Eugenicist Bill Gates Wants Us Dead.... "Ebola Vaccine" Has Been Implanted With Bird Flu- Threatens to Cause Global Plague..... Each One, Teach One, Each 10 Teach 100, Each 100, Teach 1000, Each 1000, Teach a Million
Refuse the So Called "Ebola Vaccine" Georgia Guide Stones Announced the "Grand Culling" will Begin in "2014"
IAHF List: The mainstream media is totally controlled by the CIA and Big Pharma. It is up to each of us to teach everyone within our sphere of influence to not buy into the Ebola Psyop, especially don't take any vaccine!
You can see the projected population reduction in the USA (and other countries) between 2014 and 2025 by going here  and here for 2025  As you can see, the elite intend to cull the American population by 69,086,600 in order to have a population of 316,440,000 by 2025- so they ancitipate the population 25 years from now to be the same as it is NOW in the USA.
Ebola Vaccine has Plague Virus [Deadly Bird Flu] Implanted. Panicky Public Clamor for a Vaccine Against Ebola will Trick People Into Triggering Global Bird Flu Contagion, Plague
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Part 6) Alex Jones/Dr.Carley: Ebola Vaccine has Plague Virus [Deadly Bird Flu]
          Implanted. Panicky Public Clamor for a Vaccine Against Ebola
          will Trick People Into Triggering Global Bird Flu Contagion, Plague

In March of 2009, pharmaceutical giants Baxter and Bayer attempted
to infect the populations of 18 countries with a deadly laboratory-made
bird flu which -- when introduced to sizable populations -- was certain
to mutate and/or recombine with the non-lethal airborne seasonal flu
virus in the vaccines which health departments of nations typically
dispense to their citizenries.
This means that the lethal, but  non-airborne bird flu virus would become airborne to unleash a
worldwide plague via the masses who are deceived into clamoring for the vaccine, their perceived agent of protection, which would have ironically been the agent of their demise.
However, the eighteen victimized nations detected the lethality of this Baxter/Bayer trojan horse concoction, and voiced strong objections to  this genocidal plot by "Big Pharma."
Today, a comparably malicious plot is likely being foisted upon the world. Judging by their past treachery, we can be sure that this deadly ebola virus has been concocted in a laboratory and is being released by the very same demonic bio-weapons producers, ensconced atop the
pyramid of world power, along with the corporate/banking/royal ruling  elite of the world -- all self-proclaimed depopulation "eugenicists," swinging the bloody sickle of plague death, exterminating the growing (and hence, threatening) populations of all nations, rich and poor, from
Bangladesh to the United States.
 This ebola scare is Act I of the plot to panic the people and thus make them clamor for a vaccine against ebola. What they will get is an injection of deadly bird flu, which the bio-weapons producers have recently bio-engineered to go airborne, so that breathing air and touching objects will spread the bird flu to one and all.  
In the following expos'e by Alex Jones, in March of 2009, we have staunch evidence to prove that "Big Pharma" was attempting to trigger the worldwide bird flu plague by first sensationalizing the bird flu threat, and then matching that sensation with a high-pitched television campaign
to give everyone their free flu shots at a most auspicious time, during the winter flu season. They tried to infect us with a lethal bird flu-spiked seasonal flu vaccine five and a half years ago -- but they got caught and their plot was foiled. So, now you know that this ebola scare is their next
attempt to trick us into clamoring for an anti-ebola vaccine, which they
are secretly implanting with the deadly, and newly airborne, bird flu.   
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Bloomberg Confirms the Alex Jones Expose:
Deadly Bird Flu Virus Planted in Baxter Flu Shot

"When I discovered Horowitz's book I had just finished a chapter of my
own book, entitled The Sanctity of Human Blood (amazon). Now I must
go back and rewrite that chapter, in light of the immense body of
research which Horowitz has brought forth.
{This book by Dr. Leonard Horowitz:} EMERGING VIRUSES: AIDS and
EBOLA, is a pivotal work, a landmark book.  . . .
Dr. Horowitz has thoroughly demonstrated the plausibility and likelihood that the AIDS virus was deliberately manmade; it was deployed into populations in Zaire, New York and San Francisco. It was a longterm biological *weapons* project . . . the {powerful bio-weapons} players are still in
control. The AIDS virus will bring {has brought} billions in research,
worthless drugs and vaccines, and political leverage.
{In this book} the dynamics of vaccine development are brilliantly illuminated: the international pharmaceutical industry {big pharma}, the governments of the United States, Germany, and England, the arms dealers, and the international banking institutions. This is the milieu in which the current vaccination program at large today in the U.S. must be {truthfully} evaluated.
Health, immunity, disease control, infant mortality -- these issues are secondary to the economic and political forces in play. {In fact, health issues are of no concern at all to these vicious biological
weapons producers who have made themselves executioners over the populations of all nations, rich and poor.} . . . The entire concept of vaccines as a treatment for any disease should now be re-thought in the light of Dr. Leonard Horowitz's stunning work."
  Dr. Tim O'Shea --- California