IAHF List:

I have joined thousands of other patriotic Americans in support of Liberty Counsel Action’s call to Stop President Obama’s Surrender of the Internet.
The Obama administration is surrendering key functions of the United States’ oversight of the Internet to members of the international community. This “control group” may be comprised of enemies of our nation, enemies of liberty, and/or radicals who oppose our freedom of speech and freedom of the press. International censorship or a worldwide shutdown of the Internet in a time of crisis will become a real possibility.
As the Wall Street Journal has warned...
"The U.S. has used this [ICANN] control to ensure that websites operate without political interference from any country and that anyone can start a website, organize on Facebook or post on Twitter without asking permission.
It's easy to imagine a new Internet oversight body operating like the United Nations, with repressive governments taking turns silencing critics. China could get its wish to remove FreeTibet.org from the Internet as an affront to its sovereignty. Russia could force Twitter to remove posts by Ukrainian-Americans criticizing Vladimir Putin."
(The UN sure won't like IAHF and other health freedom organizations attempting to organize against the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission's efforts to block consumer access to high potency vitamins and minerals! They won't allow websites like Sulfur for Health selling detoxification supplements to exist in cyberspace when they're trying to block access to them because they are striving to reduce world population and don't want us living a long time! They will want to block me from sending alerts like THIS out!!)
Congress must stop the Commerce Department from relinquishing American oversight of this crucial component of Internet freedom. That's why we are calling for the passage of Senator Cruz' S.3034 - Protecting Internet Freedom Act, and passage of the same bill in the House of Representatives as offered by Congressman Sean Duffy (HR 5418
While we appreciate the fact that the House attempted to employ the power of the purse to stop the Obama administration's plan, they have, as usual, found another way to continue this unconstitutional and wrongful action!

 To learn more about this issue and to sign the petition, please click here:
Senator Cruz is holding a hearing on this bill tomorrow (9/14) at 10 am Eastern Time, the hearing will be livestreamed at this link so it is very important we all get behind passage of this bill now! As of right now there are only Republican cosponsors! That must change! We need huge bipartisan support for this bill!
In addition to signing the petition above, please call both of your Senators and your Congressman via 1-877-SOB-USOB (Capital Switchboard) Tell your Senators you want them to cosponsor S.3034 The Protecting Internet Freedom Act.
Tell your Congressman to cosponsor HR 5418 The Protecting Inernet Freedom Act. Tell them in simple terms why this matters to you, and tell them you want a letter from them outlining their position. Give them your name and address so they can do this.
We must hold Congress accountable! It is not legal for the Executive branch to unilaterally take this action without an act of Congress, yet they're treasonously doing it anyway because Obama is a communist traitor hell bent on destroying America!
Have no doubt the ruling elite are trying to kill us to reduce world population, and to turn us into non reproducing mind controlled cyborgs via spraying us with billions of tons of toxic heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and weaponized parasites! This is Transhumanism. We must detoxify ourselves!
Please see this recent alert and please take steps to protect yourself and your family! To hear the audio file for the September 8th radio show I did as the guest of Dwight Lilly, click here!
Thank you for joining me in this vital campaign! If you appreciate the heads up I've just given you, please forward this to more people after first remembering to delete the unsub link at the bottom! Please report this to more websites! We only have until October 1 to stop this UN takeover of the Internet so please take immediate action and urge everyone within your sphere of influence to join you!!