals where they almost killed me via ECT and toxic drugs before I smuggled in the vitamins and other natural unpatenable substances that turned my life around over 30 years ago, I feel empowered to want to do more to detoxify myself, to learn more about health and healing, and to shout these things from the rooftops to empower everyone around me to the best of my ability because we are truly in the midst of an epic battle between forces of good and forces of evil and things are mounting, they're coming to a head!
Rather than become another statistic from the massive biological onslaught we're all undergoing from the chemtrails, vaccines, GMO foods, toxic food additives, toxic pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride,pesticides, electromagnetic radiation, etc what I sincerely hope more of you will do is this:
STOP AND PONDER the reality of what I'm saying here! An effort is underway via the spraying of weaponized parasites in chemtrails to literally HIJACK our internal biology to turn it synthetic! The ruling elite who want this planet for themselves and their progeny have found a lot of ways to make us all very sick, yet most people don't even REALIZE the danger we're all in!
Most people don't understand that when they eat trans fats from stuff like processed cheese that they're plasticizing their cells, wrecking their internal cellular voltage, lowering it to the point where they get cancer and other diseases!
Most people don't understand that when they eat GMO foods they're eating toxic pesticides including Glyphosate which is so common know that its even in mother's milk. They don't understand that glyphosate has caused an epidemic of autism so extreme that at the current rate, Dr. Stephanie Seneff senior research fellow at M.I.T. tells us that unless its banned, and unless this changes, by 2025 HALF OF ALL CHILDREN WILL BE BORN AUTISTIC!!
Sulfur reverses autism. If you know anyone who has autism encourage them to drink sulfur water, it can reverse the damage done to the Shikimate pathway by glyphosate.
If you know anyone with Cancer, Hep C, Alzheimers, Arthrititis, Heart Disease, Morgellons, Mental illness or any OTHER illness encourage them to drink sulfur water (people with autoimmune diseases need to take much larger doses than healthy people- there is no unsafe amount to take. I've had people take tablespoon doses several times a day, always with plenty of water to flush out the toxins released from their cells by the sulfur.
Its very simple how this works- see the diagram below: The cell on the left doesn't have enough sulfur! It is hard and rigid. Not enough oxygen can enter, so not enough nutrients get in, and wastes are trapped inside causing an acidic body condition that jeopardizes this person's health! When your ph is not maintained at 7.35-7.4 by taking enough sulfur, your cellular voltage drops and you can get cancer and any other kind of degenerative disease!
The cell on the right is different. It works right! Oxygen and nutrients can enter, and wastes can leave. This person is drinking sulfur water twice a day! This person is also using Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, and Super Food Plus. They have used these to blast loose the impacted mucoid plaque that armor plates the walls of your small intestine making it IMPOSSIBLE for you to properly ABSORB the NUTRIENTS from the food you're eating or the supplements you're using!
Who do YOU think has the best chance of surviving the massive onslaught of toxins we're breathing from chemtrails and ingesting from other sources, the person with the unhealthy cells, or the person with the healthy cells?
As our economy goes deeper into the dumper, as the fake so called "election" nears, do yourself a favor- ingest more sulfur, it will help you stay calm and grounded by neutralizing acid caused by stress thats dumped into the small intestine, it will help you make the best possible decisions for yourself and your family moving forward!
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REMEMBER- By jettisoning the thick layer of Mucoid Plaque thats been building up on the walls of your small intestine your WHOLE LIFE you will be able to ABSORB the Nutrients from the food you eat, and the supplements you use much BETTER!
To do this, see this previous alert, and get Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, and Super Food Plus. Download these instructions on the "Quick Start Guide" and
read this PDF on the Bowel Detox by herbalist Richard Schulze 
I can guide you throught this if you call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific. I have done all of Schulze's detoxes. When I did his Bowel detox, my energy level shot up by 70% from jettisoning the thick layer of mucoid plaque that had been building up on the walls of my small intestine my whole life! It is well worth the effort to do this, especially given the massive level of biological assault we're under from chemtrails and everything else!