Hunter Lewis- Is He With, or Against David Rockefeller??? (We'll Know By His Response, or Lack Thereof, To This Open Letter)
IAHF List: What follows is an open letter that I just emailed to ANH-US President Hunter Lewis. IAHF sincerely hopes that Hunter Lewis will make an honest and complete attempt to respond to my questions about the gross conflicts of interest posed by his past Associations with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and with several Rockefeller connected UN NGO organizations that are all pushing hard behind the UN's Agenda 21, a population control/societal control agenda discussed below.
IAHF sincerely hopes to be able to continue endorsing ANH as we have been since the organizations inception, but any continued endorsement will depend solely on how Hunter Lewis responds (or doesn't respond) to these hard hitting questions.
If anything should happen to me as a result of sending this email, if I should be found dead due to it, I want you all to know that I am of sound mind, have in no way been contemplating suicide, and that multiple copies of the documents I got from the FDA via the Freedom of Information Act re FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter have been spread around to other locations to people who are prepared to pick up from where I left off should anything ever happen to me.
If you appreciate IAHF's efforts to probe this unfortunate situation, please send a badly needed donation to IAHF to help us do our work. We are working closely with several Tea Party candidates in the hope of getting people eventually into the highly corrupt Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee which has thus far REFUSED to give us Oversight re FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter because they're bought off via Pharma PAC donations. Donations to IAHF can be made via our Paypal Link
To: Hunter Lewis, President

Rob Verkerk- Executive and Scientific Director
ANH- Europe

Hunter- IAHF is endorsing ANH at the moment and has been since its inception. You can see that endorsement here:
If you want IAHF's support to continue, we'll need to talk in an effort to try to get on the same page, but I can't call you because my Palm Pilot crashed a while back and I lost some data including your number. I emailed Gretchen, but she never got back to me with it. Respected Orthomolecular physician Damien Downing MD quit the ANH Board due to concern that you may be caught in a serious conflict of interest due to your past very strong associations with the Rockfeller family. I share his deep concerns, but am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt in the interests of an attempt at solidarity- but we do need to talk and I need your number.

Please See Van Irion's press release below my comments about his just getting Ron Paul's endorsement....

This is very good news!! The imminent scuttling of Obama so called "care" along with blocking of so called "Amnesty" for illegal aliens will help seriously derail the CFR's plans to deep 6 America and to usher us into the Rockefucker/CFR planned NAU Dictatorship.....

Hunter- why is it that you aren't doing a damn thing about FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter? Please level with me. I wasted 3 hours educating Gretchen & Tami on this two and a half years ago. They promised to help. That promise was never delivered on and that really bothers me a lot because I can't stop this without help from more people and groups.

So, what is the DEAL? Is the reason ANH-US isn't addressing this because it would be a conflict of interest for you to really dig in on sovereignty issues that way due to your very heavy Rockefeller past? You are not just some casual bystander, you were in their inner sanctum man, you were part of their inner circle as a duly elected trustee to the RBF in '90 and '91. Thats straight out of their annual report where I see you in a group photo with David and Steven Rockefeller

So, whats the deal, eh? Will you do a You Tube that majorly kicks their ass the way Aaron Russo did?
You sure as hell could do something that majorly exposes them if  you wanted to..... so the question is....... do you WANT to? If not, WHY not? I need to know straight from the horses mouth how you really feel about them, and a huge and growing number of people share my strong concerns about this.

You claim you're "against Obamacare", but why is it that when I emailed you about Van Irion's class action lawsuit, you never forwarded that information to more people? Do you endorse Van Irion for Congress now that he's got Ron Paul's endorsement? Will you please alert the public to get onto his lawsuit as plantiffs as more than 31,000 people from all 50 states have already done, and if not, why not? (Please see his mssg below my comments.)

I've gotta tell you Hunter, and I'm speaking very frankly here: I do NOT LIKEthis stance you've taken on so called "Healthcare"/ because that amendment that you're so loudly touting isn't going to do a DAMN THING to protect us. Why aren't you doing everything in your power to urge people to help Nullify this unconstitutional, nation destroying legislation the way we did with the "REAL ID" Act? Don't you realize fully that this is every bit as Orwellian? Don't you realize that it is nation destroying especially if coupled with Amnesty for illegal aliens?

Tami Wahl told me categorically that your organization "would never" oppose Amnesty. Is that TRUE, Hunter, and if so WHY? Unless we protect our borders, our nation ceases to exist, and DSHEA along with it because I know whats waiting in the wings: FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico: one harmonized set of Food and Drug regs between the 3 countries done behind our backs- I have their internal documents via FOIA.

 Don't you realize that if Amnesty were granted to 11 Million illegals that a high percentage would get on public assistance and that would break our BACK as a nation ushering us into the Rocekfeller's long desired NAU? Is the reason why Tami told me this because you'd consider a stance against illegal immigration to be a conflict of interest given your long standing connection with the Rockefellers?

Don't you realize the Rockefellers world control,population control agenda runs diametrically opposite everything our health freedom movement stands for? Are you in our midst to oppose their agenda, or are you in our midst as an "insurance policy" to try to steer our movement AWAY from certain specific issues such as Amnesty?

How can I say with such total authority that your amendment to "Healthcare" is meaningless? Simple. I witnessed the pharma hijacking of OAM from the vantagepoint of being on the Ad Hoc Advisory Board that created it. I know from first hand experience that when it comes to alternative medicine, our government is so totally controlled by Pharma that everything they touch turns to SHIT. Thats why Berkeley Bedell was forced to create his own private Foundation  to  do the work we'd all HOPED would be done by OAM, but it got hijacked by Pharma long before it was turned into NCCAM and now its being used AGAINST  us.

 So, I really want to know..... even if you do succeed in getting someone like Dr.Wright, or Whitaker put in as "our guy" on this Comparative Effectiveness Review Council , what makes you think he would not be outnumbered and marginalized given the level of control Pharma has within our government as so amply illustrated via the hijacking of OAM long before it ever morphed into NCCAM?

You have a moderated website when it comes to allowing or not allowing public comments. I attempted to ask a lot of these questions publicly, and can't help but note that you did not allow my comments to be posted.

I am offended, because my questions were very good questions, but you're not allowing me to ask those questions in your public forum. Thats censorship man, and I HATE censorship, its anathema to the first amendment and it doesn't impress me at all. Makes it look to me like you might be trying to hide something and that just pisses me off because I really like honesty, TOTAL honesty, but I can't help but notice that you altered your bio in an attempt to try to distance yourself from the Rockefellers after the first time I mentioned your connection with them and I find your attempt at spin to be disturbing because you're acting to me as though you might have something to hide. But I'm giving  you the benefit of the doubt by sending you this. This is not an "attack". It is an attempt to get answers to questions that must be asked.

Look buddy, my palm pilot crashed a long time ago and I lost a lot of data including your phone number. I emailed Gretchen and she wouldn't give me your number.
You and I need to talk. Let me make myself perfectly clear: I am not "attacking" you. I play hardball for the simple reason that I have a genetic need for the supplements I take, and I ask tough questions on lots of thing accordingly.  I was not impressed at all when I asked Gretchen for your number and she never got back to me. That was damned disrespectful. I've been doing this health freedom work since 1989, she is a newcomer to this movement and is still quite wet behind the ears.

Even though I obviously agree with all the information in Saul Kent's and Bill Faloon's articles, I'm not impressed by the book you published titled FDA: Fraud, Deception, Abuse for the simple reason that you don't have a damn thing in it about the biggest threat we're currently faced with: the prospect of the FDA morphing into the NAU FDA, something which is unequivocally ALREADY HAPPENING via the TCC:

I wasted 3 hours educating Tami Wahl and Gretchen about this, was promised help that was never delivered on...... and I have to wonder why. I have to wonder if it would be a conflict of interest for you, given your past, to spit in the Rockefuckers face over this... so I want you to tell me straight up, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt here man. I am NOT "attacking you" I'm just asking hard questions that I feel I have no choice but to ask given the fiduciary responsability I have to my clients and to the grass roots people who make it possible for me to do this work.

So whats your phone # and a good time to call? I wanna know if you are willing to denounce the Rockefellers the way Aaron Russo did, and I wanna know if you and your org will help me stop the biggest threat to DSHEA before its too late? I'm telling you flat out what it is: its FDA's TCC. I know because I got their internal documents via FOIA, I know what those bastards are doing, the only question in my mind right now is whether or not you have the resolve as a former trustee for the RBF to do anything about it or not?

I know who you are man, that is, unless you've in fact "turned over a new leaf". If you HAVE turned over a new leaf, if you are now NO LONGER in the Rockefellers camp as you unequivocally were when you were on the Board of the RBF and as you were when you were the Treasurer of the WWF and several other heavily Rockefeller connected UN NGOs all geared toward pushing UN Agenda 21, then please let me know.....

You were the Chairman of the World Watch Institute, an organization started via a $500,000. grant from the Rockefeller Brother's Fund

Moreover, I see that he was Chairman of the National Environmental Trust, yet another entity with close connections with the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Family fund were among the incorporators of the organization in 1994
Moreover, I see that he was a member of the World Bank Pension Finance Committee, and that he was the Treasurer of the World Wildlife Fund.

Both the Worldwatch Institute, and the World Wildlife Fund are NGO groups which strongly promote UN Agenda 21 which arose from the Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero in 1992.
Aspects of Agenda 21 are very congruent with the Rockefellers strong views on eugenics/population control, especially the Wild Lands Project under which human beings are to be pushed off the land and into cities where we could be more easily controlled as large corridors would be created that would be off limits to humans

Look, everyone knows the Rockefellers don't vote anyone into their inner circle unless they PROVE themselves first to be VERY loyal to their population control, world control objectives. You worked for the World Bank. You were in a slew of Rockefeller connected UN NGOs including the WWF long before they voted you in as a Trustee for the RBF.

So, did you CHANGE? Did you suddenly decide to TURN on them, are are you trying to play some sort of subtle GAME in our midst?

Are you no longer on side with the Rockefellers population control, eugenics, societal control goals? As Maury Silverman used to say: "I was born neither Republican, nor Democrat, nor YESTERDAY". All I can say is I sincerely hope I'm reading you wrong. I sincerely hope I am way off base in my concerns, but by their fruits ye will know 'em. I know who Aaron Russo was, but I don't yet know who you are. To me, you are a riddle wrapped inside a mystery, wrapped inside an enigma.

So.... who ARE you Hunter? Are you my brother, or are you my enemy? I seek a two way dialogue, preferable in a public forum, for the sake of total transparency. Would you agree to a public conference call via ? I ask you this because I polled the IAHF list about this and a very large number of people, including many alternative practitioners, health food store owners, and supplement consumers share my concerns about possible conflicts of interest given your past, and I really do think that if you are in fact on the level, it couldn't hurt at all to publicly answer some questions about this. I used to like ANH. I used to work closely with ANH, but ever since having a conversation with Damien Downing, MD who quit your Board due to very strong concerns that he had over conflicts of interest due to your very close associations with the Rockefuckers, I find myself feeling very tentative when I ponder ANH today despite your funding Emord's successful recent lawsuit, and despite your publishing FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse.

I would have no problem with FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse if you had included a chapter about the enormous threat of FDA's TCC, and the need for congressional oversight. I'd have no problem if you'd mentioned that we're being blocked from GETTING oversight by the pharma dominated Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee, but the absense of this all important chapter is highly conspicuous to me given the huge effort I made to educate Tami and Gretchen on this.

I hope you don't mind my candor here Hunter, but I have no choice but to be this blunt. I have no choice because I have a genetic need for the supplements I use and I emply a very blunt, no holds barred style of conducting warfare. My dad was a SEAL and I grew up in a military family with my dad making me do the chair sit against the wall and pushups and sit ups til I dropped when I pissed him off, so I tend to be rather outspoken and rebellious at all times.

Thats just the way I am and I make no apologies for it to anyone. I grew up in Jersey and I take no prisoners. I don't apologize for that either. So..... whats your phone number and a good time to talk? We got to get on the same page so we can join forces against the Rockefellers, and very few people are in the position that you're in to expose them and their population control/ societal control agenda. Very few people are in your position to help me expose the FDA's efforts to morph into the NAU FDA, and no one can tell me they're not already trying to do that. I've got their internal documents, and copies are in multiple locations so it wouldn't do the Rockefuckers any good to mess with me, if they kill me, other people are already aware of everything I'm doing and have copies of the stuff I forced out of FDA via FOIA. So, are you WITH ME? Thats what I want to know. Whats your phone #? We have a very limited window of opportunity to address this enormous threat.

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time

Subject: Ron Paul Endorsement Means Likely Obamacare Repeal in Congress
From: "Van Irion" <>
Reply-To: "Van Irion" <>
To: "John" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 18:26:47 -0400

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I am humbled and grateful to announce that Ron Paul, U.S. Representative for the 14th District of Texas and 2008 Presidential Candidate, has endorsed my candidacy for Tennessee's 3rd District. This endorsement greatly increases my chances of winning in the August 5th primary which means I will likely be in Congress next term. In our fight against Obamacare this means I can fight it on both fronts. So here's the plan: I continue with the preliminary injunction to stop Obamacare NOW, then I work with Dr. Paul, Steve King and other liberty Representatives to repeal Obamacare permanently next year.

Thank you for standing with me against the government takeover of our Health Care. Please continue to encourage friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to join us. Please also stand with your liberty candidate in your district so that we will have the votes to overturn Obamacare in Congress. We're taking our country back!

In Liberty,


Press Release follows...

June 21, 2010 4:03 PM EDT


Congressman Ron Paul has endorsed Republican Van Irion for United States Congress from the 3rd district of Tennessee.

Said Dr. Paul,