"Gotta Jump Down a Manhole, Light Yourself a Candle, The Pump Don't Work Cause the Vandals Took the Handles"
(Bob Dylan- Subterranean Homesick Blues......  (please listen, click the link...this is a great song from the '60s that really fits today! (L-R: FDA Genocidal Killer Hamburg, John Hammell of IAHF who is bringing you this timely alert- Diving at Porteau Cove, BC, Canada
IAHF List:
Did you hear this archived show from last week?
Unless the Rockefellers are able to send a "clean up crew" to rub me out prior to my going on the air at 1:30 pm Pacific time today, I'll be discussing the contents of this email on the air today on Ron Paul Revolution Radio along with my friend Gottfried Lange, MD, orthomolecular physician and author of the book that terrifies Big Pharma, the Rockefellers, and the Bilderberg Group more than any book on the market today.
I need all of your help to get this Open Letter to Mike Adams out to every big alternative medical MD who publishes a health newsletter because I need them all to publish this information and to become my clients so I'll have a big enough war chest to get to DC as often as necessary to stop the evil agenda exposed herein, an agenda that only IAHF has been sounding an alarm on now since 2006. Its never easy to be a prophet in your own country, I've been the lone voice crying in the wilderness on this FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter for many years..... til JUST NOW!!!  Mike Adams, of Natural News has, at LONG LAST finally picked up this story!!
Please help get this message to Julian Whitaker, MD; Jonathan Wright, MD, David Williams, MD, Jack Sears, MD, William Campbell Douglass, MD, Joseph Mercola, D.O., Gary Null, Bill Faloon of LEF and anyone else who can help spread it rapidly!
With your help, I will be going to the Weston Price Conference in Dallas TX, Friday Nov. 11- Nov 14. Mercola will be the keynote speaker, and I badly need your help to get his attention on this issue because he's got one of the most heavily trafficked health freedom websites on the web! I need at least a Grand in Donations for Airfare and Hotel to make this trip- so please donate here, you'll see why this is so important after you read this open letter to Mike Adams!
Did you ever get up at 4 am sensing that something VERY IMPORTANT had just been emailed to your inbox by a close friend attempting to give you a wake up call on something you needed to see RIGHT AWAY?
Well that happened to me this morning, which is why I'm up 2 hours later at 6:05 am typing this. My friend Steve Miller whose boss Jack Phillips is pushing health freedom legislation through all 50 States and who has written this excellent book that we're urging you all to check out contacted me to tell me that Mike Adams had just picked up the story about the HUGE THREAT posed by FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, an issue that I've been struggling to break to the world now for several years!
Here is the Open Letter that I Just Emailed to Mike Adams...... I wanted to post something on his website but you must use Facebook to do that and I do not use Facebook for the reason supplied below.... I am not sure if I have Mike's correct email address or not, and I don't know his phone number so I hope he calls me....and I hope ALL of you will please tune in to Ron Paul Revolution Radio today at 1:30 pm Pacific, 2:30 pm MTN, 3:30 pm Central, 4:30 pm Eastern, 10:30 pm UK, 11:30 PM Continental Europe  
(If you miss the show, it will be archived under Monday, October 17, 2011.....  Please see the mssg I'm trying to get to Mike Adams, below.... if you want help make sure Mike sees this, please do because I'm not sure I have his correct email addy or phone number anymore.... its been several years since Mike last interviewed me  (He did this interview 5 years ago). If you think he's long overdue for interviewing me again, please let him know..... In my estimation, I'm seeing a bigger picture on how we can successfully defend DSHEA than anyone in the world. If you agree, please donate to IAHF via this link 
or by sending your most generous check or m.o. to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA
This is for all the marbles.... don't let any other "health freedom" group lead you astray, because believe me, there are some phony groups out there but IAHF is not one of them....see my letter to Mike below.....and please forward this massively so I don't get turned into a grease spot, eh?

t 03:51 AM 10/17/2011, you wrote:
Hey John,

Someone has picked up on your warning and Mike Adams is running with it.


Saw that and wanted to post this comment:

Ethan Huff/Mike Adams- Please call me at 800-333-2553. There is a LOT we CAN do about this that you didn't mention. I was the first person in the country to call attention to FDA's TCC, (See this section of my website  (In it you'll see the link to this petition that I've got more than 25,000 signatures on. I started the petiton 5 years ago, but with your help it could go viral, and we could also put serious political pressure on the members of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee which has been blocking us, along with Senator Jay Rockefeller who has also been blocking us.

I forced FDA to give me their internal documents on this via FOIA, and I've tried pushing for Congressional Oversight on it. Ron Paul and others have tried to help me, but we are being stonewalled by the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee which is awash in Pharma PAC donations. As an insurance policy Senator Jay Rockefeller has been systematically bribing key members of this subcommittee by sending them on all expenses paid 3 day mini vacations to Turnberry Isle Golf Resort in Aventura FL where all they have to do in exchange is sit through a Pharma indoctrination session. They know what side their bread is buttered on. Theres so much more you could have said about this. I just did a radio show about this on Ron Paul Revolution Radio. Please hear the audio clip of my program, you'll find it in this alert that I sent out recently to the IAHF list https://ymlp.com/zBADRG

 I need to talk about this with you and Mike Adams, theres a lot you're not seeing. Please call me or email me at jham@iahf.com What is Mikes phone # and the best way to reach him by email? John Hammell, President, International Advocates for Health Freedom

PS Was not ABLE to post my comment on the Natural News website because I don't use FACEBOOK, nor will I EVER use Facebook because when the public complained about Total Information Awareness Office, PLAN B was FACEBOOK: See this video and go to the hypertext link on TIA by clicking on the one I just sent you.
Mike- theres so much I need to discuss about this with you! As an aside, you should know that I have found a huge missing piece in my own personal health jigsaw puzzle in the past year. I reversed a prediabetic condition by losing 65 lbs. (went from nearly 250 to 180 which is what I should weigh, I'm 6' ) I discovered the reason I used to suffer so much from brain fog, depression, irritability and low energy was GLYCATION and also Gut Dysbiosis. I have solved the problems I used to have due to blood sugar.... I use probiotics and eat lactofermented foods like kimchi, saurkraut that I make myself. I need your help to get Mercola and all the others who have huge health newsletters with subscribers such as Whitaker, etc to cover this critical issue! I will see Mercola in Dallas TX at the Weston Price Conference in November where I will have a booth, but need your help on this to get his and others attention because I know exactly how to monkeywrench this FDA Trilateral Cooperation Charter, I've been addressing it longer than anyone because I was the first to ever alert people to it, just as I was also the first to ever alert people to Codex via an article in Life Extension Magazine back in 1996. I hope this reaches you! I have my fingers on the pulse of whats happening in US and Canada from this unique location  

One of the things that must be done to stop FDA's TCC is to become a lot more aware of what happening in Canada where all hell has broken loose on the health freedom front, see the list of Health Canada/ RCMP Gestapo raids here   I am working with the people in Canada who intend to file an injunction to stop Health Canada, and the RCMP, but they will need help from Americans who need to quickly grasp that if we fail to defend health freedom in Canada that we won't be able to stop FDA's TCC because its waiting quietly in the wings to screw us and no one has been helping me call attention to it besides Ron Paul and a few in Congress who are aware of it.

People must grasp that our health freedom movement has been hijacked in a very devious way that I am able to expose. Theres a reason why ANH has not been focused on this issue. They promised to help with this, then reneged. The reason is very simple: Hunter Lewis was  on the Board of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and was also on the Board of the World Wildlife Fund, another Rockefeller entity that is also pushing UN Agenda 21- see my alert on this
Also see this.   Gretchen Dubois, Exec Dir of ANH US came to that organization from the World Wildlife Fund which is directly pushing UN Agenda 21, the population control agenda. Before I realized Lewis was in the background with this organization which used to be American Association for Health Freedom, and before that APMA, I had a 3 hour meeting in a pub in DC with Gretchen Lewis and an attorney that used to be with them named Tami Wahl. They were newcomers to the health freedom movement, and I gave them a tour de force of what our movement was all about, discussing the history of the movement from the Proxmire Vitamin Act of 1976 which my main mentor Clinton Miller helped pass, up to the present. I told them several years ago that the biggest threat facing us, threatening to usher Codex in on us was FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico. They promised to help me push for Congressional oversight.

I left the meeting with them feeling very happy, on top of the world because they had promised to help, but attempts to follow up our conversation were totally ignored by them and that made no sense to me til I finally figured out they are a controlled opposition group run by a Rockefeller plant who has moled his way into our movement in a very slick way that no one but me has had the balls to call attention to. Lewis is very shrewd. He has attempted to isolate me with my bread and butter client by ingratiating himself to them through some huge gestures that on the surface make him look like a very good man, but all the while he's been playing a very slick back game that I only understand because I am a serious chess player. My brother was nationally ranked at the National Chess Federation and he taught me to play. He would kick my ass, then tell me to set the board back up. Hed then replay the entire game from memory to show me what I should have done and where I went wrong.

Another way Lewis has tried to cover his tracks is by announcing an intention to fund an Emord lawsuit to stop FDA's NDI Guidance Document. Well I'm very happy he wants to do that, and I of course would support such a lawsuit wholeheartedly, its just that I know if people don't ALSO focus on what I'm saying about this that we would win that battle, but lost the much larger war, a war that the Rockfellers and their various stooges don't want us to win.

About ANH's plans to file a "legal challenge" to the EU Food Supplement Directive..... Ask Dr. Rath why he won't contribute so much as one thin dime toward that ANH effort. It might have something to do with the fact that you can't win that battle in the EU Courts, and that might have something to do with the facts revealed in this well researched book The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU

I wouldn't recommend that any supplement consumer anywhere in the world flush their hard earned money down the crapper by supporting ANH's lawsuit against the EU Supplement Directive for the simple reason that its not winnable, the EU courts are totally and completely corrupt, but it makes ANH look good that they're "attempting" this. If they were serious about defending health freedom, they'd urge the public to help file an injunction in Canada against Health Canada and the RCMP, that WOULD BE a winnable legal challenge. If they were serious about defending health freedom, ANH would not have lied to me, they would not have promised to help me address the huge threat posed by FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, then blown me off- but thats exactly what they did, and now the world knows why.

Gee, could it be that Hunter Lewis and his Rockefeller and CFR/Bilderberg pals secretly want a North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship modelled after the EU to be forced on us in North America? That would sure jive nicely with the UN's genocide plans as outlined via UN Agenda 21  http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/
http://www.newswithviews.com/DeWeese/tom194.htm http://www.freedomadvocates.org/

We CAN stop these genocidal killers, but we must work together to do it.

I am going public with this as an open letter to Mike Adams, I'm sending this out to the IAHF list right now. That way, if I end up dead, the world will know what happened. I have to go public with this to protect myself. I had death threats in Florida following an FBI visit that I openly discussed on Ron Paul Revolution Radio here.

Mike- Please call me!  I became a Chapter leader in Weston Price by starting a new chapter of the Weston Price Foundation here in Point Roberts

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 Dear NaturalNews readers,

If you're reading this from anywhere in North America, you are about to be "harmonized" under a new regulatory threat: The Trilateral Cooperation Charter would allow the FDA to take part in a tyrannical regulatory scheme spanning the USA, Mexico and Canada, where many vitamins are outlawed and dietary supplements are severely restricted.

Read more about this latest threat to food freedom, which will undoubtedly criminalize raw milk too!