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September 2023
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Earlier this year, we introduced our newest member, Marian Peters, one of the most experienced insect farming expert in the Netherlands. In this newsletter, Marian is extending an invitation to a free webinar to explore the potential benefits of insect farming for your organization.
Furthermore, read how people gain knowledge and enthusiasm through our study tours to the Netherlands and how we continuously invest in understanding the foreign agricultural situation and create mutual understanding.
We support our clients in making their crop and animal production more sustainable, but also making their business economically viable.
In this newsletter
List arrow   Insect farming: a pathway to sustainable innovation
List arrow   Dairy study tour DFA Haryana to the Netherlands
List arrow   Korean horticulture students visit the Netherlands for a month
List arrow   Agrofood tour in Indonesia and Jordan
List arrow   HollandDoor serves the Red Cross
  Insect farming: a pathway to sustainable innovation
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Insect farming involves the cultivation and multiplication of various insect species, such as black soldier fly larvae, crickets and mealworms, for use as feed and food. Insects convert food waste into useful, nutrient-rich proteins. Insect farming requires signicantly less land and water than traditional farming. It is a new activity in agriculture and FAO and the World Bank are forecasting a major shift and are working with government agencies to develop regulations backed by safety standards. Research organizations, educational institutes and private business organizations are embracing insect farming. For everyone who wants to know more about the world of insect farming, HollandDoor organizes a free introductory webinar.
INVITATION – Dive into the world of insect farming with our FREE introductory webinar
We invite you to delve deeper into this exciting journey and embrace insects as a catalyst for sustainable innovation, feed and food security, job creation, improved nutrition, environmental stewardship, and economic growth. Learn about the benefits, potential challenges, and the role you can play in shaping a future where insects drive circular agriculture.
Date: Wednesday 4 October
Time: 11:00 AM Central European Summer Time
Duration: 1,5 hour
Location: Zoom (link will be sent after registration)
Sign inA maximum of 25 participants can join, so reserve your place now
For more information send a mail to Info@HollandDoor.nl 
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  Dairy study tour DFA Haryana to the Netherlands
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In July 2023, members of the Dairy Farmers Association (DFA) of Haryana, India, mainly young farmers, visited the Netherlands. The aim of the study tour was to compare Dutch dairy farming, feeding and development with practices on farms in India.
With a full program, we visited several dairy companies and held training activities and workshops on CowSignals®, feeding and health on dairy farms. Thanks to the Dutch Dairy Centre, a real matchmaking with seven different Dutch companies took place at the Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden.
The members of the DFA were inspired by the professional way of farming. They learned about calf rearing, health control, feed quality and milk quality. The importance of grass/grazing and fodder production (silage) and the efficiency and automation on the dairy farms were a real eye-opener to the members of DFA, with the milking robots and the Total Mix Ration (TMR) feeders being of particular interest. Most automation solutions meet a particular need for Dutch dairy farmers, so we discussed how to convert lessons learned into feasible practices in India.
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  Korean horticulture students visit the Netherlands for a month
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After a successful edition in 2022, the Chonnam National University (CNU) in South Korea asked HollandDoor to organize another training event. This year, they came with 20 horticulture students supplemented by eight more horticulture students from Kyungpook National University (KNU).
The CNU group started for the three-day training event on 16 August at Wageningen University. After this week, the KNU group joined the CNU group for three weeks of tailor-made training that included a combination of plant physiology, cultivation technology, cultivation planning, business and chain management, and various other subjects. The group was divided into two subgroups, which were given the same, parallel-running program. With this intensive format, the students received a total of 15 half-day lectures and visited 27 organizations/companies.
Once again, the students gave high marks for the content and facilitation of the training and returned home full of new knowledge and experiences. This will undoubtedly inspire them in their professional careers.
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  Agrofood tour in Indonesia and Jordan
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Our regular newsletter readers know that we mainly share our experiences about our training courses and study tours. In recent months, however, we spent our time also in a different way. Together with several educational institutions, we went to Indonesia and Jordan to take time to engage with different stakeholders, understand their challenges, achievements and needs, and explore collaborative pathways. During these missions, we engaged in meaningful dialogues with a range of entities including government agencies, ministries, embassies, educational and research institutions, private sector enterprises, NGOs, and financiers. These open discussions provided us with an opportunity to understand the nuances of these developments and, crucially, how Dutch and local organizations can benefit from each other. 
Despite our long-standing relation in both countries, these missions are valuable for fostering mutual understanding and learning. We thank both our long-standing and newfound partners for their hospitality, generosity of time, shared developments, and enthusiasm for future collaboration. The road ahead is rich with opportunities and projects, and we are committed to nurturing these ties.
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  HollandDoor serves the Red Cross
A delegation of the Botswana Red Cross visited the Netherlands. During their stay, HollandDoor organized a short study tour to a dairy farm and to the Farm of the Future, an initiative between Wageningen University & Research and Dutch farmers to develop feasible solutions to current agricultural challenges.
The Botswana Red Cross is interested in agriculture because it plays an important role in facilitating self- sufficiency among individual families and the country as a whole.
HollandDoor showed and discussed with the delegation farming techniques and innovations that increase water efficiency, prevent salinization and provide families with better prospects for living in Botswana’s countryside.
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