East Coast Pilot News Christmas 2017
  Dear Subscriber
  Christmas and New Year approaching fast, and I've hardly dented our list of winter jobs on the boat! Must try harder....
   Welcome to new subscribers to our very occasional newsletters. Numbers continue to grow and as I write, the readership is not far off 1300. Colin Jarman would have been astonished to learn that his idea had resulted in such an audience.
   These emails are aimed at helping you to keep your copy of the latest edition of ECP up to date, and bringing any relevant News items to your attention. All this content is added to our website as it comes to light, so the newsletter is a round-up for you in case you've not had time to follow the site.
   On this occasion, three months after we last got in touch, there are no more Book Updates to report, but there are some bits and pieces of News, so here goes...
News Items
   Latest items currently on our News page include a warning about power cables across Paglesham Creek, the usual removal of the Ore entrance buoyage for the winter, a dangerous wreck in the upper reaches of Lowestoft harbour (but being removed this week), and the onging failure, yet again, of the opening mechanism at Havengore Bridge.
   Last time we told you about the disappearance of one of the buoys over the Raysand, and the current news is that the Burnham HM has the buoy and that it will be reinstated in the Spring.
   We also bring to your attention the Government petition for better marking of fishing pots, which we have signed, and the release of ECP as an 'eBook' - it was already available as an iBook for Apple devices, but is now available for other platforms.
Out and About
  Garth and I remind you that we are always willing to visit your club to give a talk about ECP and what we get up to. We do have some talks already lined up in the New Year, but there's probably room for one or two more - if a talk would go down well on one of your club nights, do get in touch, either via the website or by replying to this email.
   May see you at the London Boat Show, perhaps? You might catch Garth and/or me lurking on the Imray stand, shared with Chartco, stand LA029.
   One last point before signing off - if you like quizzes, there's one on our website at the moment, HERE. If you follow the YBW East Coast internet forum you probably already know about it. There are no prizes but anyway you might like to have a go at it - it's scheduled to close this weekend, with answers published at the same web address soon afterwards.
  And finally, to all ECP readers and our Honorary Port Pilots, may we wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
 Kind regards,
 Dick Holness
 Co-author and webmaster
 East Coast Pilot. 
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Header photo taken by Dick Holness - a winter's day in Oare Creek, near Faversham.
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