As Chemtrails Fill The Ai>The Obamination Attempts to Sink America Via Deficit Spending> We're All Aboard the IAHF Lifeboat
IAHF List:
So, how do we stop the spraying?
Please read Dane Wigington's article and join me by becoming a plaintiff in this class action lawsuit to stop chemtrails. Make sure you have enough organic sulfur stockpiled for yourself and your whole family that you will be able to protect yourself when the spraying inevitably intensifies as the eugenicists who seek to cull the human herd in order to enslave the survivors via microchips as they seek to take over the planet for themselves and their progeny goes into high gear. John Mecca has a lot of solid information on countermeasures for mind control on this site.
John became a target of mind control as a result of having several patents that were of interest to the Department of Defense, which stole his patented information. When he attempted to sue, he was targetted with micowaves in retaliation.
You might think you are "powerless" to oppose this sort of New World Order tyranny, but you are not, and all you have to do is to see the good example of courageous people like John Mecca, Dane Wigington and many others who are opposing the New World Order in big and little ways to know that you CAN FIGHT BACK!!! Here is another excellent example of the sort of courage we all need to have- please watch the 3 videos in this article about National Airport "Opt Out" (Of Backscatter X-Ray Machine) day!!
I really got a kick out of these guys and their ballsy anti authoritarian 'tude, because this is exactly the sort of thing I've been doing for years, for a whole career in fighting the FDA, their international counterparts, and Codex since the late 80s when I first got involved with the global health freedom movement. Make sure you watch all 3 highly instructional Cool videos in this article,
especially the LAST one, which is really the BEST!! The sheriff in the first video acted exactly the way all sheriffs SHOULD act, and I urge you to forward it to your local sheriff as a way to give them the word that you expect them to stand up to the NWO in defense of your constitutional rights.
The airport PR jerk in the first video acts exactly like the general manager of the Bellingham Food Coop who, in the aftermath of my showing "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" and giving the talk I gave about natural detoxification to help people defend themselves  in the face of the biological attack we're all undergoing, has BANNED me from doing any more public speaking at the Coop. I have mounted a campaign to get him fired, and am trying to get the coop's policy on "tabling" changed by going to their Board of Directors to complain. I am also approaching the Lummi Nation and others in Whatcom County to try to get a Chemtrail Awareness day similar to this one held in Mt.Shasta CA off the ground.
I urge you to do the same wherever you are in the world, and see the open letters on this site from the citizens of Ventura County California to the citizens of your state or country! (You'll find those open letters via the hypertext links on the left side of the page, also read this article about scaler waves and chemtrails.)
We are all watchmen on the wall, witnesses to the unfolding battle between forces of good, and forces of evil. We are NOT POWERLESS to fight back! By acting on the ideas in this alert, and by urging your friends, family, neighbors and relatives to sign onto the IAHF list  and to protect themselves from chemtrails by buying sulfur  you are helping the resistance, you are helping people to neutralze acid caused by stress as sulfur helps anyone be far more calm and grounded, to be happy, joyous, and to smile DESPITE the shitstorm swirling all around us! 
Our job is to pull on the oars of the lifeboat in these dark end times, rescuing anyone who we find floating in a life jacket in the turbid waters around the wreck that was once America. I know. Its sad, but we are not powerless to fight back!
In this alert I'll unveil some new tools we can all use to increase our joy, increase our happiness, increase our health in the face of this demonic attempt to grind us all down to nothin'.
Did you realize that all information first gets processed in the left hemisphere of your brain where "fight or flight" reactions and logical thought occurr, then the information must make it across the brain's blood membrane barrier to make it over to the RIGHT hemisphere where actual complex creative and emotional THOUGHT occurs? Did you realize that without sufficient OXYGEN enabling this information to travel from the left hemisphere, across the blood membrane to the right hemisphere and to the frontal lobe, your thinking just isn't very focused, and its not as sharp as it could be?
Were our would be overseers conciously looking to dumb us down as long ago as the '50s when Big Pharma leaned on the USDA to break the sulfur cycle so as to make everyone sick and get us all on their toxic patented drugs? (The article "Death by Medicine") in the aforementioned link is very well documented! Please read it, and urge more people to!
Those of us who are Directors in the Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study on Organic Sulfur have witnessed people get off every single Rx drug you can name just by drinking a couple glasses of sulfur water every day! Cells just work better when you can pump them full of oxygen, and get the wastes out! Sulfur facilitates this! With your help to forward this to friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members together we CAN BANKRUPT Big Pharma, and monkeywrench the NWO's genocide plans!
If you haven't already read Ed McCabe's marvelous book Flood Your Body With Oxygen, you can for free in this PDF version .
An annonymous Christian from Virginia just shared something useful with me when she sent me a heartfelt gift of $20. to assist me with my upcoming surgery, she sent the link to this prayer line  and this phone number 1-904-765-3332 where you can leave as many prayers as you want and a group of people prays for you for two months. I called it twice and left prayers in two different categories. I urge any of you who are struggling with literally anything to unburden yourself this way by letting Go, and Letting God.
Psalm 41:3 in an excellent prayer for healing! I keep it on my wall in my office, and sometimes I just stop work for a while to pray it out loud, and it gives me the strength to advise all the people who come to me with medical questions, and other questions about how to defend themselves in the face of this NWO assault on all our freedoms! Sometimes, when my phone is ringing off the hook, and I'm racing to get sulfur orders off to the Post office before it closes, I feel almost overwhelmed. Prayer and Sulfur keep me feeling happy and grounded! 
So does singing in my church choir. If its been a long time since you've set foot into a church, you owe it to yourself to take steps to refill your spiritual gas tank. You will need this grounding force in the days ahead.... singing in my church choir helps me do this work without getting so depressed that I would just have to stop. If you join your local choir you will have an instant group of friends who you can really trust to cover your back! You will feel emotionally uplifted by singing beautiful hymms, and by helping to inspire the people in the congregation to unburden themselve of stress, and just put their troubles on the shelf for a while!
Watch this video of people inside three different airports as they piss off the airport staff, TSA and the cops by handing out flyers urging everyone to "opt out" due to the extreme dangers of the backscatter x-ray machines. Look how well they stood their ground, while never being intimidated by anyone as they asserted their constitutional right to freedom of speech in the face of tyrannical efforts to stifle them that totally failed. Notice the contrast between the sheriff in the first video who defended the activists right to do what they were doing, and the fascist cops in the other two videos?
All of us are going to have to emulate these courageous people as the NWO goons go into hyperdrive. Notice how skillfully they fended off these jerks demands for ID? An ability to stay really calm and grounded by using sulfur to neutralize the acid caused by stress thats dumped into our small intestine, and to think quickly on your feet by having enough oxygen necessary to move thoughts from the left hemisphere, across the blood membrane to the right hemisphere and to the prefrontal lobe is increasingly going to be a very valuable survival skill as the economy continues to collapse.
I want to thank those of you who have sent donations, (I've got my airfare to FL covered now via sulfur orders and donations, but still need to raise the 3 Grand for surgery, so I'm really hoping to sell off both 25 kilo drums before flying December 18th.
Please be patient if you are waiting on sulfur! I am expecting 2  25 kilo (55 lb) drums to arrive by UPS late on Tuesday Night. I am printing out shipping labels in advance intending to ship on Wednesday of this coming week!
I must emphasize that I really need your help at this time or IAHF will sink beneath the waves! I can't afford the cost of this surgery, but also can't afford NOT to get it because I have an inguinal scrotal hernia that could turn into a medical emergency and kill me by becoming strangulated and necrotic.
As I explained in my last alert, I am not willing to put synthetic mesh, or stainless steel staples into my body because I've read nightmare stories of people suffering chronic pain, and having their potency damaged via damage to their vas deferens caused by the mesh. (I want to have kids.) So I have opted for having the Desarda technique used for my surgery where they put nothing synthetic into your body, but incorporate your own muscle tissue into the repair. This makes for a much stronger repair than you can get via mesh and zero post surgical pain with much faster recovery!
While you're waiting for your sulfur to arrive I urge you to get on the phone and call family, friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers to tell them you are forwarding this alert to them and that they should support IAHF if they value their ongoing access to dietary supplements, here is why:
I am not just going for surgery on this trip to Florida, I am also going to be meeting with Bill Faloon from the Life Extension Foundation about an all important lawsuit in Canada that has huge global implications (especially for Americans), and I really need your help to be able to write this article!
So you realize WHY this is so important, consider these things:
1. Our access to supplements in America is contingent on the future existence of our country which is being rapidly, and deliberately destroyed by Obama and his shadow government string pullers. Our access to supplements is contingent on the future existence of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. I was one of the most instrumental lobbyists on Capital hill that helped pass this legislation back in '94, and I will never forget the massive pressure we were under back then due to FDA Commissioner David Kessler's reign of terror, because he attempted to TOTALLY DESTROY the dietary supplement industry back then, and would have if we had not fought back the old fashioned way, ANY WAY WE COULD!!!
2. Most Americans (and Canadians) fail to even RECOGNIZE the danger we're all in RIGHT NOW if this lawsuit fails. Canada is rapidly being destroyed as a sovereign nation, and if Canada falls, America too will fall, and so will our access to dietary supplements. Please watch this documentary film "A Question of Sovereignty" to begin to grasp what is going on.
Since 1997, two thirds of the products that used to be on Canadian health food store shelves have been removed by so called "Health Canada" (their FDA) and today, due to UPLAR, the remaining third are in jeopardy of being removed from the shelves as well.
Here is whats driving this genocidal madness: Via the CETA trade agreement Canada is harmonizing its domestic laws to the collectivist dictatorship known as the European Union, where consumer access to dietary supplements is severely restricted and getting worse all the time! Canada is also harmonizing its laws to China which seeks to totally control the countries resources!
(See the petition against this evil scam at the aforementioned hypertext link!)
Here we see Canada literally being ripped apart and merged into a planned New World Order collectivist dictatorship, but its not too late to fight back! Everyone into the battle on both sides of the border, we must support this lawsuit against the genocidal killers at "Health Canada" because if we don't, the destruction of health freedom will come rolling across our border via the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico via which they've already created the framework for one harmonized set of food and drug regs between the three countries as if the Council on Foreign Relations long desired NAU Collectivist Dictatorship were a done deal!
I intend to bring all this out in the article I'm writing right now for Life Extension Magazine, but I need your help to get the surgery that I'm going for in Florida, I need to come up with 3 Grand by December 18th (the day I fly). I will recover very quickly and without the need for pain killing drugs because all pain is caused by the absence of oxygen, and I will be drinking many glasses of the best sulfur in the world to oxygenate my cells to the max!
That will enable me to drive a car within two days of having surgery so I can visit Bill Faloon from Life Extension Foundation who is a client of mine. I need to discuss my article with him. I will have sent the draft to him as a way to protect my life before I fly. That way nothing bad will happen to me. The CIA has tried to kill me before, but I know how to protect myself.
If I die, for any reason on this trip, it would only lend credence to everything I'm saying, and the NWO won't want to take that risk.
Please help me! I refuse to go on welfare or food stamps, and I refuse to accept public assistance for this surgery because I oppose socialism, but its hard to be a professional activist, its the most thankless way possible to earn a living.
I hate having to reach out this way, but I have no choice, my back is up against the wall, but all of yours are too. We really are aboard a Lifeboat together, and we need each other to literally survive. Those of you who don't know me need to know that my life was saved 37 years ago via a suppressed alternative treatment mode (orthomolecular medicine) which saved my life after mainstream medicine almost killed me.
I was forced to literally smuggle vitamins into the last hospital I was in and to hide them in a cavity gouged out from the underside of my foam mattress and to take them secretly while mouthing the toxic drugs which I spat down the toilet where they belonged.
So I've been fighting Big Pharma tooth and nail for most of my life, and I've never needed all of your help more than I do RIGHT NOW as I seek to get this life saving surgery, while simultaneously writing this all important article through which I hope to get celebrities on both sides of the US/ Canadian border to understand the importance of this lawsuit and to assist Canadian actor Nick Mancuso in calling attention to it so that Marilyn Nelson and David Rowland in Ontario will have all the support they need and deserve!
Please help! Please donate to IAHF, and please help yourself by buying mass quantities of sulfur!
This is the only MSM in the world that grows crystals because its not quadruple heated to 486 degrees the way the 3 biggest brands are (Opti, Cardinal and Rich). Why is that important? Simple: its the crystals that enable it to open up cell membranes to flood OXYGEN into the cells and to get the wastes out!
Without the ability to grow crystals, MSM is almost worthless, its nearly totally biologically inert! So don't buy that crap from the health food store, its garbage! It does not work!
If you want to protect yourself and your family from all the toxins being sprayed on us by chemtrails, get the best sulfur in the world!
You can get a discount if you buy 10 pounds or more, theres a sliding scale, if you buy 10 pounds you can get it for $340. if you buy 50 lbs, I'll sell it at $24/ lb.(For quantities above 4 lbs, and for orders outside the USA please use this paypal button after calculating postage to your country via this link.) (10 lbs is shipped in a large, flat rate box, 4 lbs can be shipped in a padded priority mail envelope.) For US orders only, including autoshipping use this link.
Please get on the horn to people you are forwarding this to in order to fill them on on why they must act now! I can't emphasize the importance of this enough, because most people aren't connecting the dots on anything that is happening right under our noses and they need your help to wake up!
We are not powerless to fight the New World Order, and we must fight them to our last dying breath!
If you haven't yet watched Rosa Koire's excellent lecture about UN Agenda 21, please watch it while you wait for your sulfur to arrive! Agenda 21 is the 10,000 lb guerilla in the room thats driving Codex and all related harmonization of laws intended to cull the human herd.