Dental Embezzlement News
Issue #11 -- May 2013
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Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta GA March 27, 2014
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The Five Biggest Dental Embezzlement Myths:
1.  My dental practice is immune because...
People have lots of reasons why they think there practice is immune (for example, they live in a small community and think of embezzlement as an urban problem). 
Embezzlement can happen in any practice, and has far more to do with the thief's circumstances than yours.
2.  Thieves only steal cash.
Many dentists believe that checks may payable to their practice are safe -- they aren't.  On a daily basis, we see thieves steal checks payable to their dentists.
3.  Most embezzlement happens because background checking isn't properly done.
We do see "serial embezzlers" who move from practice to practice, successfully hiding their checkered past.  However, these thieves account for less than 15% of the embezzlement we find.  The vast majority of embezzlement is carried out by long-term employees with no criminal past.
4.  Control systems prevent embezzlement.
The thieves we see are really good at looking at what control systems are in place in an office and designing their embezzlement to dance around the control in place.  We also see lots of adaptability -- if you implement additional controls, thieves will quickly adapt their stealing patterns to overcome the changes.
5.  Financial inconsistencies are what give embezzlers away.
An ADA study released in 2008 showed that only 1/3 of embezzlement was uncovered by financial inconsistencies, with the remaining 2/3 of embezzlement given away by culprits' behavior.
If you think you might be a victim, you can call us at 888-398-2327 , or send email to our embezzlement hotline (checked daily by our on-duty investigator at ).  We will normally respond within 24 hours.
Also, if you want our popular (and free) Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire, you can ask for it here.
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Meet Our Team...
We've been gradually introducing readers to our talented team of investigators by profiling them one at a time in this newsletter.  We thought it was time to take a slightly different approach this month and introduce you to all of our investigators and key administrative staff at once.  So here they are (we've put them in alphabetical order so as not to hurt anyone's feelings).  We should also mention that many of our Senior Investigators are also accomplished speakers, so if you are looking to wow an audience of dentists, these are people who can do it.
Ashley Angevine Nova Scotia Office Manager
Wendy Askins Texas
Senior Investigator -- Orthodontics and Oral Surgery
Luci Berardi Colorado Intermediate Analyst
Melodie Cail Nova Scotia Operations Manager
Scott Clifford California Intermediate Analyst
Donna Fess California Senior Investigator -- Dentrix and Easy Dental
Pauline Grabowski Virginia Senior Investigator -- Softdent and Practiceworks
David Harris Nova Scotia Chief Executive Officer
Bill Hiltz Nova Scotia Chief Operating Officer
Sonya Hudson Ontario Senior Investigator -- Canadian Investigations
Dr. Pat Little Georgia Senior Investigator -- Dentrix
Mike Maddaloni New York Senior Investigator -- Special Investigations
Art McCracken Idaho Senior Investigator -- Eaglesoft
Shantell Moss Idaho Intermediate Analyst
Jason Roth Nova Scotia Staff Psychologist
Amber Stilwell Ontario Senior Investigator
Dr. Roel Wyman Ontario VP Professional Services
A Note From Our CEO:
I know that we are many months away from Thanksgiving, but I found myself counting my blessings the other day.  Here are some of them that I counted:
1. My family is healthy and happy, although I would probably have preferred if my sports-machine fifth-grader son had decided that playing three sports this Spring was enough and hadn't signed up for the fourth :-(.
2.  I work with a fantastic group of people.  They are smart, skilled at what they do, and tremendously dedicated.  And did I mention funny?  Stand-up comedy lost one of its brightest lights the day our own Amber Stilwell got bitten by the investigation bug.
3.  I get to help people -- every day.  The dentist who call us are in huge emotional distress.  They have chosen to trust someone, and that person has repaid by using the trust against the dentist.  While unquestionably the dentist would be happier if the embezzlement didn't happen in the first place, we are able to help the dentist recover financially and emotionally.
4.  I get to work with dentists.  While every large group has its outliers, most of you got into your profession with a desire to improve the health of your patients.  You persist in this quest even though it can be challenging and stressful.  I admire you and what you do tremendously and feel blessed that (completely by accident, I'll add) I get to work with you.
5.  I love my job!  Great co-workers, helping people and having the chance to travel the continent speaking and interacting with you.  I'm definitely living my dream.
So that is what I am thankful for.

So have a great weekend and thanks for reading,

David Harris
Chief Executive Officer
Prosperident -- The world's largest dental investigation embezzlement firm