Compassionate Approaches to Crisis Webinar Series
The National Empowerment Center is continuing to offer webinars on peer-run services serving individuals experiencing an emotional crisis.
A Taste of Wonderland - Birthing a New Story of 'Best Life' for All

Tuesday, July 18, 2023
2:00 p.m. ET - 3:30 p.m. ET
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Hilary Van Welter
Hilary is the CEO of Ascentia, a company that explores new landscapes and frontiers, uncovering uncharted territory and unleashing hidden potential into practical solutions to chronic issues. Thriving at the intersections of disciplines, Hilary undertakes breakthrough work through innovative research into the unknown, unseen and unheard, and weaves together distinctly different perspectives and knowledge into concrete action. The goal is to find enriching, inventive well-being of all through the significant challenges of our tumultuous world. Hilary is a co-founder of The Mad Hatter Summit, inspired by the lived experiences of her son. 

 Bret Warshawsky
Bret has been on a nomadic visionary troubadour journey around the world with his wife and friends, pollinating radical change through spirit-motivated social action. Through his explorations and praxis, he has become a futurist and undercover thought leader on topics such as mental health, philanthropy, self organization, new economics, gifting, sociotechnologies, artivism, co-creation, conscious evolution, and so much more! Full Bio & Projects at: Bret is a co-founder of The Mad Hatter Summit, inspired by his own lived experiences.

Moderator: Shira Collings
Youth Coordinator, National Empowerment Center

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