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of the Month
"Too bad you don't collect reviews on your patterns. I just finished the Quattro and i've got to tell you - it's the 1st decently engineered bag pattern I've ever gotten from an indie designer, and besides that... it's gorgeous! Thanks!"  

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A fun Fall Decoration-
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Do You Recognize this guy?
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A cute little button bracelet- nice gift?
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So...can you believe the holiday season is upon us! WOW! But here's the thing...we're still trying to dig out from being away so long at the International Quilt Market & Festival, so go ahead & get started without us. We'll try to catch up with you at the end!
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 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
Congratulations to Georgia Segura of Webster, TX. In dramatic come-from-behind fashion, she became the winner of our October 2014 contest! Georgia wins a $25.00 SKD gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our Handbag Gallery. Click here to see her beautiful Harmony Handbag! And if you voted for Marty Campbell's Wrapsody (which was a close 2nd) you'll get another chance to support that entry in December when we host our 4th annual "Battle of the HOM 2nd's"!
So...are you ready to see this month's entries?
We've got TWELVE more fantastic entries to share with you, so without further delay, check out this month's nominees, then cast a vote for your favorite.
And don't forget!
(For BIGGER images: Click on each individual pic)

This Cosmo Convertible by Carmen Selzer of Sharon Springs, KS. Carmen said she LOVES dragonflies, so when she came upon this fabric she knew she HAD to make something with it. She also loved the idea that this bag could be carried both as a shoulder bag AND as a backpack.
This funky DittyRoo was fabricated by Fran Bott of Norfolk, VA. She incorporated a brave combination of fabrics and achieved a spectacular result!  :)
This Boho Baguette was created by Wendy Holtorff of San Antonio, TX. I LOVE the beaded embellishment she chose to use! And this grey & yellow print looks especially pretty on this bag! I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy in Houston and she is quite an accomplished seamstress! 
Shirley Allen of NJ utilized one of our retired patterns, the AbracaNiche, to put this look together. The little wristlet you see pictured at left is a bonus pattern that comes along with the AbracaNiche, and don't forget to click on the picture to see the incredible button embellishment Shirley added! Nice touch, Shirley!  :)
This brilliant Quattro was also created by Shirley Allen of NJ. Shirley said she added beads, sequins and gold flecks to the peacock's tail for added emphasis! And here's a peek at the bag back.   :)
And this deliciously neutral Quattro was submitted by Venla V. of central AZ. Here's the zippered main entry area and I LOVE how the light blue is the perfect accent! Venla used a fake leather and suede as her accent fabrics! Looks GREAT! :)
 Karen Despot of Martinsville, VA used IKEA fabrics for this Guardian. She also made a matching Porta-Pockets Purse Insert and credit card caddy. Here's the drop down loyalty card section. Karen adapted one section so she could store her phone there too!  
This Cosmo Convertible was created by Sheryle Augustine of Gainesville, VA. Sheryle said the fabric is from the Museum of NM Foundation collection by Kathy Hall for Andover Fabrics. She fell in love with it instantly and began to wait for the perfect project to showcase it! Sheryle said she loves carrying this bag ALL 3 ways but was especially surprised by how great the bag feels when she wears it as a backpack! It looks spectacular with our polkadot zips too!  
And this Quattro looks like a celebration in progress, no? It was expertly fabricated by Georgia Segura of Webster, TX who I also had the pleasure of chatting with during International Quilt Festival last week!  :)
And Pat Leask of Munster, Ontario is back with her latest creation, a cool blue Wrapsody. Pat said she liked the way this bag went together and decided to try using our "Pieced Embellishment" tutorial. She went in a totally different direction than we did, utilizing ALL blue (and purple) hues and I LOVE the result!
I also love that Pat said her bag collection will soon outnumber her shoe collection! That's MY kind of gal! Here's a peek at the inside.
And this out-of-this-world Harmony Handbag was created by Georgia Segura of Webster, TX. I love the fabric Georgia chose and especially the button in the center so click on the image so you can see the larger view!  :)
And last but surely not least, I'm sure Mary Larson of Brookings, SD is REALLY enjoying her fall-inspired Wrapsody. Here's the interior of Mary's bag. I imagine she's staying organized, don't you?
OK, ready to vote now?
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Last chance for an OLD favorite from SKD- 
Well... it makes me feel bad to say this, but it's time to say goodbye to another old favorite of mine, the Apropos Pack. This pattern holds a large degree of sentamentality for me not only because it was the very 1st pattern that I self-published right about this time in 2004, but also because this particular sample was created with leftover fabric from my daughter's wedding gown. And if you never got a copy of this oldie but
goodie, there's still a few copies available on a first come first served basis, AND at a DEEP discount price. You can click here to find out more about the Apropos Pack or go here, to see it and all of our other retired patterns.
Blog with us!-  A Work in Progress
We're moving right along on our next bag pattern and you can see where we stand in this process by reading about in one of our most popular blog series, Purse Pattern Chronicles. All posts in this series are all preceded with a PPC10 notation. And if you're new here, and you want to catch up or if you missed any of the posts from last month, don't worry, they're all listed below.
Bobbin Around the Web- The Sweet Tea Girls
  Leigh Headington started The Sweet Tea Girls because she needed a creative outlet when she retired from IBM. She's a fellow North Carolinian with a background in engineering,  Leigh is meticulous
about her instructions and loves designing a variety of eclectic styles. Here's a few things I found of interest: The Booty-Wine Tote (so cute), The #1 Fan Quilt, and A Retro Reversible Apron. And to stay abreast of new things that the Sweet Tea Girls are doing, don't forget to "Like Them" on Facebook!  :)
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My daughter recently suggested that I check out Instagram and try it out at Quilt Market & Festival and you know what? I really like it. It seems to me that its the perfect way for me to give you a true insider's look behind the scenes into what it takes to run an internet design studio/business! So if you're interested in looking "behind the curtain", why not join us? You can check it out with no obligation by clicking HERE

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Quote of the Month- 
Website Spotlite-  In Color Order
Jeni Baker is a girl of many talents. Besides being the brains behind a very successful blog, In Color Order, she also likes designing modern fabric and sewing patterns for the everyday quilter. You'll enjoy perusing through her exgtensive FREE pattern and tutorials page, and don't forget to check out her patterns and fabrics. I'm thinking her Sew Portable Travel Set might make a good gift for a sewing buddy, and her modern take on fabric design is quite refreshing! And here's some valuable links to Jeni's Facebook page, Pinterest page, and you can click HERE to receive her blogposts.
TWO For Your Viewing Pleasure-
I've always had a fascination with owls, but I must admit I find this video a little scary... what do YOU think?
Click HERE to watch it.
  And don't be afraid to watch this video of a close encounter between a cat and a chipmunk. In fact, you MAY find it inspiring! Click HERE to watch it.
Here's a fun project that's sure to pique the interest of your favorite beginner. It's an easy-schmeazy sewing machine cover and what's even better is... it's a FREE tutorial. With snow days ahead, it might be a good idea to have a project or two up your sleeve to keep those inactive minds engaged?  :)  Click here to get YOUR copy!
As 'Funnie' as Real Life-
Click image to see a larger view
Perfect for people who move a lot and don't want to have a lot of baggage with them. Its fun and it's all you need when you leave the house. The keys, phone, master card, change, and maybe keys too. 
Looks like a super gift item for an active guy OR gal!
Click here to download your pattern (very inexpensive).
     To see a larger view, just click the image at right-------
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New Word of the Month- Carpilepsy
carpilepsy (noun) : a condition characterized by suddenly falling asleep as a passenger in a car
Huffington Post- 10/9/14--It turns out cats and dogs can be better matches than we often think. After growing concerned about his cat's unexplained, overly lethargic behavior, Ernie Saunders brought the vet for help. Soon thereafter Buttercup was diagnosed by the vet with a low red
blood cell count -- down to 7 percent, making him severely anemic. What follows is amazing and you can read MORE by clicking here.
Cat Picture of the Month-
Click image to see a larger view
USAToday- 4/11/2014---Quilts are hot — and not just for keeping toasty at night. The humble linen has evolved into an art form that's as likely to be displayed on a wall as on a bed. "It's pretty broad, from the extreme fine arts world to the grassroots," says Ricky Tims, one of the world's top fiber artists. Tims shares favorite places to see this "soft art" with USA TODAY. Click HERE to read more.
Monthly Trivia-
Today is Monday, November 10th. it's the 314th day of 2014 and there's only 51 days remaining in this year (and even less remaining before Christmas, YIKES!)  And while I'm certain there's a lot of people celebrating a birthday today, many of whom are famous,I've chosen instead to highlight a whole host of characters from the most successful and longest-running TV show for children... Sesame Street!
It was on this day, WAY back in 1969 that the first episode of Sesame Street aired and forever changed the way we thought about children's TV shows.
And if today is also YOUR birthday, here's a great big "Happy Birthday to YOU" from all of us at StudioKat Designs, and if today is not your birthday, you can celebrate the day anyway by maybe watching one of my favorite Sesame street songs. This one features two of my favorites, Elmo and Adam Sandler! Just click here to watch and sing-a-long!
Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
It's a GREAT day to be sewing!
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